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the opening date has been set for base chidlom.
weds 28th november 640am.
who’s gonna be in the very first class??

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💪🏽jamming on my pbars with some moves i learned from @gmbfitness
looking forward to doing this and lots more at base chidlom very soon @basebangkok .
🕺🏽in the meantime come boogie with me at base this week
basecamp - 0930
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base build 0735
#basebangkok #buildyourbase #bangkokfitness #personaltrainerbangkok

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Friday feelz
have a good one brothers and sisters

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Build your base
looking forward to base chidlom...coming verrrryyyyy soon
#basebangkok #buildyourbase 📸@jkrnn

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Today’s been alright 👍🏽

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Xmas day 2014…i was shook. so, i quickly made arrangements and booked a one way flight out of bangkok.
a city that i grew to love over the course of that year and one that i thought i couldn’t return to.
you see, i was never meant to leave and never wanted to.….another long story. but it’s a story that ruined @harriet_krarup @cmkrarup engagement announcement😂😂
so i landed in london in 2015 and had to start from scratch…again…story of my life…i had a great 2 years hustling, living in commercial properties in soho, covent garden and chelsea as a property guardian, finding cool cafes and even more barista friends, whilst achieving some of my career highlights.
i always missed bangkok. this city has always felt like home. luckily it turned out that i could return (a hilarious twist in the story). which meant that i could go and check out a new gym that was opening…@basebangkok and i did back in 2016.
base is special.
there’s alot to be excited about here. world class facility, concept some exciting technological innovations and the opening of location number 3!
so i’m super pleased to announce that i am now a coach at my favourite gym. thanks so much to @jacktbase for the opportunity, saving my life…i’ve actually had a super challenging/tough year (another story-jeez how many can there be?) and the team for being super welcoming.
i’m only taking on 3 more clients. i’m getting stuck into classes…something i’ve missed whilst being in london. gives me a chance to channel my inner mc neat/big shaq whilst coaching people along to some of my favourite tunes (playlists posted in my stories weekly). and as some of you have found out, i’m a stickler for perfect execution of exercises and i can tell when you can go harder/heavier than you are doing
enough rambling…come find me at base

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“humans are the smartest, most adaptable animals and play the most. and they do the most playing at times of life when they need to do the most learning and developing. therefore, play must somehow be very good at helping the body and mind adapt to the demands of the world, especially when those demands are variable and unexpected.”

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“run you fools” - gandalf (the grey)

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Wah gwan

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“does the ball have a name? “@ruttanck
“…edgar” me
for obvious (not obvious at all) reasons
keepin’ perspiration tingz at bay in garmz from @everysecondcounts
hit their handle to check their summer sale. bare hype a gwarn

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Fridays are jokes. have a good weekend 👍🏽

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Hey bangkok ppl.
tomorrow i’ll be giving a talk- ‘the real reason for brains’ at @thehivebkk at 7pm
inspired by my favourite ted talk of the same title
it may offer a new perspective on movement and exercise
let me know in the comments if you’re down
☔️oh and bring a raincoat

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