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Not much time for yoga pics right now! i’m currently in vancouver picking up a helicopter and plan on flying it north to alaska tomorrow. keep an eye on my stories to follow along for the adventures! . looking for a little weather window to sneak out in front of this cold front. expecting snow on saturday. wish me luck! . . . @la.forma 💙 @vshelicopters #helicopter #helicopterpilot #as350 #ipullpitch #aviation #avgeek #ferryflight #femalepilot #vshelicopters #theplayfulyogipilot #instaaviation #pilotsofinstagram #whirlygirls

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#honu love for #magicasanamonday . every monday i share a little piece of magic in hopes of bringing a smile to your face. join me if you’ve got a magical photo to share and let’s help to make monday’s sparkle and shine. . anything goes! check out the hashtag for inspiration and you can see my personal magic gallery at #leighsmam . #whpblackandwhite #freediving #luckywelivehawaii #girlswhofreedive #goprowater #goprogirl #seaturtle @medaswim @re3life @tula.blue

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Just a little monkeying around on this gorgeous sunny day! whatcha up to this weekend? 🐒☺️🌴 . . . #randomassyogapicsaturday for my girl @themuscleboundyogi 😘 #sisterhoodsundayshapessweden for lovely @by_titilia the days are blurring together over here for me☺️ . #wearyourmat @yogapaws outfit by @la.forma #beachyoga #handstand #splits #outdooryoga #teamresolutionhs2018 #downwardfacingdog #wyapc igyoga #igyogi #yogahawaii #luckywelivehi

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First time trying this #crisscrossbowpose! . i am loving my little break from hosting challenges so i can drop by all my friends awesome challenges like #yogihowdyoudothat3 . @kamaste_ made an awesome video of how to get into this twister of a pose. thanks for the inspiration ladies!! @yogamand @yogaandchaigirl @jeminajakin . sweet outfit by @pheelstyle

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Have any of you practiced #kindaliniyoga? it’s relatively new to my practice, but it’s quickly finding a way into my heart. . feeling alive and free as a bird after class this morning, i played with this #benubirdpose for my lovely friends hosting #birdsofafeatheryogis. check out the hosts for more details on this fun new to me pose.💖🙏 @saskia.yoga @el.feather.yoga @yogini_anastasia @flaviayogalicia @sctomei . thanks for the pic @ms.victoriakristin 🙏💙 . sweet outfit by @ellieactivewear #loveellie #marchellie #lungepose #goddesspose #beachyoga #kundaliniyoga #skandasana #outdooryoga #yogaphotography

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Crazy head cold has me missing my daily #handstand practice. . who’s still going? #resolutionhandstand2018 #teamresolutionhs2018 . we will be returning april 1-10 for for daily handstand tips, drills, and play! i hope you can join us! . #wearyourmat @yogapaws @tula.blue @kimberscanes #scorpionhandstand #scorpionpose #handstand365 #sunsetyoga #paralettes #yogachallenge #yogahawaii

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“asking your body to do something it’s not ready for is like tearing open a rosebud just see the flower.” . one of my favorite teachers said this in class the other day and i wanted to share.🌸 . practice, patience and perseverance are the ingredients for blooming your asana practice, just like good soil, sunshine and water are for a flower. 🌺🌸 . . . i’m wearing 2 of the 3 piece @electricandrose outfit that came in my @yogaclubbox last month. i cannot wait to see what’s in the next one!! have you joined the club? best monthly fitness subscription box...hands down! yogipilot20 gives you 20% off and i’ll put the link in my bio. 💖 . #wheeleverywednesday #wheelposewednesday #humpdayhearts #forearmeheel #yogaclubchallenge #backbend #reflection #wheelpose #urdhvadhanurasana #subscriptionbox #yogaclothes

