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High above the city for sunset with @samuelelkins, @jormcgee, and @jacki.legs.

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I met @stevestrehl last year when we did this hike together for the first time. nearly a year later, we hiked here again and shared a fantastic sunset surrounded by close friends. this summer has been fantastic and i'm bummed to see it winding down.

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Feelin' it.

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I took this photo last weekend at the end of a day spent relaxing with friends. it was a much needed decompression after a difficult hike the day before. i couldn't have asked for a better weekend. and now i'm in san diego with friends and family for one of the final trips of the summer. it's insane how fast this year has gone by.

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One of my favorite spots in the wasatch.

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An early morning view of timpanogos.

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The best way to celebrate finishing a solid hike.

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Truly a weekend for the books. i'm so inspired by those around me and so thankful for the opportunities made available to me. this weekend was filled with old and new friends, difficult and rewarding hikes, relaxation and hospitality from @sloannne, and way too many mosquito bites. and i loved every minute of it.

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Thankful for great friends and utah summers.

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"it's so easy to laugh. it's so easy to hate. it takes strength to be gentle and kind."

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This year is absolutely flying by.

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Today is our 2 year anniversary and i'm increasingly crazy about you with every day that goes by. i couldn't be more thankful for the endless love, support, and compassion that you show me, no matter how much i think i don't deserve it. thank you so much for putting up with all my flaws and still being willing to travel all across the continent with me. there's no one else i'd rather spend my time with than you. thank you for being my best friend and the best girlfriend i could ever ask for. i'm so excited for all the future adventures we have in store.

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Forever dreaming of canadian lakes.

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Early morning in gtnp.

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The first day of jacki's and my trip was spent waking up in the tetons. don't know of a better way to kick off a trip.

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Jacki and i just got back from a long trip through montana, canada, and washington. that trip came directly after an incredibly lovely trip to vail, colorado where we spent a few days with her family, which was fantastic. i took these photos one evening with jacki and zuka while walking around vail. i'm so lucky to be able to experience these places with loved ones. and i'm very excited to share photos from these last couple weeks of traveling--it's been a minute since i've binged on ig.

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I got a new perspective on an old favorite place this weekend.

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Spring in the wasatch is my favorite. …well, same with winter, fall, and summer. utah is always my favorite.

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I'm so thankful for this beautiful earth we get to share with all the other amazing creatures on it. be mindful of the decisions you make and the impact they have on the planet. and support people and causes that make an effort to conserve and protect. it's our responsibility to make sure that future generations get to experience this beauty as well. happy earth day 🌎♥️

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I'm endlessly thankful for @_prozack_ and what he's done for me in my life, both personally and professionally. good luck on your new adventure tomorrow, my man. ♥️

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