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I know that i am very privileged and lucky to live in such a place like paradise which most people probably will only ever see in movies or a on a postcard. i really appreciate and love to travel, and see the world, but at the end of the day, i am happy to call this place my home here. and i am thankful for it everyday.

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What my sunday looks like so far. pure whiteout.

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That night under the date palm trees. how i miss every little bit in this picture. #martinapersia

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@negrito.the.kitcat says: „stand out, don‘t blend in!“ you should all listen to him. he is smart and knows best! 😎 . @samsung_ch #galaxynote8 #shotfromthegalaxy #ad

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Piz roseg - such a beautiful mountain. in every light and weather condition.

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Walks on frozen lakes...

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Lej da staz in winter. it was nice to experience this beautiful spot also covered in snow for once.

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Last week i went skiing with @sbb_railaway. it was a week day and absolutely a prefect day. not too many people, so no queuing. got out of the train and jumped straight on the ski slope. it couldn‘t have been any more convienient. check the link in my bio for more special offers from sbb snow‘n‘rail. . #skiarena #snownrail #sbbsnownrail #railaway #ad

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Another „train ride through dirty window“ shot. have a lovely day everyone!

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The desert, something that fascinates me over and over again. #martinapersia

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Train ride views

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This week i went skiing with one of the great snow’n’rail offers by @sbb_railaway. it‘s a great way to travel through switzerland without worrying about snowy road condition, traffic, or searching for parking. plus, you get to enjoy a fantastic landscape with lots of photo opportunities during the train ride. with the snow‘n‘rail pass you also get a special discount on the train ticket and ski pass. i have put my story of my day in sedrun-andermatt skiarena in my highlights and you can also check the link in my bio about all the offers they have all over switzerland. have a great weekend and enjoy the fresh snow! . . #skiarena #sbb #snownrail #sbbsnownrail #railaway #ad

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Remember this beauty??

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Today could use some colour. and the best way to do this, is posting a photo from the pink mosque.

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Everyday the sun rises and shines into my lovely home a few minutes earlier. everyday the sun sets a few minutes later and makes the days longer. i love to observe those little changes toward spring.

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Almost every morning @negrito.the.kitcat spends some time on this table or on the bench beside it at my parents home. i would too if i was him.

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Another lazy shot from my bedroom window. i have to admit, i am become a bit lazy in my new home.

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Tons of snow outside and this is what i am dreaming of. the grass is always greener on the other side. in this case maybe drier not greener.

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Sometimes, i don‘t even have to leave my house to take photos. so convenient 😄

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The blue curve - i just realized that this is so similar to the dune photo i posted 2 days ago. so similar, yet so different.

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