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#ad what's backless, strapless and gives adjustable cleavage? uhhh-huh @sneakyvaunt! the lift my girls get from this thing is an absolute must for a night out, and now your telling me it’s 20% off?…ummm yup gotta have another one! it’s on sale right now girls, you need this in your life.

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#ad backless, strapless, and cleavage? d**n @sneakyvaunt! this thing puts the girls on another level - cleavage like never before! you better believe it's on sale right now too. go check out sneakyvaunt.com while they're 20% off!

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Sunrise at harbor island, bahamas @theheavyweightfactory p| @zavierdeangelo m| @kindly mua| @nichellemua @heavyweightfactorymodels magazine

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Yes! the @sneakyvaunt push up brought my outfit game to a whole new level! there’s endless options now.. this just became dangerous. are you ready to vaunt it with me? check out sneakyvaunt.com #ad

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"this is your captain speaking..." p| @nashvillephotographer m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret taken with #iphone7plus

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Hey girl heyyy p| @mp1350 m| @kindly hair| @enzoamez

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Life is a beach, i'm just playing in the sand. p| @jamescessna m| @kindly event| @theibms

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Kicking a*s and taking names... p| @vincentpierce m| @kindly hair| @jetonfashion mua| @jerraleefierce @theheavyweightfactory @heavyweightfactorymodels magazine 🥊

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Omg i actually can’t even explain how hyped i am with this @sneakyvaunt pushup. adjustable cleavage and strapless? c’mooonnnnn d**n there are a lotta fine looking hunny’s out here these days! #girlcrush #ad

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You well done, b***h i'm rare. p| @garymillerfoto m| @kindly hair| @jetonfashion wardrobe| @victoriassecret @jackdaniels_us

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Island life p| @garymillerfoto m| @kindly bikini| @colleenkellyswimwear event| @theibms feature| @vanquishmagazine

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Oh this? yeah this is my @sneakyvaunt pushup! what even is cleavage without sneaky vaunt!? we’re a little sneaky these days.. #ad

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Happy easter y'all p| @vincentpierce m| @kindly event| @heavyweightfactorymodels magazine shoot in montana @theheavyweightfactory

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I just got my @sneakyvaunt push up in the mail and had to try it on immediately! yes, my b***s look good and i can’t get over it! there’s no doubt that i’ll be rocking this when i go out with the girls tonight. #ad

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Squad goals p| @mp1350 m| @kindly

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