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Kika no phone home ☎️ turns out these phonebooths have quite the magical power. tried to phone home but it offered to fly me home instead 😂 i declined though (in the politest british manner of course), because this year we’re spending the holidays in london. where are you spending the festive season this year? #whpjoyful

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Went out looking for a christmas tree but i found some wings instead #myfoundwings 🌲 a few days ago i shared in a story that i’m intending on starting a youtube channel *squeal* which i am ridiculously excited about 😆 so i wanted to ask you if have any specific things you’d like to see videos about? tutorials, tips, personal stuff, love advice? i’m open to suggestions 🥳

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Eeek we still don’t have a christmas tree! or well, we have this mini tree but i’m not sure my perspective trick will work as well in reality 🙈🎄i did however get the fairylights up today, if you’ve seen my stories you know i got a little help from my friend scotch tape 😂 slowly but surely i’m getting into festive mode ⭐️ especially after yesterday when i got an early christmas gift from @sezane with the most beautiful clothes, including this dress (it’s silk! 😍) it’s not often i find a brand where i could literally wear everything from their collection, but this is one of those. thank you so much @sezane #gifted how are you getting into festive mode? 🎄

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Random encounters 💫yesterday while i was out taking this photo, i met a lady who told me she’d lived in the same house since 1968! she’d bought the house when she was 21 years old with money she’d made from her catering business, quite impressive i’d say! 🙌🏼 sho also told me that she painted it mellow yellow because she couldn’t afford buying a yellow submarine (i think she might’ve been a beatles fan 😂). every once in a while you meet a stranger who opens up about their life to you. maybe sometimes, it’s easier to do that with someone you don’t know? 😌have you ever had an encounter with a stranger that felt meaningful? 🦋 #myfoundwings

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Have you ever bought flowers for a partner? for this collaboration with @howflowersdothat i got to surprise my boyfriend with a bouquet of beautiful flowers from our local florist. i have to admit, it was the first time i’ve ever gifted a man with flowers 🙈 but, never too late to break some old traditions right? he really liked them, and the bonus is now i get to enjoy them in our home too ☺️💐 #sponsored #funnyhowflowersdothat #weneedmoreflowers

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Look what i found reading between the lines 🌲🗞🙄

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(#ad) are you a nostalgic at heart like me? flicking through my very own photo book with all the memories from this past year feels very satisfying, and also a bit weird. satisfying because it’s so nice to have an actual physical copy of the photos, and weird because time has gone by so quickly! once again a reminder to enjoy the present and savour the little moments…or dream yourself back into past memories again with your very own @popsa photo book 😉 @popsa #popsayourlife #photobook

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Do you get butterflies in your stomach when going to an event where you don’t know anyone? i do like going to events and meeting new people, but it’s also a bit scary and those childhood day insecurities about being seen as a weird loner with no friends standing in a corner somewhere do always surface a bit 🙈 i’m going to my first proper blogging event tomorrow in london, and i definitely have some fluttering butterflies in my belly, although i’m sure it’s going to be a lovely affair 😅🤗

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I feel like this picture might be trying to communicate that sometimes it’s our own thoughts & worries that are the biggest storms to overcome ☔️i tend to worry quite a lot about things like “how do i know if i’m living my life to it’s full potential?” to stuff like “what will my next snack be?”. sometimes thinking about these things will make me motivated and do something about it, but other times it just feels a bit overwhelming, do you think worrying about things can ever be a good thing or is it just always unnecessary?

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If i could sum up this week in a picture, wait, i can, it would be this one 😂 riding on a strawberry bike all week long! 🍓🚲 i got featured on instagram for the 6th time, bought a new pair of shoes (finally!) and found the missing pair to my favorite socks! and there’s still one whole day to go 😄 what big or small happy moments did you have this week? #findingthejoyineveryday

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(#ad) 🎶catch a falling star and put it in your pocket / never let it fade away 🎶 do you know that song? i took it quite literally as you can see, although instead of putting them in my pocket i made this star map (with a tiny bit of help from @thenightskyio 😉). the stars are aligned exactly as they were on the night me and my boyfriend met back in 2015. it’s a really nice little reminder of how our love story first began ♥️ if you’d like to gift someone special with a star map of their own, (you know, since it’s that time of year and all) you can use the code kika to get 15% off valid through cyber monday 🌟#thenightsky @thenightskyio

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I found this pink house in chelsea and did the only natural thing one does upon such a delightful discovery- i turned myself into a book fairy, just to have an excuse to share this hidden gem with this lovely community 📖🧚‍♀️ i’m super excited to see all the #myfoundwings photos that you’ve created already, so many brilliant ones! will you wing it too? 😂🦋 #whpcommunity #myfoundwings

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