A peek at life in a Jungle We transformed denuded land into a tropical forest/Permaculture farm. Open to nature lovers & travelers. Talakag, Bukidnon.🌴 #kibathalagardens http://fb.com/kiBathalaGardens
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Ready for planting.

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When it rains, it shrooms..

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Our beautiful rainforest. 🌴☁

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When it smells like there's a rotting corpse around the farm, we swear it's not because we're composting our enemies.

the culprit is this plant: the elephant foot yam.

it does this because it attracts flies instead of bees for pollination.


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Nature's textures..

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Not too spicy please..

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Have you ever tried tubing down a river? it's really fun!
we can help you organize a perfect day complete with all transfers and an organic lunch at the farm.
ask us how.

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Wishing you all a great week ahead. ❤

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Misty mornings.

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Meet the newest member to the family. ❤

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Andok is surveying his territory.

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