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Dancing hard because it’s friday. packing for the studio move starts today! i feel like making drastic changes are always for the best. we’re not leaving new york. in fact, we aren’t even leaving brooklyn. but sometimes making a decision that feels a little reckless but seems so clear is just another way in which we follow our gut instincts. this time next week, we’ll be in bushwick unpacking our desks, our books, our monster hands, our titanic d***o (yes we have one of those thank you) and the rest of our fun into studio 2.0.

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Another one of our dancers from our @ado a party for all. @wadejeffree knows how to work it! full case study coming soon.

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One of my favorite moments with my favorite person in my favorite places of all time. taro okamoto’s tower of the sun in suita, osaka, japan. the tower was built for expo ‘70. while it boasts three faces, we are currently looking at the sun of the past (which is quite appropriate for this post, since i’m reminiscing today 😅) 🖤 #tarookamoto #towerofthesun

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Kyoto — the city that is enormously popular with tourists from all over the world. the capital city of japan for over 1,000 years between 794ad and 1868ad, kyoto is known as the birthplace of much of japan’s iconic culture. the city is active in both carefully preserving its ancient buddhist temples and shrines and encouraging new and progressive ideas. this time around, we visited some of kyoto’s notable art and design destinations that relate to the themes of “tradition and renewal.” our article capturing my art journey through kyoto is finally live! thank you @herenowcity for taking me along on such a thrilling and enlightening journey through what is becoming one of my absolute favorite cities. #jnto #arttraveljapan #herenowcity

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Dear friends, at the end of this month we are saying farewell to our white and bright space in greenpoint, brooklyn. we’ve made a lot of pivotal work in this space and we’ve made so many friends just by sharing the building with so many other talented people. from rooftop sunsets to studio parties to waterfront afternoon walks, it’s served us well, but now it’s time we moved on.
we are currently looking for someone to take over our lease for april. if you’re interested in east facing windows and high ceilings, do send me a dm. cost is about $2400. 📸 @justinryankim

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Your girl wears many hats, and wearing a uni-suit is one of them 🙃

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So sad to depart cape town so soon but we are buzzing from the infectious feeling of innovation and motivation from all the speakers at @designindaba last week. what a magical conference! from performance to poetry and aliens to sound machines, we had it all. thank you to the incredible design indaba team for bringing us out and accommodating us even when i gloriously flopped my passport situation, and for making our stay the most hospitable it could possibly be. we are so grateful to have been granted the privilege to speak on your stage as so many of our heroes have done before us. thank you!
this picture is of @wadejeffree and i, ecstatic and d***k after our afternoon visit to a beautiful winery, who clumsily (i at least) climbed down to a lookout point on our way back to reclaim our bags before our departure.

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Good evening from @zeitzmocaa! last night we had a beautiful welcome dinner for @designindaba on this very roof and enjoyed the stunning view of the waterfront through its faceted windows. the museum is housed in an important historical landmark—the old grain silo at the v&a waterfront. the silos were built in 1921, and for the better part of a century, they were the industrial heart of the harbour area. they were also the tallest buildings in africa for a long time. the original structure was comprised of 56 storage silos and an adjacent elevator building, and was made a heritage site. the architects working on the museum were tasked with designing a building that would pay homage to this important historical landmark, leaving the outside largely as it was. 📷 @tinanded

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A maze for all ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

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Passports updated, check-in completed, hydrating furiously... we are finally headed to cape town, south africa to speak at @designindaba this week! we’re so excited to be added to the lineup and can’t wait to join so m at this world-renowned conference. see you soon everyone!

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Photographing our pieces from last week’s party and i’ve got to say, getting a scroll saw has opened up our options for shapes! i love that these pieces were able to have more intricate curves and dips and can feel a little more expressive than some of our previous pieces. this burst got a little dinged up from all the dancing but i’m pretty excited to touch it up and give it a home on the wall in our studio. what do you guys think? and did you know that they are made of foam core so they are super duper ultra light? 🙃☄️💫

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We have this idea that the work we make isn’t just for us, it’s for everyone.
we feel so much stimulation from what we put into the work we make.
it’s personal, it’s emotional. there’s love and care.
and we want to make sure that others can participate and feel the same things that we feel.

we want to share our relationship and our performance with others, no matter what the medium or where it lives.
with the work we make, we want to create things that trigger awareness—physical and emotional awareness.
we are always thinking about the body and its relation to its surroundings and the encouragement to encounter the unexpected.

while we enjoy making photos, sometimes they only get to live on a website, or on a wild posting. you can’t really touch it or feel it—you know it’s there but looking inward is all you can do. if we can get people to step outside of themselves for a moment and enter our world of wonder, that’s a powerful thing for us.
we want to encourage these feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, and love. they’re signs of wellbeing, and feeling them means we haven’t allowed ourselves to take one another for granted. we’re human, and we’re sometimes weak and emotional. we feel the way we feel with ourselves and our relationships.
a party for all is up today and finishing tomorrow. we hope you will have time to stop by before it’s gone for good.
📸 @justinryankim

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