A peek at life in a Jungle We transformed denuded land into a tropical forest/Permaculture farm. Open to nature lovers & travelers. Talakag, Bukidnon.馃尨 #kibathalagardens http://fb.com/kiBathalaGardens
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Yellow hibiscus. locally known as gumamela.

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Hibiscus. locally known as gumamela.

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Hibiscus. locally called gumamela.

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The carabao statue marker had to be moved because of the road widening of the highway in talakag.
she is now on the opposite side on an elevated position making it even easier to spot her especially when coming from cagayan de oro.

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Eliser at work.

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The rambutan is one of southeast asia's very own.

we have 2 varieties growing on the farm. namely the maharlika (first image) and the seejonja (swipe left). do you have a favorite variety?

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Our water lilies flower every morning showing us that life is beautiful.
we have recently created 3 new ponds which are filled with rainwater. in them we grow water-plants and keep small fish to keep it from stagnating.
it is because of the lessons of the 2016 "el niño" that we have resorted to creating these ponds for when the drought comes again; every drop will count!

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These native guavas are much better than those larger commercial ones. birds and bats scatter their seeds all over the jungle making them quite common.
do you have a favorite guava variety?

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The calf is already brave enough to leave mom's side.

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Giant bamboo.
this cluster is as old as the farm. the ones with the shades of brown are just a few months old which gives us a good perspective on how fast these massive poles grow.
giant bamboo is an excellent sustainable building material which is so strong that it can even be used as foundation pillars or posts.

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