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#repost @theheavyweightfactory ・・・ the wba heavyweight championship of the world between @cannon_briggs and fres oquendo will be at the hard rock hotel and casino here in hollywood florida. vip tables $11,000,00 floor tables $5,500,00 ringside seats $1,000,00 lower risers $500,00 upper lower level $250,00 general admission &100,00 tickets and tables will be on sale through ticketmaster by the end of the week #letsgochamp p| @rabeiro_photography m| @kindly mua| @nichellemua hair| @jetonfashion

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Tummy game plan? mmmhhmmm @flattummytea challenge accepted and challenge conquered! just look at these results! i stuck to my game plan and i’m so proud of myself! bloat is totally gone and my tummy is totally flat. @flattummytea is having a 20% off sale right now to help kick start your tummy game plan, so let’s check out flattummytea.com and order some before their sold out! #ad

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One more week of @flattummytea and one week closer to my tummy goals. bloat is way down and i’m def feeling lighter these days! anyone else using this stuff? #ad

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'm getting back to it with @flattummytea! time to push excuses to the side and do me! my bloat has been acting up a bit lately so it’s time to call in the reinforcements with @flattummytea. can’t wait to get back to feeling like my unbloated self! #ad

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Time for a celebration! 600k! p| @nashvillephotographer m| @kindly mua| @caijamesbeauty

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If you ain't the bank teller, don't tell me nothin. p| @sdillonphoto m| @kindly

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P| @christopherhedlundphotography m| @kindly hair| @jetonfashion

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Can my hair look like this everyday?!?! p| @garymillerfoto m| @kindly hair| @mermaidhairxo event| @theibms vegas

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Swimming with a seahorse p| @joelfloraphoto m| @kindlymyers event| @theibms

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Happy valentine's day p| @mrphotostudios m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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Oldie but a goodie p| @garymillerfoto m| @kindly

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Don't gain the world and loose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold. p| @kennyrolandphoto m| @kindly hair| @mermaidhairxo

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Red hot p| @mrphotostudios m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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You top ramen, i'm top shelf. p| @mrphotostudios m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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