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Fine art photographer matt draper's studio is in the water, and yes with his leica m10! matt seeks to better understand each species he interacts with, so works with only natural light and a series of single breaths to hone in on his subjects with minimal disturbance. check out his page for more incredible shots of some beautiful yet unnerving creatures.

camera: leica m10
(#throughyourlens: @mattdraperphotography )

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This week our #leicafilmfriday celebrates the most vibrant colour of blossom that spring has to offer.

where do you go to capture this beautiful change?

camera: leica m3
(#throughyourlens: @masabossa )

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Shooting portraits in the studio often comes down to capturing a single momentary gesture or glance, no matter who or what your subject may be. today's studio portrait was shot by qatari photographer rashid khalifa al-kubaisi with the leica sl.

camera: leica sl
(#throughyourlens: @rkk3 )

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We love looking back at this misty morning shot now that spring is here. it reminds us that winter is finally over!

are you a sunrise or a sunset shooter?

camera: leica c-lux
(#throughyourlens: @marthaward )

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Hello, spring! we've been waiting for you.

what's your favourite thing to shoot in this season?

camera: leica cl silver | lens: elmarit-tl18mm f/2.8 asph.
(#throughyourlens: @humphreyandgrace )

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In the spring of 2016, photographers and designers dan rubin and craig mod hiked japan’s kumano kodo for 8 days, photographing what they saw along the way, later turning their images into a book. ahead of his akademie workshop, dan rubin is sharing his #photographytipswithleica on the joy of shooting for yourself on our stories.

limited spaces are left for his akademie workshop - book your place now via the link in bio. (#throughyourlens: @danrubin )

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Bringing the studio outside.
this image was taken on the leica q but what is your preferred model for editorial photoshoots?

camera: leica q
(#throughyourlens: @turkinafaso )

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From photography studio to dance studio.

this wonderful shot by documentary photographer maxime fossat is taken from his series on the kyrgyz national opera & ballet theatre and shows a number of young ballet dancers from the national ballet school of kyrgyzstan. it's an interesting take on a group image — how would you have captured it?

camera: leica m-p (typ 240)
(#throughyourlens: @_maximefossat_ )

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Having published a disenchanted view of las vegas in his latest book 'only bleeding', frédéric stucin's photography consistently challenges what we think we know. this portrait of the actor michael fassbender shot with the leica m-p (typ 240) does just that.
camera: leica m-p (typ 240)
(#throughyourlens: @fredstucin )

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For this week's #leicafilmfriday we're exploring colour and form with london-based photographer kane hulse, who shoots with the leica m6. this stunning image is part of a collection taken at barcelona pavillion.
"analogue photography appreciates its imperfections and is therefore a departure from the concept of a perfect image. there’s no chimping on the back screen after the shot or back at the hotel checking the angles, so you can relax and just shoot."
camera: leica m6
(#throughyourlens: @kanehulse )

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Need we say more?

black & white perfection captured with the leica q.

camera: leica q
(#throughyourlens: @jeanphilippelebee )

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Exceptionally discreet, stripped back to its essentials, the leica m is perfect for going unnoticed​. session musician and photographer chris maas uses his camera to tactfully capture backstage when touring with mumford and sons.
discover the camera via the link in bio.

camera: leica m
(#throughyourlens: @chris_maas )

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