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In the midst of moving boxes and a lot of mess i made a little stop-motion love story. three years later and we’re still living happily ever after with our cats luna & bella ☺️💗 i’m such a sucker for love stories, how about you?

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I’m so excited that the mornings are finally getting brighter, i really need all the help i can get to get out of bed early 🌤 #lifegoals #earlymornings

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It’s getting really empty in the apartment as we’re continuing to get rid of stuff for the move, but this mirror is one of my favorite items that i won’t let go of. currently sleeping on an airbed, which is a very wobbly but kinda funny experience ☺️

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Hurray! on monday i turned 30 and hit 30k on instagram, so what better time for a giveaway! i’ve partnered up with @onceuponapp to make this hard cover book filled with my own favorite photos and some creative tips. i get to give away 5 of these books to you, how cool is that? 🤗♥️ to enter this giveaway 1. comment below and tell me what inspires you creatively 2. follow @onceuponapp giveaway closes on sunday and all winners will be notified by dm ☺️

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Last chance to get away with a photo of me galloping on a popcorn unicorn before i turn 30 😂 it’s a good thing we’re moving soon because the apartment smells like a circus after this project 🙈🍿 #whp🦄

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The first thing i check every morning when i wake up is to see if bella is by my feet, and indeed every morning she is there looking up at me. it’s my absolute favorite way to wake up, now if i could only teach her to bring my slippers and make pancakes for breakfast 😂

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This is the last weekend i’ll be in my 20’s, on monday i turn 30! omg!!! so, last chance to tick off things from the “before 30 bucket list”, any suggestions? and please no skinny dipping, it’s still really freezing here 😅 hmm, maybe a tattoo? don’t have one of those 🤔

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Have you heard the saying “the grass is greener where you water it”? i think it’s a good one, and right now i’m more convinced than ever before that the effort you put into something will eventually give something back. so this is my tiny reminder to you, on this fabulous international women’s day, to celebrate the small efforts you put in everyday, hurray! 😊💗

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It’s kinda funny, when it comes to outdoor photography my absolute fav spot is this one right by the water...the funny thing being that it’s basically right outside our door, which makes me such a lazy photographer haha 😂🙈 but, i guess sometimes it’s the small landscapes we see everyday that are the most beloved ones 🌲 #whplandscape

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Do you ever feel awkward taking photos out in public? i tried making stories last week where i talked to the camera and felt like such a w****o walking around with my selfie stick in the middle of thr city 🙈 taking photos has gotten a bit easier though, and i wrote a blog post with some tips to overcome camera shyness in public 💪🏼☺️ link in bio 💗

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Since we’re moving soon we’ve started to sell a lot of our old furniture, which means there’s a lot of new empty spaces in the apartment, which basically begs for an epic cherry blossom flatlay 😂🌸 spring, take this as a gentle hint that i miss you!

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Snow snow and more snow. seems pretty much everywhere in europe winter has decided to give us one more squeeze before spring takes over 🌨 are you also enjoying snow where you are? ☃️

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Better late then never, this is a photo i did 2 months ago for #booksforclothes but never posted. at the time i was in a bit of a “everything-i-make-sucks” phase, but now i quite like it actually 🤗 those kind of periods of self criticism can be super exhausting, but in the end it’s what makes me improve, so bring it on picky inner voices, you will not hold me back 💪🏼

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Yesterday i had a super productive day, and today it feels i’ve gotten absolutely nothing done (except spending an hour organizing these petals, which i guess is some sort of accomplishment 🙈). quite often it feels like a productive day is followed by a very sluggish one. have you noticed any patterns like that?

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Amount of alien movies watched before meeting my bf: 2. amount of alien movies after meeting my bf: basically every single one made since the 80’s. yup, being in a relationship is definitely about making compromises, seeing new things and doing stuff that makes the other one happy. i watch his movies, he takes photos of my space buns & brussel sprout aliens 💚👽

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People, i’m going home! some of you might remember that a few months ago i wrote that we would be moving away from stockholm but that we didn’t know where yet. well, now the plan is to move home to finland, at least for a while until we figure out what adventures to take on next. i’m quite excited about this, although after two years away it will probably take a while to remember who i am in my hometown again.. or then not, who knows? 🤗

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So i started my week by napping an hour in the middle of the day, hmm.. i think i kicked off this week sort of backwards (get it? 🤣)

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You can’t be jumpy and grumpy at the same time, just try it if you don’t believe me! as an adult there aren’t really that many reasons to jump in daily life is there? but i think that’s such a shame, it’s possibly the best (and cheapest 😂) mood booster ever 💗 #whpmoveit

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You know spring is coming when the birds return and start singing outside... which hasn’t really happened yet so i’ll have to hang out with my origami birds just a bit longer 😂

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Does your instagram name have a special meaning? mine means knitting kika. kutova means knitting in finnish and kika is the nickname my lil sis gave me when she couldn’t pronounce veronika. so here you have me living up to my name knitting a blanket with the chunkiest of wools 🐑♥️ thank you so much for this collaboration of my dreams @woolandthegang #gifted

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