Kelly Slater This week marks the launch of our #SEAJeans for @outerknown with @ronhermanstore. http://www.outerknown.com/pages/sea-jeans
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So about a year ago i got a message from a guy telling me he had this dream where he was talking to me, @tomo_surfboards, #georgegreenough, and one or two more shapers about board design and i told him exactly which dimensions i wanted on a board. he woke up and wrote it all down then shaped this board for me and sent me a message on insta. we’ve since played tag trying to link up and today was the day. justin laird (@lairdsurfcraft ) dropped me off a 4’11” and a 5’4” he made from his design dream. this was a huge effort and he went out of his way for me which i really appreciated. just wanted to share a cool little story and send a thank you back to him and his family for sending me a pic of his girls (who also made me a ‘thank you’ card). good to meet you and i know it’s cliche but here’s to hoping other people follow their dreams and share the stoke and ideas. let you know how these ride soon. 🤙🏽🏄🏽‍♂️

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Finals day is on at #surfranch.


photo: @tallteef

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A year ago we lost this one from our tribe. pains me to think of my barbados family losing one of their own. huge thanks to @nathan_florence and his crew for doing everything they could to revive and save @zandervenezia on such an amazing and sad day so many will never forget. ✌🏽

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It’s an honor to take part supporting the @wsl in announcing prize money pay equality for men and women in surfing. it’s awesome that they’ve taken it upon themselves to step up and make this statement for the collective group. i’m convinced that men want to rule the world to try and impress women! but it’s easier and more flattering to start by treating them as our equals in the workplace. it’ll be interesting to hear people’s comments regarding the topic. i believe it’s a great precedent to set in sports and challenges what has been the norm. my brothers and i were raised predominantly by our mom on a small weekly paycheck so it’s refreshing to set an example as a sport for what should be the norm, and not the exception, in society. #catchthiswave is the hashtag. join in the conversation! ✌🏽🏄🏽‍♂️ •

after reading comments, people make a lot of valid but, frankly, redundant points about open markets. this isn’t a market dictating who gets paid more for selling goods. this is a choice by the owners of our tour to give equal prize money for equal commitment to the sport and respective careers. good on ‘em for the gesture and support of the #womenwhoshred. maybe anyone who has a problem with it should have to surf against them for rights to an opinion?! 🤷🏽‍♂️👊🏽😀

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On @ballershbo tonight with this guy, @trewrussellbrand. we figured out a way to steal sports x from @therock and just take over the whole show, i think. 🤔 thanks for having me, #ballers and #hbo!

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These are our #goodolddays! great memories with @williammurraygolf, @taylorsteele, @walteriooss, and the @whalebonemagazine crew a few months ago. ⛳️🏌🏽‍♂️ can’t wait to get bill to surf ranch in the next few months.

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@outerknown s.e.a. jeans have arrived! fully transparent from the field, to the mill, to the factory and ultimately to the customer. 3 fits, 3 fabrics, 3 washes, 4 colors, 12 options. #guaranteedforlife. proudly working with saitex, the cleanest denim factory in the world. link in bio.
join me from 4:30-6:30 @ronhermanstore (8100 melrose ave, los angeles) this thursday, 8/30 to learn more and find your pair. #seajeans (social. environmental. accountability.) side note...thank you to my team at @outerknown for creating the raddest visual ad campaign ever, @northshorelifeguardassociation for providing the talent and skills, and also a big thanks to ron herman for backing the project and giving so much love for the launch. ✌🏽

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With @charliegoldsmith the other day. have you followed his story or watched his show? this man is a kind soul. good to know you, my friend.

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Is there a more beautiful couple? these two are near the top of the heap when it comes to everything. so happy we could be in hawaii to see @kkandmc tie the knot in perfect fashion.

