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Lizzo flewd me out to coachella!!!! that open call went so well i wanna do it again!!! this time i’m flying 2 girls to cali to f**k it up on stage w/ me at coachella!!!! here’s how to win: post a video of you dancing to my song tempo w/ the hashtag #fuckituptothetempo ! you gotta hashtag so i can find you!!! the best 2 are dancing on stage with me!!! ((who knows... i might even bring you up if ur already in the cali area 😏)) this contest goes until april 8th!!! im a thick b***h i need tempo!!! ready... let’s go! (update: all these d**n questions in my comments: you can be a boy, slim, and a non-professional dancer just make a video ho!!! ) (update: it cant be a dm i will not see it you have to post)

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There’s a lot of promo s**t the label™️ wanted me to post today but i’d rather share these intimate moments and an even more intimate story. 2 years ago i met my hero. i played her my music, she threw beats at me as i freestyled. it was fun and life changing—10 years ago if you told me i’d rap w/ missy elliott, i’d think that was impossible...so we took selfies because i thought i’d never see her again. i never posted these pictures because they were just for me.. a secret i held close to my heart. but also... deep down inside i knew one day we’d have something even more special than a selfie. today is that day. missy, you are the inspiration of my entire career. when you dropped music videos (🗣give her the vanguard award 🤬 @mtv @vmas !!!!!) or shut down award shows i felt seen. more importantly i felt represented. you made this chubby, weird, black girl believe that anything was possible. and now we have a b****r together 😩— till this day you continue to inspire me to make my dreams come true. now go f**k it up to the #tempo and stream our song!!!! 🔥🎸 love you @missymisdemeanorelliott 💋

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Ayo @missymisdemeanorelliott i just got ur voicemail.... the answer is—tomorrow 🔥🎸🔥

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Bts of my shoot w playboy like honestly im the baddest b***h on gods green earth im cryinnnnnnnn thank u @playboy (link in bio)

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Lizzo x @playboy in magazines everywhere! bein f*t black and beautiful everywhere who gon check me boo?! glam @theshelbyswain @ernestocasillas @jasonrembert @marko_monroe (link in bio)

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Whens the last time u seen a big bad b***h in @playboy? well... i got good news 💁🏾‍♀️ (link in bio)

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10 years ago was the worst day of my life. cryin alone in my car on st patrick’s day cus my daddy died. i lost my superstar. i got blackout d***k on strawberry moonshine and wanted to die. i quit singing. i quit trying. 10 years later i am the superstar he worked so hard for me to become. all his light whether you hated him or loved him (libra 🤷🏾‍♀️) he gave me. now i’m shinin now everybody gonna shine. look, daddy! can you believe it?! i’m cryin cuz i love you... not because i miss you, cus you are right here. 10 years.

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Attention big girl dancers i want 🗣you! pleeeeeeeeease come to my open call this monday! email lizzobecasting@gmail.com ✅ with your: photo, height, size, and video of you dancing! see u monday 👯‍♀️ *must be in the l.a. area 💃🏾

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I don’t even have a caption b***h just watch.... 🗣sound on

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I need y’all to know i been killin my selfies lately and i dont post em on here normally so heres my selfie appreciation post also im back in la who wanna kiss me?

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Lizzo 2020?

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Guess what?! @glastofest

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