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Can my hair look like this everyday?!?! p| @garymillerfoto m| @kindly hair| @mermaidhairxo event| @theibms vegas

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Swimming with a seahorse p| @joelfloraphoto m| @kindlymyers event| @theibms

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Happy valentine's day p| @mrphotostudios m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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Oldie but a goodie p| @garymillerfoto m| @kindly

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Don't gain the world and loose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold. p| @kennyrolandphoto m| @kindly hair| @mermaidhairxo

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Red hot p| @mrphotostudios m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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You top ramen, i'm top shelf. p| @mrphotostudios m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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🍑🍑🍑 p| @ogfoto m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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New feature on @playboyita p| @joelfloraphoto m| @kindly wardrobe| @victoriassecret

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Desert vibes p| @joelfloraphoto m| @kindly suit| @donnadellacqua event| #kennyandjoelworkshop

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Always a pleasure working with this guy. p| @vincentpierce m| @kindly location| @theibms #mansion

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