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I will never understand zero calorie drinks. how? what’s the catch? someone pls explain.

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I’m overly excited for thanksgiving... can you tell? what are your favorite holidays???

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The sunday scaries are so real today.

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Most people think it’s impressive to touch your nose with your tongue. well, how about your eye? #goalsetter

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I’ve decided to participate in no shave november this year.

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Look deep into my eyes and tell me something i don’t know ... perhaps a fun fact?

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They say laughter is the best medicine but they clearly haven’t tried tylenol.

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This is how thrilled i am with monday being here.

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That moment you realize that you’re in charge around here... #waitforit

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Photographer: “make a funny face in 1... 2... 3!”
juno: 👅

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Taking over your feed, one counter pic at a time. you’re welcome.

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So, who wants to be hugh hefner? lol. merry halloween kiddos.

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