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It’s supposed to drop down to 59 degrees tonight here in hawaii...that’s crazy cold!!❄️😱😅😂 . good thing i also got the sweater to go with this outfit by @liquidoactive ! 💙 . you can check out the rest of #myliquidochoices from their new line by clicking the link in my bio. . who else is a #liquidolover ??!! . #yogapose #liquidoactive #iwearliquido #beachyoga #leggings #ad #luckywelivehi

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⚠️attention⚠️ resolution handstanders‼️ it's count down time!🎉 . we started #resolutionhandstand on january 1, 2017 with the intent to help kickstart your year of handstand practice. and we were so inspired by all of you that we decided to keep going....all year long!!! we ended up hosting 6 challenges, one every other month, just to help keep you all, as well as ourselves, motivated and inspired on our handstand journey. . well now our year is almost up, and we want to celebrate you, our resolution handstanders!!! did you participate in one of our #resolutionhandstand challenges? did you participate in more than one? did any of you end up doing an entire year of handstands??? tell us about it! . so here's the scoop: we wanna see your handstands! from now till the end of the year, for every handstand you post, you get one chance to win one of our amazing prizes. you can post every day if you want, or just once...it's up to you! just tell us a little something about your handstand practice this year...like when did you start, how often you practice, how many rounds you did with us, what's your favorite tip, drill or stretch that you’ve learned along the way, what are your goals...or anything else you'd like to share! . here are the rules: •repost this flyer and tag some handy friends. •post a handstand(s) and tag it #teamresolutionhs2017. •share something about your handstand practice. •follow each host and sponsor. . that’s it! ready, set, go! we hosts will share a few handy’s along the way, but don’t wait for us...show us whatcha got! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ @susanbishopyoga @yoga_supqueen @beahappyamy @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara . prizes from: @liquidoactive @bitsybottom @evolvefitwear @yogapaws @girl.108 @dontmesswithganesh . and heads up! we will be starting #resolutionhandstand again with some fun new shapes for 2018!!! it will be jan 1-10 and all levels welcome! save the date and keep an eye out for the flyer in a few weeks! . #teamresolutionhandstand365 #handstand #handstandchallenge

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Lost in practice...or should that be “found”in practice! . dropping in for day 1 of #yogisturnup with my favorite version of #downwarddog for my girl @pnw.yogini608 💙💙💙 . stoked on these @totemmilife pants and @kindapparelco top 😍🙌💙 . #yoga #yogachallenge #yogajournal #yogateacher #yogadaily #yogagirl #beachyoga

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This week for #transformationtuesday i wanted to share the beginning of my #dancerpose journey. . swipe👈 to see my dancer in september of 2015. . that was the day i decided to focus on working deeper into this pose. #journeytoflipgripdancer . i had actually been going to yoga classes for over 10 years at that point, and i had even become a yoga alliance certified yoga teacher, 4 years prior. i was not new to yoga. but i was new to a dedicated home practice. . instagram yoga was the magical ingredient i needed to start a daily home practice. it is a powerful and inspiring tool, and it can work magic into your life. do you want to feel better, get healthy, and live longer? then do yoga! just do it. . start a separate instagram account that you can use as your yoga journal/journey, don’t tell your friends about it (they might think you’re weird) and dont link it to your facebook. you want to be able to post your real practice without being self conscious or worrying about what your friends might think. . find a yoga challenge here on ig that interests you, and join. check out the hashtag of the challenge you’re doing and cheer the other participants on. video yourself and put it on your yoga page. you will learn more from watching your video back than you will from most yoga classes. and you might just make some ig yoga friends who will be your support team. . those irl friends who might think you’re weird will start wondering what your secret is...how you look so d**n good! cuz you’re gonna feel so d**n good! whatcha waiting for? . ps it’s not what the pose looks like, it’s about how it feels. both these dancers felt the same to me...cuz they were both right at my edge. there will always be an edge to go to...it never ends, thank goodness, cuz the journey is the good part. . if you’re still reading this, hi!👋 i’d love if you comment hi!! and if you have been wanting to try ig yoga and you don’t know where to start, dm me and i’ll help you! #natarajasana #yoga #igyoga #yogachallenge

