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Endlessly thankful for this sweet love of mine.

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Had an incredible day with @ultrabrad and @jacki.legs yesterday. :)

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The second part of our #sundance kickoff with @acura yesterday was spent cruising around the mountains in park city in the super nice and capable #acuramdx. i’m excited to get back up to the festival today for a film this afternoon! is anyone else seeing anything over the next couple week? #acurapartner

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One of my favorite things about utah is the sundance film festival and it’s a point of pride for me that we get to host this amazing festival year after year. . to kick off the festival, @jacki.legs and i had the great opportunity to spend some time with @acura today. the first part of the day was spent in their interactive art exhibit, featuring incredible work by @itsreuben. if you’re around during the next couple weeks, swing by and check it out. #acura #acuransx #nsx #acurapartner

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Hiking through the north west with @brett.mcc and @_prozack_.

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There’s nothing quite like summer in the wasatch.

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I’ve been in a bit of a battle with my health for the last couple weeks, or so. and even though i’m not back to being 100% quite yet, i got up in the mountains for a quick hike with best friends. i say it all the time, but the fact that i’m able to drive 30 minutes from my apartment to the top of the canyon for views like this is one of my favorite things about my life in utah.

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This rollercoaster of a year ended with a ski trip weekend up in mccall, idaho with @ultrabrad and his incredibly welcoming family. it was the best possible way we could’ve said goodbye to 2017. every day of this trip was perfect, but this night up at @brundagemtn was one of the best of the trip. side note: i’ve never actually tried to take firework photos before, but i gave it a go on saturday and these were the results. i hope you all had a great turn of the year and i’m hoping we all have a successful 2018.

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I hope everyone’s had a great holiday season so far. ♥️ i took this set of photos after driving all night to the california coast with @jacki.legs, @stevestrehl, and @jj.peg. we got to this spot on the coast right as the sun was breaking through the clouds and it gave us the most incredible sunrise i’ve experienced. i absolutely love when things work out like that.

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I wonder if fall would consider making a comeback since there doesn’t seem to be any snow coming any time soon. :(

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Happy birthday to this beautiful love of mine. i am so thankful to have you in my life and so thankful i get to spend another one of your birthdays together. i can’t thank you enough for your endless love, compassion, and support that you show me every day. you’re so loved by everyone who knows you and i couldn’t be more proud and lucky.

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Another set from the desert. this evening seriously felt like we were on another planet.

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We woke up here a week ago to celebrate desert season. best decision.

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From one of the best weekends of summer.

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A lovely fall sunset with the best people.

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Fall is in full swing in salt lake. i had a blast getting to take @kevinkinghorn and @kjpinc around the valley last weekend. they ended up here after a hectic airport and airline experience, so we made the best of an impromptu weekend and saw all that we could with the time we had. after a crazy work week, i picked them up from the train station and we made the 10 minute *journey* from my apartment to the mouth of the canyon. getting to show off utah to people from out of town is genuinely one of my favorite things about living here. i take so much pride in this incredible place i get to call “home”. i get to spout off utah facts and trivia for hours and even though it’s probably super annoying that i can go on for what feels like forever, i get so much enjoyment out of it. i’ll never get over how much i love this place. and sorry for the big ol’ photoset. i’m the most indecisive person in the world and couldn’t decide what photos i liked best.

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I’ll always be happy here.

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A quick evening getaway to the mountains the other day.

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It’s snowing up in the canyons today... that’s one way to celebrate/mourn the ending of summer, i suppose. here are some photos from a quick camping trip up bcc a couple weekends ago. summer dragged on at times this year, but there’s nothing better than weekends like these. i’ll miss ‘em.

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