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Look at this combo that’s one heck of a good lunch packed with energy. #mealreplacement #energy #fit #meals #healthyfood #fastfood #fatburner #smoothiebar #shakes #protein

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🚨attention, attention🚨
we are so excited and couldn’t wait to tell you guys!!!!!!!! first off, if you don’t know, our passion and love is to help people. help people become healthier and happier people. we believe in combining both fitness and nutrition together to get the best, healthiest results possible. we also believe that without a clean, consistent, healthy nutrition plan it is almost impossible to get the results you are looking for.
what we find most with people is they don’t just have problems with knowing what to eat but knowing how much to eat of it. we have been working very hard at our new meal planning system. we will now be able to provide you with a meal plan for every single meal of the day (including snacks). you will have a menu for every meal with what to eat and your portion sizes. we will also provide you with a grocery list according to your customized meal plan. each section of the grocery list will be categorized by food types so it makes it simple to get exactly what you need!!!!! we will also give you access to an app that will let you log your food, exercises and more!! .
if this sounds like something that will help you, please go to our brand new website and get signed up! we are ready to make your life more convenient and happy!!!!! if you have questions, let us know!!

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Join us on thanksgiving morning for a calorie burning workout before you indulge in all the goodies 🦃🥧!!!!!! we start at 9! make sure you’re there!!

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Booty blaster for the early birds this morning! the rain didn’t keep them from coming to work out! great job, ladies! 🍑🍑next class starts at 9:30–come join us!!

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Way to go, early birds! and nice sweat to start off the day! 💪🏼💪🏼💦💦

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We killed it and every f*t cell our bodies had today. #fitcamp #bootcamp #fitfam #nutrition #smoothiebar

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Please bring any lightly worn or new coats to level up!!!! we have a drop off box through thursday! any size, any color, any style!!! 🧥🧥🧥

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Our newest arrival is here the high protein iced coffee. mocha flavor and oh so delicious. get yours at the smoothie bar. #nutrition #healthylifestyle #protein #proteincoffee #keto #herbalife #herbalifenutrition #fitlife #fitlifestyle

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Our products are good but they’re even better at a discount!!!!! 😁😁😁 these ladies are serious about taking their results of the next level! welcome to the team!
as an herbalife preferred member you get to order the products that you love at an amazing discount! ask me how!

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