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Couple of clips in the plaza last night with the homie @waxledges .. @a.jassim_uk 🎥🎥 @sourcebmx @eclatbmxbrand @united_bmx @etnies #bmx #hastings

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Couple of photos sean loram shot of me when i was 16!🦍 so mad how fast time flys! 2011 seems like so f*****g long ago!😵 #bmx

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Iphone angle of the 720 couple of weeks ago, shouts to @callum_heasman for the video👌🏻 @united_bmx @eclatbmxbrand @etniesbmx @sourcebmx #bmx

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Fucking windy but was a good ride today with the boys 🙌🏻@fo0man 📸 @united_bmx @etniesbmx @eclatbmxbrand @thetingclothing #bmx

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Couple of clips from the other day, shouts to @a.jassim_uk for sending me this video, first ride of the year went pretty well 🌪🦍 @thetingclothing @united_bmx @sourcebmx @eclatbmxbrand @etniesbmx #bmx

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Kinda sucks i lost pretty much all my photos from 2017, but it was such a f*****g dope year! met so many amazing people massive thanks to everyone who had my back and supported me, and made my year lit as fuck!🙏🏻 2018 is gonna be militant!! #bmx

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Hope everyone's having a lit as f**k christmas🎅🏻🎁.. tb to january 2016/@peteradam 🎥 #bmx

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The new united winter clothing looks so dope head over to @united_bmx and check it out! ❄️☃️ oh and ignore my massive neck.. @fo0man 📸 #bmx

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Wall ride 180 from yesterday 🦍 @a.jassim_uk 🎥 @united_bmx @etniesbmx @eclatbmxbrand @sourcebmx #bmx

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Oh easy mug shot.. @declan47 📸 ☃️🦍 @sourcebmx #bmx #hastings

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Me n the big bro out in exeter this summer for the cookie jam! was literally so f*****g hot this day don't have a clue why i'm wearing a beanie 🦍🦍 @united_bmx #bmx

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Quick ting from a couple of weeks ago in the @sourcebmx plaza testing the new etnies marana michelin shoes! massive thanks @etnies for hooking me up with these dope shoes 🙌🏻 @sourcebmx #bmx #benlewisweek

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Had such a sick weekend in torquay for bossmans birthday! was really good to see all the boys too 🤘🏼 the more i look at this photo it don't make sense.. 360 gap in parkfield 🕺@fo0man 📸 @united_bmx @eclatbmxbrand @etnies @sourcebmx @4downdistro #bmx

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Couple of clips from today☀️ @tomhobbitt 🎥🎥 @united_bmx @etniesbmx @eclatbmxbrand #sourcebmx #bmx #boyleypark #sptv

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Tb last year with the united squaad!🙏🏻 @sebastianton_ 📸 #bmx

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