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Happy new year!! since everyone's goal is to be better i figured this would be a perfect video and song for the occasion
shot by @geniusphotos00
level up

comment 17 star 144 January 2019

Don't count the days
make the days count

comment 3 star 90 September 2018

Bodak yellow with @miss_ty25
had to do @iamcardib with timbs for nyc
shot by @geniusphotos00

comment 42 star 191 September 2018

Fxck that dance up
artist: @davidsincereaiken
production: @reefnreemfilms

comment 5 star 70 August 2018

"f*ck it up" video shoot
artist: david sincere
production: reef n reem film

comment 7 star 132 July 2018

More coming since i gotta tell my social media everything lol
a few part performances since i was told i'm not out here doing anything. performing with @biancaisking and @iamdriickygraham choreography by @davidsincereaiken @celebritychoreographer

comment 21 star 167 May 2018

Fun flexible freestyles

comment 2 star 299 January 2018

First rehearsal towards the broadway stage. i'm so thankful for this opportunity and a new platform. #newchallenges #dance #dancelife #broadway #gonnabeastar #greatful

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Candids during @iamdriickygraham "patti" video

comment 1 star 54 July 2017

That new @iamdriickygraham #patti video coming soon!!! had a dope day on set yesterday!!! thank you everyone for your hard work and another successful shoot! choreography by @davidsincereaiken i

comment 1 star 56 July 2017

Amazing shoot for dydy under the direction and choreography of @davidsincereaiken. definitely some reggae fire coming your way dancers: @jussright_21 @gemeaux3 @sincerelywynter

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comment 6 star 121 June 2017