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my big bro is going to college in arizona. mommat will be “off” until aug. 24th.
love you all!! 💜🐾

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Happy belated birthday to @its_miss_sophie brother louis! 🎉🎂💙🐾 we hope you had a pawsome day 💜🐾 we love you🎈 #koabearbandanas #birthdaydog #cutedogs

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Happy birthday gorgeous @princess_mila_girl 💕💕💕 we love you 😘

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“we really love dogs, and national spoil your dog day is the ultimate in making our love of dogs official. dogs bring a lot to our lives, and while they might not be the most independent creatures to invite into your home, they don’t ask us for very much in return for all their doggy goodness. dogs make us laugh, love us unconditionally, and they’re happy to clean up any food we happen to drop on the floor. (they might even help clean up the food you’ve left on the table!) in exchange, all our dogs want is a warm bed, a few belly rubs, and maybe a couple walks in the park. but national spoil your dog day is all about showering man’s best friend with appreciation for all the friendship we’ve enjoyed in their company. whether you’ve got a tiny toy pug or a giant english mastiff, this holiday is your chance to break the day to day rules of endearment and really go all-out to show your dog just how much you love him (or her). for national spoil your dog day on august 10, give your dog a bone, leash up, and join us to celebrate our wonderful canine companions.” #nationalspoilyourdogday #everydayisspoilyourdogday

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Happy 1️⃣ birthday 🎂 baby frida @balderandfrida_lhasaapsos we hope you will celebrate like the little princess 👑you are💗 we love you so much ~ auntie tina & (king) koabear 🦁🐻 #fridaindisneysmagicalworld

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Continuing #juliansjunkfoodbash 🎂🍦🍨🍪🍭🍿🍩🍕🍟🍔🍩🍧 #unitedpawsgroup #grandpetpack #glamsquadcrew #furrybabyloveclub #p1ggygang .
donut 🍩 bandanas by: @dressguido 💕

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Big thank you to 💗auntie l @dressguido for these pawsome bandanas 😍😍 we love them all 😃👍🏽 plus the pawmazing matching buttons were an added bonus‼️🤩🤩🤩 #dressguido #dogbandanas #koabear #koabearwiththegoodhair #supportsmallbusiness #supporthandmade #madewithlove

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Spent the day with my sister at the dog 🐕 park playing ball 🎾 she gets me 👩🏻💜🐻

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happy birthday to my love, julian! julian you captured my heart the moment we met. you filled a hole in my heart that i didn’t even know existed. you are my shadow, my best friend and little alpaca boy. my heart explodes with love for you sweet boy. as you can see julian is ready to party with you all! we’ve met so many wonderful friends in this community and love you all so much. celebrating with all of you is amazing! julian will be celebrating his birthday through 8/11. just use the hashtag #juliansjunkfoodbash and tell us what your favorite junk food or treat is. everyone who parties with us will be entered into a random drawing and win some cool accessories from our shop, @pawpawrazziready 🐾
we also want to wish our sweet friend frida @balderandfrida_lhasaapsos a very happy birthday too! frida is celebrating her 1st bday and has a pawsome celebration and contest happening right now! be sure to check it out. we love you!!!
bandana : @dressguido
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Happiest birthday to one of my best bros @joojewooj 💙🎉 we hope you have the most wonderfully delicious 😋 junk food 🍭🍦🍫🍿🍩🍪🍕🍟pawty ever!! 🍦
it was a tough decision, but my all time favorite junk food is ice cream 🍨😋 #juliansjunkfoodbash #unitedpawsgroup #weareunitedpaws

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