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Happy #magicasanamonday beautiful people! . it’s time to announce the winner of my personal flight lesson giveaway! . i’m incredibly honored and touched that so many of you amazing souls put so much effort into this! i want for every single one of you to win!!! . i asked for squeaky wheels, and i sure got them! in fact so many of you touched my heart that i cannot choose just one of you. so here it is: . @3llybarnes i adore your spirit! i will pay for an intro flight at your local school, @maunaloahelicopters (which happens to be the school i did my professional helicopter training course with and then i became a flight instructor there) or you can get yourself to valdez, alaska and i will put the dual controls in and give you a proper flight lesson in an r44 with me at @vshelicopters. there are two backseats, so you can bring your mom @ms.victoriakristin and brother...or whoever you like. . @gabrielle_edwards_yoga your story touches my soul deeply. you are such an adventurous spirit and have put your own dreams on hold for too long. now is your time to shine again! alaska is a long ways from australia so i will pay $200 towards a flight lesson at your local flight school, airplane or helicopter. or you come visit me and we will fly together to a mountaintop for some yoga with a view. #heliyoga . @ash.chasinsunsets get your a*s to alaska! i want to be your first #helicopter #flightinstructor! bring your tribe if you like and we will have some fun while we are at it! . i seriously wish i could gift this to all of you. i want to give a shout out to some more amazing souls and if you ever do make it to alaska, lmk and i will work out a discount if you want to come fly! @carojaniine @krystensarks @tikaleesh @heather_lyn_life @codylynnae @zainayoga @blondeyogini23 @workoutwithchr1s @baozhuc @lvh114 @helenehopyoga @lauralinaresg @yogi.sophie @yogizee_ . big big love for each and every one of you who i didn’t get to mention. i encourage you all to walk into you local flight school and talk to them. you can do this. reach for your dreams and don’t let anything stand in your way. you deserve everything in life. thank you so much for sharing your stories. love you all!

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Wet t-shirt contest! 🎉 haha, just kidding silly, but check out the rain!!☔️ ⠀ we had so much fun hosting #lovemesomepincha3! ⠀ and as always, we had a very hard time choosing winners cuz you all are so amazing!! ⠀ without any further delay, your #pincha winners are..... ⠀ @aloyoga ~ @shadowwarrioryogi @tula.blue ~ @stephjo83 @backbendbasics ~ @peruanas_journey_to_bliss ⠀ big thanks to our generous sponsors! ⠀ with much love from your hosts: ⠀ @yoginiinheels @tara_huff_ @bethanysmithyoga @leighyogipilot @yoga_supqueen ⠀ thank you to everyone who played along in our #pinchaparty! that was a blast! 🎉🎉🎉 ⠀ keep your eyes out for a round 4 cuz, why not!?🤷🏼‍♀️🤫 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #yoga #inversions #invert #forearmstand #armbalance #pinchamayurasana #forearmfriday #ladylegs #yogaintherain #beagoddess #yogachallenge

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You guys know i’m giving away a flight lesson right?! . tag a friend who might be interested! . this one is for ladies only, but i’ll do another one in the future for everyone. lmk if you guys would be interested. . if the winner can’t come to alaska to fly with me, then i’m personally paying for an intro flight at her local flight school. . so how do you win? . make me want to choose you! this is not going to be a random draw...i’m looking for someone who really wants this. . don’t be shy! squeaky wheel is going to get this. . i got my first job in the industry because i was hungry for it. i called/emailed the chief pilot every single day for a month until he finally gave in and hired me...i was the first woman in 10 years to get that job. . comment on this post or the first announcement, 2 posts back (or both) and tell me why! . give me a good reason to choose you. tell me a story! follow my helicopter company page @vshelicopters and comment there too! squeak! shout from the rooftop! gold stars for squeaky wheels!🌟🌟🌟🌟 . you are all worthy of everything this world has to offer and you can all do anything you want in life, you just have to want it and work for it. . . . #helicopterpilot #vshelicopters #whirlygirls #femalepilot #likeagirl #nevertoopretty #womanofaviation #pilotlife #girlswhofly #theplayfulyogipilot #helicopter #iwd2018 #aviatrix #avgeek #aviation #flying #iwoaw

