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Every year on this day i write a letter to my dad. i give life updates, ask questions. a relationship isn’t over when one of you leaves the planet.

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So this badass lady came to visit my office yesterday. i fan-girled hard. @ocasio2018 thank you for making my day. #therevolutionishere #thefutureisfemale

comment 6 star 114 August 2018

My best friend got married this past sunday! i can’t emphasize how much this girl inspires me and supports me. sending so much love to you and brian ♥️

comment 1 star 75 June 2018

I think i was born in the wrong era. #ideostudio78 @collinevans

comment 8 star 117 June 2018

Had the best weekend/birthday present thanks to @collinevans

comment 7 star 106 May 2018

My mom :)

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How might we talk about the elephant in the room?

comment 3 star 58 April 2018

Had an incredible 9 days in italy with my brother and cousin. highlights include an off-roading adventure in tuscany, a special tour of the necropolis under st. peter’s basilica and a stay at a house overlooking the ocean and surrounded by terraced gardens above positano. also: lots of 🍷

comment 7 star 104 April 2018

Working among the tree giants with @ideo #sequoia

comment 3 star 68 February 2018

Super excited that i got to see @katieredford86 give her keynote speech tonight at a symposium highlighting lawyers that defend human rights and the environment. she made me cry and laugh and i already knew all stories she told! she’s that good! missing my @earthrightsintl family today :)

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Hasa diga eebowai = happy valentine’s day

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Five years ago today, we met at @trystdc ☕️ you ordered hot chocolate, we both quoted parks and rec and i couldn’t stop laughing. still can’t stop laughing :) ❤️🥂 @collinevans

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