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The good street life. ✌🏻

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Met an old friend the other day. his name is patience. he asked if i knew this guy named @kpunkka.

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First light delight.
the customary “good morning!” after waking up was never more appropriate.
#visitsouthtirol @visitsouthtyrol

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Traces of fall.
this fall i finally managed to return to one of my favorite regions in the world, south tirol in northern italy. together with my bros @jannispagel, @theolator and @jannikobenhoff we saw and shot some unreal stuff, including some of the most unique mountains and wonderful traces of fall. let the series begin! 🙌🏻
#visitsouthtirol | anzeige

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Here’s what drive-by-shooting means in the country with the world’s lowest crime rate. 📸🌈

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Ever changing light,
ever changing land.

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What’s better than watching icebergs drift by while chilling in greenland’s only hot spring?

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Another vantastic night outside. 🚐✨

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Somewhere in nowhere.

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Oh you marvelous world of wonders...

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Love hanging out with @theolator. 🤙🏻

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