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Who else is ready for the weekend?! . the only difference the weekend makes for me is i get less emails. and i need that right about now... . ps make sure to check out my last post! i’m giving away a flight lesson. tell my why i should pick you! . if you really want it, make sure to let me know! . tgi #forearmfriday loving this new mermaid outfit by @kindapparelco 🧜‍♀️ . . . #pinchamayurasana #beachyoga #pincha #mermaid #bowandarrowlegs #inversion

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Who wants to come fly with me?! . woman of aviation worldwide week is here and i want to join the “fly it forward” challenge by personally gifting one lucky girl a free introductory flight lesson. . yup, no joke, i had my first flight lesson at age 15 and it changed my life. someone told me i could, and i believed him. . i want to gift it forward and show someone she can. . tag your girls who love #aviation! . all you have to do to win is tell me in the comments below why i should pick you. . i’m a 6000+ hour instrument rated commercial helicopter pilot and certified flight instructor, (cfi and cfii.) i’m the chief pilot and owner/operator of @vshelicopters in valdez, alaska. . i’m the company checkairwoman and trainer for 14cfr part 135, 133, 137 and 91 operations. i am or have been 135 qualified to fly airbus as350; robinson r22, 44, 66; bell412, 407, 206; and md500. (just some aviation jargon to help you know that i’m qualified to safely fly your girls😉) oh, and i fly like a girl...smooth, gentle, and in control. . if the winner wants to fly with me, she must come to valdez, alaska. if she can’t, i’ll personally pay for an intro flight at a flight school (airplane or helicopter) that she can get to. . give me, @leighyogipilot and my company @vshelicopters a follow if you don’t already! i share lots of fun flying in my stories, and i’ll be posting more flying when i get back to work in a couple weeks after my long tropical winter off. . ready, set go! comment as many times as you like and tag as many of your friends, daughters, wives, mothers who might be interested! . sorry guys! this one is girls only! . i’ll choose a winner on monday, march 12 at noon, alaska standard time . this idea came from www.iwoaw.org 🙌 #femalepilot #whirlygirl 1314 helicopterpilot #pilot #helicopter #flightinstructor #likeagirl #flygirls #womenwhofly #iwd2018 #womanpilot #avgeek #avitrix #grlpwr #flyinglessons #girlswhofly #flying #womenofaviation #nevertoopretty #instaaviation #womanofaviationweek #pilotlife #genderbalance #iwoaw 🙌 flying in my favorite @alpnrock gear #alpnrock

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Bold, fearless, and free! . last night, watching the sunset on this sea wall with a girlfriend, a young man came up and asked if he could join us. . we chatted for a bit and he asked what we do for work. i said i’m a helicopter pilot and my friend answered, “i’m a doctor.” and his jaw just about hit the ground. . maybe we don’t look like what some people think of as a normal looking pilot and doctor, but things are changing, and woman are realizing we can do anything. . it’s as simple as that. it’s not easy or everyone would be doing it. but if you are willing to put in the work and the dedication....the world is wide open for you. . always remember that for yourself. and teach your daughters. together we are stronger. lift each other up. love all your sisters, daughters, mothers. . #boldertogether #internationalwomansday . join me and @liquidoactive by tagging your inspiring stories with the above hashtag and let’s inspire the world. https://liquidoactive.com/pages/boldertogether . . . #inspire #femalepilot #girlswhofly #youcandoanything #yoga #inspiration #sunset #ipullpitch #helicopter #pilot #pilotlife

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I woke up like this...again ⠀ haha, just kidding✨ but did you know that tomorrow is #internationalwomansday !? ⠀ to celebrate, my friends at @freskincare are offering 25% off the fré skin care set by using my code: leigh15 ⠀ and ⠀ they are donating 10% of the proceeds to help transform and empower the lives of the izourane argan cooperative women in morocco! ⠀ fré plants argan trees with the @highatlasfoundation to empower the woman who harvest and produce argan oil by hand. after meeting these amazing woman on their planting mission a few months ago, the people at fré understand the need and want to help them to gain literacy skills and business mentorship. ⠀ check out their website for more details on this amazing cause. the link is in my bio. ⠀ i think this is the coolest thing ever and am proud to help do my part! i am hoping to go to morocco myself next year to help plant trees and meet these amazing woman. ⠀ if you’ve been curious to see what the buzz is about, now is a good time to try it! it’s not only my favorite skin care line, but i’m proud to help promote a company that i truly believe in. ⠀ leigh15 discount code link in my bio ⠀ #frewomen #pressforprogress #iwearpurple #skincare #ad #izouranewomencooperative . yes, i had vegas mush brain and had my dates messed up...posting this again☺️

