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Storm born.

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Rainy memories.
growing up i shared a bedroom with my younger brother. the room had a roof window, just like this one and i still remember falling asleep to the subtle sound of rain hitting the glass. other nights it rained so heavily that the noise of it tore me from sleep in the middle of the night. for a second i was scared, but it never took long until my comforting bed convinced me to fall back asleep in peace.
amazing how a simple photo can spark an entire world of memories.

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Rough stuff.

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A stroll through the hills while watching the light change around europe‘s golden gate bridge. definitely one of the things i’d recommend doing when visiting lisbon.
the perfect partner on every terrain i could find below by feet: the brand new #terrexfreehiker by adidas.
if you’re wondering where else these boots took us on our portugal trip with @adidasterrex, have a look at my story. we just dropped the official trip video and i‘m so pumped on how it turned out!

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The force of flow 〰️ slow but certain.

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Aka. where i‘d rather be.

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Faroemance. 💙

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Gentle giant.
hard to imagine, but this arched ice berg raised taller than berlin’s brandenburg gate. also crazy to think that an even bigger portion of the berg was stil floating below the surface.

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Three things i’ve found faroese people to be passionate about: football, fish and family. would you agree, @kirstinvang ?

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Just dug out this insane panorama (swipe 👉🏻)from last summer’s trip to greenland. sometimes i wish instagram had a horizontal viewing option...

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Lisbon voyage.

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Deeply rooted.
madeira’s ancient laurel forest (laurissilva) might be my favorite part of the entire island. walking among these enchanting giants felt like entering a whole ‘nother time and space. no wonder. some of the trees had already been growing for over 200 years when madeira was discovered back in 1419. wild world!
the forest was named unesco world heritage in 1999 so hopefully they’ll keep on growing for a while longer. 🌳

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