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I was fortunate enough to be invited to nz this week for a member/guest tourney at #taraitigolfclub. what a beautiful part of the world and even more reason to find myself, like everyone, in shock the past two days over the tragedy in #christchurch. my heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible, despicable act. with all the beauty on this planet, how do people get so brainwashed and disheartened into thinking that is the answer for them? these people senselessly murdered posed no threat to this man. i hope the community bonds together to comfort each other through this awful event. 🙏🏽

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@slaterdesigns launch of the #frk model happens today. in shops now. here’s a little edit of me testing one on a remote secret spot in the ocean. 😀 check link in my bio for full edit and story with @dan__mann on the making and ‘discovery’ of this board.

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I’m proud and happy to announce @outerknown _womens will be dropping march 12th. we’ve spent over 3 years now refining our process, getting our men’s line in order and understanding what women wanted from the feedback on style and design. did you know @outerknown was the first and only brand ever to be #fairlaborassociation certified prior to ever selling a single item of clothing? another thing we are very proud of is that this women’s line is made up of 100% preferred fibers meaning recycled, regenerated or organically produced fibers

to celebrate the launch of @outerknown _womens on march 12th, @outerknown is gifting their entire debut line (17 styles totaling over $2k in retail value) to one lucky winner.
plus two runner-ups will win outerknown gift cards ($500 and $250) to be used at outerknown.com.
enter at the link in my bio.
contest is for us residents only and ends march 11th 11:59pm pst.
stylishly sustainable clothing.

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I wish everyone could surf at #surfranch all the time but i can definitely say it’s most rewarding when those who don’t expect it and most appreciate it get their days. there’s nothing better than seeing something you’ve worked on make such a positive impact on people’s lives. thank you to everyone who makes days like this go down at surf ranch. @thesurfingsamurai @testaverdejoe @surfforall @skudinsurf @whitewaterwilly @ricksalomon @khalilrafati. trailer by @jaybelsky.

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@theohanafest coming up september 27-29. tickets on sale friday at 10am at ohanafest.com! (apologies for misinform before). #eddievedder, @thestrokes, @incubusofficial, #redhotchilipeppers, @glenhansard, @donavon_frankenreiter, @lukasnelsonofficial and @promiseoftherealofficial, and a bunch more. see you there!

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Celebrating #chrisbrown’s life today. ran into so many old names. beautiful sendoff for a one-of-a-kind friend of ours. l-r in order of appearance. chris, chloe brown, dave brown, @sunnygarcia, nathan brown, jamie george, @travlee, bobby martinez, kasey curtis.

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Happy valentine’s day, my love. so many trips and adventures over the years (but i need help arranging and accessing my pics!). and there’s no way to talk about us without our third-wheel child in the picture, @actionthedog. a few throwbacks of all of us thrown (even from before action had a name and found herself). hope everyone is having a great day!

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We humans have figured out some strange ways to f up this world. this is insanity. imagine all the sugar and ingredients contained in these bottles and the effects on our health from that and the plastic containers leaching chemicals. and then there’s the impacts on the land to grow and source all the ingredients. did you know, in some states in the us it’s illegal to capture rainwater on your own property or even grow food in your yard in some communities because it’s unsightly? but imagine if all these bottled drinks were replaced with rainwater we had at home. i’m not trying to say i’m not a part of this conditioning we’re accustomed to i’m just saying i’m grossed out by it. maybe it takes seeing this to do something about it. all this eventually flows to the ocean which ends up in fish and bird diets and has further effects on the environment and our health. we don’t have much of an option but to think about it. i wonder what my house would look like if i kept all the garbage i created in a year inside or how long it would take to fill up my whole house so there was no space left to sleep or eat. has anyone tried that?

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22 years ago today chesser checked out. i remember that day like it was yesterday but it feels like it was in another lifetime. some people leave a mark that you never quite totally process. cheese and brock were two of those guys, probably the most legendary friends our crew will ever have known when all is said and done.

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At #surfranch for my 47th with some friends with @toddglaser getting barreled in the background right now! •

@outerknown is doing a secret sale for my bday for 20% off with the code bday. 20% of the sales from today go to @oceanconservancy. i love the work they do and we have a history of working with them at outerknown. so for my birthday, i’d love to raise some extra funds for them and give another day of discounts to our customers. •

and a huge thanks for the support and love everyone’s been showing outerknown as of late. it’s proof that people understand our goals and respect the mission of using environmentally friendly textiles and fair trade production facilities in our supply chain. we were the first ever brand to be fair trade labor certified before selling a single item of clothing and the quickest brand to ever do it through official channels. help get the word out to understand where your clothes come from and who makes them. anyway...enough of my rant. enjoy your (my?) day! 😀 ✌🏽🏄🏽‍♂️

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Winter warehouse sale up thru midnight tonight pst. it’s been freezing lately all over the states and our beanies, jackets, sweats, and tons of warm clothes are all up to 70% off. tomorrow is my 47th birthday and we’re gonna have some sort of surprise for that as well. check it out on @outerknown link in profile or outerknown.com. and thanks for all the great messages i’ve received this week about the brand and clothes! ✌🏽👌🏽

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Time for a good swing. if i make a hole-in-1 on the 7th at #pebblebeachproam right now i’m giving away this #superoceanheritage watch (to the woman i accidentally hit on the last par 3)! @breitling #squadonamission @outerknown @econylbrand

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