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#wheelpose used to be so inaccessible for me. . but once i started ig yoga and actually started practicing poses at home...rather than just going to a yoga class and spending 1 minute on a pose that needs at least 10 times that, then my body started changing. . if you want to see change, do yoga challenges. your body can’t help but change when you actually focus on it. but be proud of where you are now. that top pic was the most open i’d ever been in #urdhvadhanurasana and i was d**n proud of it. and one day, i’ll use this bottom pic as a “before” progress pic. it’s a journey, a fun and never ending journey. enjoy it! . this goes out to the lovely hosts of #embraceandbloom. thanks for hosting and helping us all grow! . #supyoga on my @evolve_boards #sup in my #surfgirl leggings by @re3life #wearyourmat @yogapaws . #transformationtuesday #progress #backbend #evolveboards #igyogachallenge

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It’s #magicasanamonday time! . just hanging out and feeling those magical monday vibes, and next thing you know we’re floating on air! . throw back to summer, flying a remote geology job. this is what happens when my passenger shows up early from his rock collecting mission only to find me, his very professional pilot, jumping over n over like a jumping bean. so, i made him join me! 2 very serious jumping beans! . join in any or every monday with any photo that makes you smile. grab a screenshot of a #jump like i did here, turn your photo sideways to defy gravity, line up a waterfall behind you and pretend to swallow it...hahaha, anything goes! . you can check out #leighsmam to see my personal magic gallery. . #levitation #jumpstagram #freezeoftheday #sukaloncat

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Have you guys joined @yogaclubbox yet? it’s honestly my favorite monthly subscription of all time. and i just found out i get to give out a 20% discount for you to sign up by using code: yogipilot20 . this box came with these super comfy fleece lined leggings, fun strappy sports bra and a really cute bomber jacket that’s gonna keep me warm and styley when i go back to ak in a few weeks. the combined value of this $79 box was over $200. seriously, how do they do that??!! . it seems like every month they have partnered with another new brand...so there is always a ton of variety. you just fill out a detailed style quiz and your personal stylist will pick out three pieces for you each month...it’s like christmas, so fun! . i’m super proud to be a tribe leader for these guys. it’s a product that i love and a community that i believe in. they are helping to spread the gift of yoga to the world. they actually give free yoga classes to underprivileged children. . yogipilot20 is the code for 20% off, or just click the link in my bio. . @yogaclubbox @sadhanaclothing @runenyc @tula.blue @yogapaws #yogaclubbox #ad #subscriptionbox #yogafashion #wyapc #splits #beachyoga #wearyourmat #downwardfacingdog

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A pleasant surprise to meet a fellow yogi at one of the big #helicopter industry parties during #hai2018! thanks for saying hi and making my night adrienne! . and as luck would have it, i was wearing @secondyou_activewear, yoga clothes that are cute enough to wear as a party outfit too!☺️🙌❤️ cuz you never know when you’re gonna need to bust out some fun partner poses!!!🤣🤷‍♀️👯‍♀️ . #airbushelicopters #femalepilot #igyogi #partneryoga

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Not much time for yoga pics while i’m in vegas, but i did get to meet up with my girl @yoginiinheels finally! we literally jumped out of our suits, into our alo and onto our forearms within the first 5 minutes of meeting! 🤣💖☺️🤷‍♀️ seriously my kinda peeps!! 🙌🙌🙌 . and today i got to take her on her first helicopter ride!!! check out both our stories for a peek at our #whirlygirl day! . #instameet #hai2018 #pinchamayurasana #lovemesomepincha3

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