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More sets please! this shot is from two years ago when we attempted to shoot all of these pieces on the roof but it happened to be the windiest day of the year.

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I felt so lucky to have a full week of birthday celebrations, topping it off with a surprise visit to @diaartfoundation which @wadejeffree coordinated with my parents, followed by a few relaxing days spent upstate at home (that’s four hours north upstate, what i like to consider *true* upstate new york all you city folk 😂!) dia beacon is one of those places you can visit a million times and always experience something new, and this weekend was perfect to admire the gorgeous fall foliage. i am so lucky to have such beautiful places so close and grateful to have a husband who cares so much for me 💗 back to regular broadcasting now! swipe to the end to reveal a typical family portrait for the sobierajski fam.

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Enter the dream state 😴
some work we did for @waso_official @shiseido for their yuzu products almost a year ago that we forgot to share! based on @wadejeffree’s dream: “last night i dreamt of a world with no straight lines.” 🍋🍋🍋 #waso #shiseido

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Forever taking my own headshots (my other hand is holding the remote) #getthatshot

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Sharing some snippets of the swag @wadejeffree and i designed for our collaboration with @senseofplace_ur last march. the rest of the project can be seen on my website.

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One more thirty portrait because i can do what i want today and i really love these franz west “les pommes d’adam” sculptures 🍠🍠🍠 (and i also need to say thank you to all of your lovely comments and messages and texts!! it’s making my day all the more special!)

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I am thirty years old today

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A lot of this stuff has been happening this year. it’s crazy and i have to pinch myself whenever i learn that people want to hear our story and see us talk about our work because i feel like we are so scrappy and silly but @wadejeffree and i genuinely have a good time making the work we make and talking about the things we do so we’re glad you enjoy it too. the past few months have moved so fast for me and i’m turning 30 in three days and i think i can genuinely say i’m happy with everything i’ve accomplished so far, as well as what i’ve done and who i’ve met along the way. my career has changed completely in the past five years and i’m so happy i decided that motion graphics wasn’t for me anymore. photo by @matteovegetti during our talk at @offfvienna two weeks ago. looking forward to telling more stories and making more weird stuff for the next ten years with my love @wadejeffree

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Thank you toronto for such a wonderful three days! your air was brisk, your poutine was heavy and your ramen was rich. thank you #rgddt for bringing @wadejeffree and i to your lovely city to speak amongst an admirable lineup of heroes and friends. after our talk today, we took a stroll to visit the unzipped toronto architectural installation that was designed by bjarke ingels group (big), originally existing at the serpentine pavilion in london. while squares are the most prominent motif of this building, they are hollow and constructed of fiberglass, giving the structure a light and airy feeling while still providing shelter over their inside exhibition. thanks to @wadejeffree ’s wonderful art direction, i’m mimicking this square while simultaneously trying to balance on one foot. i guess i’ve always been one to multitask.

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Looking back on this breezy issey miyake x ikko tanaka outfit lovingly as i’ve just put it into storage and i’ll probably be wearing the same puffer coat and boots for the next six months. *sigh*. i don’t mind the feeling of living in a sleeping bag but i do wish i had a little bit more of a transition in weather between japan’s summer and new york’s winter!

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I forgot about this gem! as i’m archiving work i’m still going through all of my photos from the past three months and finding new things!
in august @joannakawecki and i took a day trip to the nihon minka-en, a park that displays a collection of 20 traditional minka from various parts of japan. we chatted with the locals minding the park (they were making grasshoppers from blades of grass while congregating around the irori) and took an indigo dying class where i made the mistake of wearing white pants. adjacent to the park is the taro okamoto museum of art, which dedicated to his life and work. okamoto-san is famous for his tower of the sun which was built for the osaka world expo ‘70, but i find his artistic style fascinating and inspirational. the actual building feels a little less reflective of his artistic nature, though it’s still a delight to look at. sadly no photos allowed inside so you’ll just have to go see for yourselves!

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Working on reversing our destinies every day ❤️💜🧡💛
this was the second time visiting the site of reversible destiny but it certainly won’t be the last. every time i feel inspired and creatively cleansed by the shapes and colors and thoughts of this magnificent park.

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