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Don’t mind us, just raising a future cat lady over here! #ad since turning 3, kai’s new “chores” are to give atlas and olie their daily treats. i don’t know who’s more into it, her or the animals 😋. with @krogerco’s awesome by $30 get $10 free on their assortment of pet products, we spoiled atlas with all his favorite luvsometm treats that have perfectly balanced nutrition. he goes absolutely crazy over the tender meat sticks that are made with real meat that are soft and easy to chew (no lie, the smell even good to me 😆)! check out the cutest feeding time moments in my stories! #peteventatkroger

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Since becoming a mom, i think about sustainably in a totally different way. 🌿 i want the leave this planet a better place for kai’s generation and that of her children. 👨‍👩‍👧 with even more conscious choices now, we can do our part while having fun! knowing where, how and who makes your goods plays a big part. @etsy is my go to for sustainable, earth friendly finds. i’ve been on the hunt for a market bag to stash my farmer’s market finds and found the cutest handmade crochet artist out of greece. 🍊🍋🍑🍎 since etsy chose to become the first major online retailer to offset 100% of emissions from shipping, i can feel good about supporting an artisan all away across the globe without harming mother earth. 🌎 some other fun ways to browse conscious options are: shop vintage 👛 (esty is my go to for vintage home décor, rugs and even cute pinafores for kai), shop local 🛋 (you can set a “houston”filter and support local artists), or knowing you materials 🧵 (look for natural materials or search upcycled/reusable/reclaimed). to me, the things i cherish the most are the ones with a story and character, almost like i know the maker. do you have an etsy story or favorite etsy find? tell me here! 👇🏼 #sustainable, #sustainableliving, #sustainableshopping #etsyimpact #ad

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It’s been over 10 years since we’ve been back to the florida coast. 🌊 packing up for miami with my boo and can’t stop day dreaming about 2 whole nights of toddler free sleep! 😱😱😱 oh how our priorities have changed! same goes for footwear. i swear i donated all my stilettos when kai was born. my clubbin’ heels days are long over! 😂now it’s all about comfort without sacrificing style. you bet i’m packing the @sofftshoes brylee for this trip! the cushioned cork footbed is made from heaven i’m sure of it. the gold leather top has such a pretty sheen with all the vintage vibes. 💁🏻‍♀️check em out in my stories!

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The genetics specialist called this morning and i haven’t been able to think about much else. sure the emails are piling up and there are a million late projects but my mind is on one thing. i told you guys we would be frank every step and here is it’s. we did the genetic test and carrier test this time around. the trisomies test came back normal. the carrier test showed i’m a carrier for spinal muscular atrophy. 1 in 40 women are carriers and if kevin is a carrier too, then the baby would have 1 in 4 chance of having the disease. i don’t even know what to think right now before kevin gets tests too but can’t help my mind from wandering. if you’ve had the same or similar situation from carrier testing, i’d love to talk to you! on the bright side, the gender came in too! we pick up the results on wednesday ❤️ #joygrows #12weekspregnant

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“hey allergies, go away!” doesn’t it look like kai is yelling this? 🤧 can we please all agree that kids and preggos alike are the most miserable when we are stuffy or suffering from seasonal allergies? 😅 when i was pregnant with kai, i had the worst allergy attacks, just a pure mess of congestion! it’s so hard to find effective things me and her can actually use! we have trusted @genexa for years since kai was born for cleaner, safer, healthier medicine. 🌿 their new saline care for infants is the world’s first organic and non-gmo saline spray. ❤️ think about all those sleepless nights this could have saved us from when she was so congested! this will have a permanent spot in my purse (don’t worry, they have an adult version too)! i’ll show y’all how it works on stories! #choosehealthier #ad

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What a difference a year makes! remember she balled her eyes out on the first day? in a years time, she’s learned to love school, she’s done p***y training, gave up her binky and really came out of her shell. 😭 my sweet sweet baby isn’t a baby anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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If you are a busy mama like me, you don’t want to even spend your precious free time thinking about cleaning. 😅 you just want something that works hard and is good for your family. 💪🏼 #ad on the blog today, see how i am changing up my cleaning standards in our kitchen with the new cascade pure essentials and a diy everyday cleaner recipe! 🍋🌸🌿cascade pure essentials is made with a simplified formula that’s infused with biobased ingredients, zero phosphates and chlorine bleach but chock-full of the power needed to get your dishes and silverware sparkling. it leaves my dishes smelling fresh with a light citrus refreshing scent because the perfumes in the formula are infused with essential oils. the liquid top is also dye free!
pick it up on your next @krogerco run and from now through may 25, receive $1 off any cascade pure essentials item with an esaver coupon on kroger.com spr.ly/joy

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Help! i need some ideas! 🙏🏼 how did you tell your first born about bun in the oven??? we find out the gender next week. i also had it in my mind that we would tell kai when we knew if it was a boy or girl so she can feel more connected to it. buuut is there a big sister reveal kinda thing? lol! i’d love to hear your stories! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ps, did y’all see the text where kai told her grandmas “i’m getting a baby sister in 3 more sleeps?” 🤣

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The moment kai was born, i truly realized just how deep my mom’s love for me ran. ❤️ happy mother’s day to all your warriors, grandmas, aunts, god mothers, pet mamas out there! 🙌🏼 or as kai says “happy dinosaur day” lol 😂😂😂

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How are y’all spending mother’s day tomorrow? my laundry pile is still a mountain high but kevin let me sleep in today and it was glorious! ⭐️ tomorrow is all about our mamas! we are taking both grandmas out for lunch and play ❤️ hope you guys have the best day tomorrow! if you are still on hunting for a mothersday gift to yourself, the new anna from @lilyjadeco is open for preorder. this is my absolute favorite style, ever and they will last a freaking lifetime! the leather is insanely soft and i love the 2 giant divider pockets inside, one even can old my laptop when we travel. i’m putting these diaper bags on my top 10 mommy must haves of all time. the gc winner from our last @lilyjadeco is announced on the link in my bio (at the end of the blog post)!

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Twinning is winning! this may be my favorite #mommyandme mother’s day brunch look eva! 🌼🌼🌼 if matching yellow gingham doesn’t make smile so big, we can’t be friends (jk). our friends @oldnavy really nailed the #mini❤️me styles, perfect for however you and your mini are spending mother’s day. i’m sharing a closer look at each piece in my stories! it’s sure to sell out so r.u.n!

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Now that kai is 3, looking back, i am so, so glad we did a family shoot with the grandparents when she was just 8 months old. 👶🏻 #ad when i asked you guys what you wanted the most for mother’s day, some of you suggested a family session to capture the whole extended family. ❤️ i couldn’t love this idea more! take it one step further, why not use #aaronbrothers at @michaelsstores to frame your favorite snap with nana and gift it to her for mother’s day? 🌸 kai helped me pick out this photo and we got it printed on wood! (soo cool right?) the frame is thick like canvas, the quality & clarity is incredible. the best part, i didn’t even have to worry about if the frames matched nana’s decor and it came in 3 days! 😉 i’ll show you a closer look in stories and omg you’ll want to see nana’s heartwarming reaction! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 use "joyfullygreen15" for 15% off your custom framing purchase at aaronbrothers.com!

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