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Making photos is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy 😂🍋 or at least sometimes it is, other times it takes a lot of trying and failing. the thing that’s gotten easier is i can assess quicker if an idea will work or not, the hard thing is finishing the job and deciding that this will be the shot. what things do you find easy and what stuff do you struggle with your photography? #whpplay

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Sponsored- standing at the sea trying to figure out which way london is with these pretty maps from @mapiful because guess what?? that’s where we’ll be moving later this year!!! i’m so excited about it and can’t wait to live in the city of instagram dreams 😆 now, to anyone who lives in london or nearby, can we please be friends?

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When your shoes match your donut but you feel that it’s not enough for a good pic so you create a whole universe to justify it 🍩🌸😂

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Part 2 of my escaping breakfast series 🥞a few weeks ago i made a stop motion where my toast turned into butterflies and it was so much fun i decided the story should continue ☺️ also, breakfast is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day, who’s with me on this? #whpshapes

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This was the first of my photos that got featured on instagram last summer and it’s still one of my faves. it checks the box on cats, knitting, linen sheets and fluffy sweaters. oh and yes one must always have a flower wreath when knitting, obviously 😂 i like looking at my old photos and seeing how my style changes, how about you? 🐈

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Why is it that my messy buns always turn out perfect when i’m just at home and not even trying, and in the morning they never turn out great? 😂 same goes for makeup honestly, or my face, always looks better in the evening 🤷‍♀️ why oh why can’t i shine like this in the mornings too? #whpshine

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The thing about growing your following on instagram is that the pressure also inevitable rises. i love creating photos and completely immersing myself in the creative process, but coming up with new ideas and finding inspiration all the time can get a lil exhausting. for every successfull idea there’s at least a handful of failed ones, in my case probably half of my ideas get discarded. what about you? 🌸

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When i was carrying down the ladder to our yard i had to turn back because they were doing ”normal” gardening out there (as you can see i only deal with the magical giant kind 😉). so instead i took my ladder and watering can to the yard next door which happens to be the one i played in from age 3 to 5. do you ever go back to the streets and yards you grew up around? 🌸

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Do you think i’m taking the whole urban jungle trend a bit too far? 🌵 bella seems excited about the concept, chewing on all our house plants is one of her favorite activities 😂 do you have a lot of plants at home? we’re moving later in the fall (will reveal where to soon!!) and i’m using this time to pin away at pinterest dreaming about a home filled with plants 🌱#urbanjunglebloggers

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If there’s one thing i’ve learned by now it’s that you should always embrace your most silly ideas because they are usually the most important ones. on tuesday something amazing happened and i got featured by instagram for the fifth time ♥️☺️🙈if i hadn’t stayed true to my silly stuff for so long and kept spending a ridiculous amount of time on seemingly ”pointless” projects (like making a deer head out of sugar for example), that would never have happened and i would’ve never found out that my ideas actually resonate with so many people. has instagram given you the space to make some of your silly ideas come true or are they still waiting inside of you?

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The moment i feel most lost in my own thoughts is definitely in the mornings. i might pretend to be reading the newspaper like a serious adult but actually i’m still thinking about last night’s dreams and the fairytale forests i’d like to get lost in. what’s the time of day you like to retreat back into your own inner world? 🌲 #whpgetlost

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The perfect place is somewhere between feeling grounded and up in the clouds, which is what i’m feeling right now 🌸 got some really exciting new this week which means we’ll probably move again in the fall, can’t wait to see what new adventures lie ahead! what was your favorite moment this past week? 😌 photo by @anniinasofie

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