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This is little baby me asking mom and dad if i can sleep in the big bed. 🍼 #tbt⠀

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For today’s pig trivia tuesday, i have a very important announcement. if you live in california, you can help me and my animal lover friends pass a law that helps end the cruelest practices in factory farming.⠀

this november, please vote ‘yes’ on prop 12. a vote ‘yes’ means supporting banning the sale of meat and eggs from hens, calves raised for veal, and breeding pigs confined to cages so small they can hardly turn around in. 😔this initiative would also require that all eggs sold in ca come from cage free hens.⠀

i know we still have a long way to go (i wish all pigs could live a life like mine)...but this is an important step in the right direction. i’m working with my friends at the @humanesociety to raise money and awareness to get this passed. if you’re able to help me, i’m collecting dollars in my piggy bank for the @humanesociety here. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/pickles they are doing great work and one time they even let me come to their office and gave me a cupcake. 🍰 it was a good day.⠀

also, i seem to mostly just like the big farm animals. i like horses, cows, goats, and i even hung out with camels and llamas once. small birds i do not trust. also, the cats. i’ve only met a cat once and i was not sure about it. if anyone has thoughts about the cats, let me know so i can prepare before i meet one again. 😳⠀

i hope everyone gets a chance to hang out with farm animals, even just for a day. if you treat us with care and kindness, you’ll find we are full of love and have much more to offer than just a meal on someone’s plate. that said, my friends, i promise from the bottom of my piggy heart to never judge you (or anyone) for how you live and what you eat. i will never judge you. i can only love you. ❤️ there are many ways to change hearts and minds, but i believe kindness is magic. hopefully you find my pig trivia tuesday’s helpful and fun because i sure love being your piggy professor. 🤗 sending everyone lots of love and snout kisses. - your pal pickles 🐷⠀

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Soieeee this little piggy is coming to new york city! 🗽 i can't wait be in nyc in october for the launch of my very first children's book, how tickles saved pickles. 📚 it's a touching true story about how i was saved by a 650-pound pig named tickles! i can't wait to meet you and sign your books with my hoof. if you haven't already, please support me by ordering a copy! [link in bio]. i know you're going to love it. ❤️ i can't believe october is almost here! thanks to @simonandschuster for believing in me and my momma. and thoinks to everyone on here for your wonderful friendship and for encouraging me to dream big and live each day the best way a piggy possibly could. 🐷☺️ i hope you like my book. love, pickles.⠀

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Have you seen the amazing video our friends at @thedodo just made about us?! soieeeeee what an honor! 😍👏🐶🐷 #frenchie #frenchiegram #thedodo #interspeciesfriendship #oddcouples #minipig #pigsofig #loveabully #frenchiesociety

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Send help. mom is embarrassing us. 🤦‍♂️ love, dill⠀

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🍭here’s 10 reasons pigs are like perpetual toddlers.⠀

1. we love cheerios.⠀

2. we have high decibel whines…⠀
ehm..screams😮. and the occasional temper tantrum. (one of my 🐷 friends flips mom’s neatly folded laundry 👔whenever he’s mad at her. 😂)⠀

3. our misbehavior is directly proportional to how embarrassed our parent looks. sorry mom. sorry dad. 😬⠀

4. we have toddler-like table manners. baby wipes are a “pig mom must-have”. a dirty snout is like a paintbrush and your pretty new carpet is our canvas. 🎨⠀

5. you oughta think twice before letting us sleep in the bed bed! we’ll never want to sleep in our own bed again. 🛌⠀

6. baby proofing the house is key! we’ll learn to open kitchen cabinets if we get a whiff of something yummy. some of us even learn to how open the fridge. i haven’t learned how to do either yet, but i did jump inside the trash can once. 🎉⠀

7. we’re slow. if you’ve got places to be, we’ve got lallygagging to do. you can leash train us but it won’t be long before you’re “that person” pushing your pet pig around in a baby stroller. 🙈🤷‍♀️⠀

8. you’ll need to make sure sunscreen and baby oil are handy. we have sensitive skin. ☀️⠀

9. we’ll push your limits and test your patience, but we’ll also love you more than you could ever imagine.⠀

10. once you have us, you can’t imagine your life without us. ❤️🐷⠀

hope you enjoyed today's take on pig trivia tuesday! i may be rascally sometimes...but let's just call it "training" for when my parents have a human baby of their own one day. 😂😉🍼 #imtrainingyou #dontbemad love you lots friends! happy tuesday!⠀

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Families come in all shapes and sizes, but we love each other just the same. ❤️⠀

sorry for the absence from ig! mom and dad took a trip last week and unplugged from all things digital. we also celebrated mom's birthday this week. 🎂 she feels very lucky to such a wonderful life partner, the love and support of everyone on here, and the best four-legged pack a momma could ever ask for. we are happy to be back! 😊⠀

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This is me asking mom if we can make a blankie fort tonight. ⛺️ also, when people make blankie forts they usually eat cookies 🍪 inside of it. i wasn’t going to invite dad but i see that he’s eating cookies so i think i changed my mind cuz dads are nice to have and cookies are also especially nice to have too. 🤔 #tbt⠀

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Pro tip. always have two dinners. 🍽#lifeadvice #broughttoyoubypickles

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It's time for 🚨pig trivia tuesday! 🚨did you know a piglet’s coloring often changes completely as they grow up?! 🤭 striped piglets usually turn brown. red piglets usually turn chocolate or even grey. pink pigs don’t usually stay pink. once their hair comes in, we most often turn white. that's what happened with me! also, a piglet's blue eyes don't usually stay blue....but fortunately mine did! i like blue eyes cuz blueberries are my favorite snack and it’s nice when your favorite snack matches your eyes. ☝️😊 so the lesson today is that it's best not to choose a piglet based on its coloring because in many cases, our color will change as we grow up!
fun fact! my parents are currently working on designing a pickles plushie. i can't wait to see it! 😬they sent in photos of me at all angles so my plushie can be as accurate as possible. 😂😉 they are also trying to make one of dill but so far every vendor has turned them down because his coloring is too complicated. 😂 🙈i wanna show you guys a sneak peak of my sample plushies once they arrive! i can't wait to add it to my stuffed animal collection. that way, my plushie can keep my other stuffies company when i'm not home. i feel bad when my stuffies are left alone cuz i don’t want them to be lonely. 🐻🐮🐰🐬 maybe if you want i can show you my collection sometime. okay, that's all for now. love you lots. see you next time on #pigtriviatuesday! 🐷⠀

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Hi friends! dill and i dressed up for you today. i like dressing up cuz it makes me feel happy. i like feeling happy better than the other times when i'm feeling mad or hungry. ☺️ also, i like carpets and stuffed animals. my stuffed animal collection is pretty big so i feel proud of it. that makes me happy too.....but not happier than ice cream does. dill ate toilet paper today. okay i love you. so much. goodbye.⠀

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This is me as a baby wearing a tutu cuz it’s pretty and pretty things are nice even for boys. also, i already know that it’s pink you don’t have to tell me that cuz i’m a pig🐷 and i’m also pink so matching is a nice thing to do. i also tried cotton candy one time and that is pink. they have a blue kind too but i didn’t like it prolly cuz it turned my mouth blue which reminded me of eating blueberries but mom didn’t have any blueberries to give me so then i got sad because i wanted a blueberry to go with it. so the pink kind is better. okay that’s all for now. i hope you have great days and also great snacks. love, pickles.

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