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I take all my own photos using the time lapse feature on either my sonya6300 or my gopro...or i just video from my iphone and grab a screenshot. . any guesses which camera this one was? . it wasn’t a great photo day...either i was yogaing out of frame, or the sun was glaring wrong, or i looked weird or i forgot to hit the start button...anyone else ever do that?🙈 but i like this in between shot...totally focused in the present moment, not thinking about the camera or the hot sun...just working towards that challenging rock #toestand balance. . it was a great yoga day! in fact i was out there in the sun for a couple hours, sweating my a*s off! . thank goodness i have finally developed a good skin care routine in the morning. i didn’t used to...in fact i’m still pretty lazy when it comes to sunscreen, but fré makes it easy for me. 123 done. . if you’re looking for a good simple skin care routine, this is it...plus it’s vegan and cruelty free. and for the next 24 hours, they are offering 30% off for christmas gifts (you can always gift yourself too!🤣)! link is in my bio, use discount code leigh15. 💙 . wearing @pheelstyle 🙌 #pheelstyle #freskincare #loveyourglow #wearemrsclaus #wearyourmat

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Wishing you all a happy #magicasanamonday! ✨💙✨💙✨💙✨ leaping into the week, classic style with my levitation boots and floating bag by @aquaburns 💙 . thank you all who participated in #7daysofgratefulness! . your posts were all beautifully inspiring, making it very difficult to choose winners... wish we could give everyone a prize! . without further ado: congratulations to our winners! from our amazing sponsor @aquaburns , you have won: . @lifesjourney.yoga - leggings @pupkar - boots @yoginivy - $50 gift card and from @jungalisoul , a beautiful mala for @calipacker we will dm you on how to claim your prize. . thank you all so much for filling these squares with your gratitude! keep shining! . with love from your hosts: @lightfulyogini @twistedgalpal @leighyogipilot . #whpclassic #jump #jumpstagram #levitation #sukaloncat

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Figured out a new way to work on my #flyingcrow! . having all kinds of fun with the @yogabodyfitness trapeze! have you entered their massive giveaway?! better🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ over and check it out!! it’s easy to enter, and they are giving away 3 items every day for 12 days!😱👏🎉 . on sunday’s, we crow! cawcaw! yup, it’s still sunday here in hawaii...barely!☺️ . #longcrowhold2017 with the awesome #crowfessionals. join in if you’re working on this pose too!! . this one is for @sigikolbeyoga who tagged me for a #crowonshittuesdays and over in namibia where she is, it’s probably just about tuesday! we’ve got the world surrounded here in ig land! 🌏👏🤣 . #crowpose #bakasana #yogabody #yogabodytrapeze #yogatrapeze #yogahustle

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Just a little reminder to slow down and take a few minutes for yourself today!❤️ . it is #selfcaresunday after all! . i also want to give a shout out to a few of my favorite small companies if you’re still looking for some great gift ideas. . @blueridgehemp makes all kinds of amazing cbd infused natural care products that i use practically every day.🙌 pilot10 will get you 10 bucks off any order. . @pranamat is a therapeutic massage mat that i’ve been using almost daily for about 2 years now. it takes a week or so to get used to it, but once you do, i swear it will pull all the stress right out of your body...in just 10 minutes.💖 it’s also how i start my backbend practice. it gets me all limbered up and ready to bend. it’s magical really.💖put it on your santa’s wish list! #bestgift ever! leigh10 for a discount. . @vibrationapparel makes fun tops with good vibes! and for every one they sell, they donate a brand new tshirt to a child in need. holiday2017 for 25% off. . @re3life makes my favorite thin, comfy, cute and breathable leggings. when i’m going for a real yoga workout, these are the ones i wear. and they give 10% of each print to a different charity. . @tula.blue necklace and wrap bracelets. hands down, my favorite jewelry line of all time. . i’m not paid to share these things with you. i just love to spread the word on things i love and believe in.☺️ . #pranamat #brhselfcaresunday39 #blueridgenation #re3 #vibrationapparel #lovevibes #cbd #re3life