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The s.e.a. tee. social. environmental. accountability.
sewn, dyed, and made 8 miles from our offices in la (codename...‘8-mile tee’). 100% organic cotton. comes in 3 styles, 15 colors, 45 options. the production of this shirt saves 71 gallons per tee or 90% of the water used in the making is a conventional cotton t-shirt, which brings me to a larger conversation...the reason we started @outerknown in the first place. this shirt is a perfect example. we wanted to do something different, not for the sake of being different but to do it the right way. our principles began with a double mission statement, #forpeopleandplanet. people are the ones who make our products...in handpicked, socially-compliant factories around the world where workers are treated like human beings and provided good working conditions and a living wage. this principle has been directly reflected in our slightly higher pricing than what the surf world is used to. the planet part has to do with our production methods and textiles/fabrics we use (such as organic cotton and hemp, recycled nylon-6 from disposed fishing nets, to name a few). every step of the process is more labor intensive and costlier which we felt was a worthy cause from the outset. so to everyone focused on pricing, there is a direct correlation to doing right by people and planet in our pricing. @outerknown became the first ever brand to be #fairlaborassociation certified before selling a single article of clothing and also the fastest clothing company ever to do so in 1.5 years. i’m super proud of our team, the clothing we make, and what we have accomplished so far. so here’s a big thank you to everyone who sees the time and dedication that has gone into our products and understands what we are all about. i haven’t posted about this in a while, and i figured it was a good segway into some of the things we’ll be doing in the near future. if you ever want to know more, go to outerknown.com and click on ‘our mission’ at the bottom of the homepage. ✌🏽🙏🏽👌🏽🏄🏽‍♂️

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#southflorida has been inundated with a toxic algae infestation directly tied to the #bigsugar industry. they’re in a state of emergency. dead manatees, turtles, dolphins, fish, etc. inundating beaches and waterways has become the norm as of late. some shark migrations have also dwindled offshore. a small snippet from one news article reads....’on issue after issue, regulators, legislators and governors have erred on the side of softening the impact of adverse rules and regulations on cane growers and other powerful and polluting agriculture interests, including cattle operations north of lake okeechobee. the sugar industry beat back a voter-approved amendment that would have forced it to pay for cleaning up its own nutrient-rich runoff into the everglades, instead shifting much of the cost to taxpayers. etc, etc, etc’. when boats hit manatees they create speed limits and slow zones but when the whole place goes south and everything dies, nobody seems to be doing much to fix it, seemingly due to the players at hand and their power in influencing state government decisions.

on a separate issue, the #indianriverlagoon system in #centralflorida suffers from pesticide runoff, sewage overflows (20m gallons of raw sewage spilled/released into the rivers during hurricane irma), and brown algae caused from a number of different sources killing sea grass which feeds and protects manatees, fish, and crustaceans. oysters, clams, scallops, and fish have been dying en masse for years in water devoid of oxygen that looks more like olive-brown/red chocolate soup. the bloom in the #cocoabeach area has been going on so long it’s hard to remember the last time our canals and rivers were clear. as kids we ate fish and clams from the rivers. today, i wouldn’t even think about it. in 2013, 50 dolphins, 111 manatees, and around 300 pelicans died in the indian river lagoon. this year looks to be starting with prime conditions for algal blooms earlier in the summer.
i’m not sure what the solutions are and i can’t seem to get any solid info about what’s being done to resolve the problems. maybe this is a good place to start and get to the right people.
thoughts? #everythingsdying

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If you’ve ever seen someone sleeping in the streets and don’t know what to do to help, follow @surfersnotstreetchildren and see how they do it...taking kids off the streets, feeding and housing them, teaching them how to surf and accept help from others to find their way in the world using our favorite pastime has become a successful and powerful tool. i would love to see this spread across the globe. so far the surfhouses in durban and mozambique have changed hundreds of lives. thank you to tom hewitt and his crew for taking care of kids who don’t know what else to do but sleep in the streets and struggle day to day. my heart breaks for these kids but your work gives us all hope! the community owes you support and a debt of gratitude. please follow and show your support as you can. ✌🏽🏄🏽‍♂️ https://www.surfnotstreets.org/

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