Juno The Angry Cat Should be a nominee for “Sexiest Man Alive” Hates Live, Laugh, Love signs in bedrooms. Brother of @itshavanashouse https://www.bonfire.com/store/junotheangrycat
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Side note from juno’s human: why is he the coolest looking cat ever????

comment 72 star 4,669 Yesterday

Got a b**w out yesterday aka looking so handsome now

comment 57 star 4,761 3 days ago

Hey i’m juno. i will pose for pictures and come running if you get the camera out. do your pets pose for you?
(i think juno just knows how good looking he is)

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Keep your head high folks! it’s almost friday👊🏻

comment 97 star 6,831 2 weeks ago

Tuesdays call for bad hair days

comment 160 star 10,392 2 weeks ago

Meet juno, the world’s most judgmental cat.

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The dog asked for a smack yesterday. who do you think won?🤔

comment 258 star 13,739 2 weeks ago

Hump day? more like grump day...

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The human missed april fool’s day so i’m now taking applications for a new human.
what was your favorite april fool’s day prank? 🤔

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When someone says something really dumb and you just can’t hide how you feel inside.

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Happy friday to all my peeps out there! almost time to leave the office👏🏻 what are your weekend plans?

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I’ll be here judging you for the next 4 hours if you need me

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