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When i do outdoor yoga in alaska, the only audience i ever have is the odd mountain🐐goat or marmot...😂 . but here in hawaii, it’s a little more challenging to find a quiet spot all to myself. i’ll put some of this mornings photo bombs in my stories for your amusement...😂 . but regardless of how many people walked by, i was really focused and managed to have an incredible 2 hour practice. i even flipped my grip on both sides in this pose!!! i think my #dailydancer practice with @allykborn is paying off! . loving these💙pants by @totemmilife and super cute👙top by @kindapparelco 💖🙌 . reaching for that #whpclassic #flipgrip #dancerpose . #outdooryoga #beachyoga #journeytoflipgripdancer

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Hi 👋 friends! i’m so thrilled and honored that @instagram featured one of my magic pics on their page!! and since i’ve been getting a lot of questions and new followers, i figured i’d introduce myself!👋 . first off, welcome! i’m glad you’re here! . my name is leigh, pronounced lee. . i mostly share my yoga🧘‍♀️journey on these squares, but also a little bit of my life as a helicopter pilot.🚁👩‍✈️ . i live and work in valdez, alaska, during the summer months as the chief pilot for a small helicopter company called @vshelicopters. i fly every mission you can possibly imagine, and many that you can’t imagine too.😂🚁 . i share as much of it as i can on my ig stories, but mostly i keep my hands on the controls...😅 i’ll try to upload a few videos from this past summer to give you a better idea, but it’s mostly remote construction, communication tower site maintenance, mineral exploration, glacier tours and an occasional rescue. . i’m always wearing yoga pants under my flight gear, just in case i get an opportunity for some mountain top yoga!🏔 . i fly a lot in the summer and work 14 hour days. i also do all the hiring and training of the pilots and office staff. and yes, i’m hiring! i need an as350b2 pilot with heli ski experience...is that you?😂 does anyone know what that is?🚁 . this pic is from a training flight over the #columbiaglacier, a magical place that everyone should experience before it’s gone...and it is receding rapidly!!! . in the winter months, i come home to the big island of hawaii...and play. i do yoga, lots of it. i freedive, explore, take pics, and just soak up the tropical sunshine. i work my a*s off in the summer with very few days off, so i treat winter like it’s one long weekend. and it’s very hard to leave...💙 . on mondays, just for fun, i post a magic pic, and tag it #magicasanamonday. i’d love for you to join in! check the tag for inspiration, and you can see my personal magic gallery at #leighsmam. . if you’re still reading, drop me a comment and let me know where you’re from!🌎 . and if you have any questions...i’d love to hear from you!🙋‍♀️ . #alpnrock #femalepilot #helicopterpilot #goproaviation #theplayfulyogipilot

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Just hangin out, trying to blend in with the locals...😂🌴 . is it working, can you even see me? . actually, who am i kidding, i can’t hide with this dazzling new outfit by @liquidoactive ! 💙 have you seen all their fun new prints??!! . i’m obsessed with all of them, but i somehow managed to narrow it down to a few of my favorites.💙 check out #myliquidochoices by clicking the link in my bio. . who else is a #liquidolover ??!! i know a couple ladies who own every single print ever made! well this is for you @michellerose88 and @suedoesyoga. i’ve narrowed it down for ya! you’re welcome!😂😘 💙 . bending with my b***s for #monnthursbackbend #wheelpose #yogapose #liquidoactive #iwearliquido #beachyoga #leggings #ad #luckywelivehi #urdhvadhanurasana #chakrasana

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#chooseyourresolution day 7 (last day😥) yogis choice . apparently most of my yoga goals revolve around #backbends and #pincha! my goal is to get my #hollowback deep enough to reach my toes to the floor and be able to comfortably get into #forearmwheel this way. i’m making progress, cuz i actually ditched one block already...working my way down to those hearts!❤️ . i turned my yoga space into a mermaids dream, cuz i just love my arts and crafts here on the gram, but you can swipe 👉to see my real practice.🤣💖 . it has been a joy to see all of your goals and already so many breakthroughs! i can’t wait to see what you all choose for the last day!! . we are all capable of so much more than we think! keep rockin and keep practicing! so inspired by all of you!!! thanks for taking your “before” pics with us, and keep an eye out for a progress report sometime! . big love from your hosts: @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @beahappyamy @dianarae.yoga . to win prizes, please be sure you’re following all our awesome sponsors: @nuxactive @onzie @mamarooyoga @yogapaws @omgoddess.clothing . #yogagoals #reflection #yogaprops #wearyourmat #yogablocks #pinchamayurasana #inversion

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