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Shooting tests make the best headshots. also i think i should wear blue lipstick more. #getthatshot

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Happy friday folks. time for us to all get off our computers and go outside. this was an image @wadejeffree and i made about a year ago that never made the cut, but i do believe i was meant to be enclosed inside a giant vr headset (or perhaps it was a blank screen?). regardless of what it was meant for, it was very dark and isolating inside there 😥

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Thinking back to last weekend upstate. it was such a joy to spend three full days at the home i grew up in (even though it’s close, we don’t get to visit very often). it’s the total opposite of new york city and the most lush, quiet, and soothing place i can think of. this place is sacred to me and helps remind me of where i come from.

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Home sweet home! it’s been a minute since i’ve been back at the house i grew up in. my favorite part of returning to this place (aside from picnicking outside with my parents) is the absolute silence you experience here, to the point where your ears ring because there is no noise to hear. i miss the birds, the bugs, the frogs, and all the furry animals scurrying around in the woods. even though i live in nyc, i’m a forest girl at heart.

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This is my typical demeanor on set. don’t mind the helmet hair from the spandex suit! 😝
i like to fondly look back on this set we prepared last year for a project with @adobe which @wadejeffree and i presented in barcelona at @offfest. we attempted to shoot these shapes (made from massive pieces of foam core) on our roof but we chose the windiest day of spring...just our luck! i’m certainly hoping we will be able to do something like this at some point again in the future. #getthatshot #tbt

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In a little over 30 days i’ll be packing up my stuff to do a sabbatical for 3 months in a place that holds a special spot in my heart...tokyo!!! i haven’t really mentioned this very much yet but as the time seems to dwindle, i think it’s important to share our plans for summer and fall. wade and i will be taking separate sabbaticals. don’t worry, our relationship is totally fine. but after being together for 5 years, we think it’s important to still have experiences together and separately. wade will be in australia while i’m in japan. i’ve never lived anywhere but new york and while i’ve done a lot of travel, i have been craving the feeling of something more permanent. three months isn’t permanent by any means but it’s a step towards the potential of something else.
i’ll be there from july 5 until october 2. let’s get get coffee, drinks, ramen, or maybe even do a project! i’ll still be working 🤗 oh and if anyone had any recommendations on language schools in tokyo, i’m all ears! i want to get better 💪

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Throwback to this magnificent place designed by arakawa and gins: the site of reversible destiny. this building is one of many head spinning locations in their massive park in yoro, japan, titled the critical resemblance house. visitors here are challenged to rethink their physical and spiritual orientation to the world. quoted hybrid arakawa’s ‘directions for use,’ “instead of being fearful of losing your balance, look forward to it (as a desirable re-ordering of the landing sites, formerly known as the senses).” this was taken from our trip in 2016, though i’m hoping to return very soon. @reversibledestinyfoundation

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We had such a great time participating in yesterday’s “intermeddling” symposium at @ado in which the program confronted the idea of creatives’ work swinging between art and design. here, we had a moment of calm in between the talks and were able to sneak outside to enjoy this installation by @unitedvisualartists entitled “spirit of the city,” which explores the physical and emotional response that individuals experience when navigating urban environments. it’s spot on in the feeling it provokes, and the beautiful golden colors it reflects make you feel like you’re walking through the city at sunset.

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Filled with fresh inspiration (and new friends!) after this past week we spent in europe connecting with so many wonderful people.
thank you @grafill_ oslo and @bydesignconf in bratislava for inviting us to speak about our work and for allowing us to hang out and have fun with you all!

we are back in ny now and will be speaking tomorrow at @ado in greenpoint, brooklyn alongside @unitedvisualartists @allanwexlerstudio and several others. moderated by @myarinsky ✨ tickets are free!

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Our talk in bratislava is complete! thank you @bydesignconf for bringing us all the way over for a spectacular day of of insight, inspiration, and design indulgences. we are off to vienna now to relax for a hot minute before we head off to oslo! thanks to everyone who came out and stuck with us when our talk went into overtime! 💙💙💙
and thank you to @welinna for the rad photo!!! it was such a pleasure to meet you! 💠🌀Ⓜ️🏧🔵🔷

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@wadejeffree + a massive @takashipom piece at @galerieperrotin last weekend during one of our rare days off

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Testing testing! wade and i are always using ourselves in our work so we have a lot of weird outtakes and portraits. we have been working a lot with these amorphous shapes lately (basically, ever since we made so many of them for our google pixel job last year). this is for a fun little editorial piece we have coming out soon (spoiler, it will look nothing like this).

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