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Moody days for free spirit.

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I am very happy to announce the start of an exciting long term partnership with @teva ! i have been using #tevasandals for a while already and i can‘t wait to show you on what adventures they will take me in the future!
wearing here the super comfy olowahu. #tevaeurope #strapintofreedom #ad

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Views can‘t get any better than this driving around my free spirit!

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I thought it‘s time again for a bedroom view post. the last time i posted one was winter. so here it is, the summer view from my bed this morning at 6:40. i love going to bed seeing the stars, and waking up with the sun shining on my face. to be honest, sometimes i close to curtains in the morning to be able to sleep a bit more. sun is up early these days!! 🙈

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Today is the day! very excited about the upcoming weeks! the huawei #sparkarenaissance photo challenge starts now, with the first challenge titled a “a new renaissance”. get creative and you could win a p20 pro!
the task this week is to reinterpret or recreate a piece of renaissance art and could be based around portraits, landscapes and even mythology.
for me it clearly had to be the landscape. i had to do a bit of research about landscape paintings from the renaissance and hopefully didn’t get it all wrong ☺️. the p20’s ai has rated it 79/100. now it’s your turn. enter via the link in my bio for your chance to win. there you‘ll find all the information about this challenge and the prizes you could win. @huaweimobilech #ad #huaweinextimage

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Mountain love. it’s a love realtionship i would never quit on. 💙

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Pretty much exactly 5 years ago @instagram featured me and my fiat500 on their page. that‘s when my big instagram adventure really started to hit off. i always get asked how i got so many followers. and this is the answer, it was thanks to that instagram feature 5 years ago. and also maybe my photos don‘t look too bad? maybe i have the cutest cars on earth? i don’t know. all i know is i was lucky that instagram posted a story about me. and for that, you need to be somewhat unique. be unique, don’t be 08/15 (how we say it in switzerland). be yourself, don’t try to be someone else. that’s all i can say. i don’t have a secret recipe how to become famous on instagram. it was never my intension to get to this point where i am now. i was just lucky and take nice photos that people like. thank you all who have been sticking around for all these years, and thanks a lot to all my new followers. you are awesome! have a lovely sunday!

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The huawei #sparkarenaissance photo challenge ‪begins 12 july‬ with a chance to win 1 of 50 p20 pros. excited to be part of this campaign and having the opportunity to test what the leica triple lense camera of the huawei p20 pro is capable of. my first attempt looks very promising!
to enter you have to submit your photo based on the photo challenges set every week and let the p20’s innovative ai system rate your pic, and you could win your very own #huaweip20pro, plus a trip to florence, maybe even with me! click the link in my bio to find out more. #ad #huaweip20pro @huaweimobilech

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When i was in spain, i stayed under this beautiful pine tree forest right at the beach. ohh how i miss it!

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Switzerland might be tiny, but it has quite a lot to offer! this place was just unbelivable beautiful! #thekitkatbus

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Feeling like a princess in estavayer-le-lac. there is a castle in pretty much every old town you find in @fribourgregion and makes these places even more fairytale like. #fribourgregion #estavayerlelac #sponsored

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Can it get any cuter than this?? this week i got the opportunity to get to know a region of switzerland that i didn‘t know yet before, the @fribourgregion. it‘s located completely on the other side of switzerland and i mostly spoke english there because my french sucks. i got to taste delicious local organic wine and made my own chocolate bars. i actually never liked dark chocolate before, but since i tried this from @chocolatateliermurten i‘m not saying no anymore! so interesting to learn about all these different cocoa beans and their flavours. simply amazing.
murten is such a cute little town, directly at the lake and so worth visiting. #fribourgregion #murten #dzin #sponsored

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