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Summer has sadly come to an end... but the #vsfashionshow is right around the corner. it’s time for us to start amping up our workouts and get ready for the runway. #jojalife

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This is a great lower ab workout to do with a friend! tie the band around the feet. your friend pulls against you to create resistance while you tuck in. don’t forget to always keep your core tight! #jojalife @rjathayde

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What’s your go to breakfast? i love green yogurt with bananas, oats and berries - jojo. jas’ go to breakfast is usually scrambled eggs and bacon! #jojaeats #jojalife

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Saturday slam! let’s get moving this morning with some ball slams! have you guys ever tried these? such a great full body workout 💥 i’m using an 8lb ball for 20 slams x 3. #jojalife

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Core! let’s go! 🌟 #jojalife

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An easy arm workout for you girls on the go! all you need is a resistance band! working those triceps and biceps at the same time! be sure to flex and hold at each position. 3 sets of 15 #jojalife @rjathayde 💥

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Happy #jojafamilyfriday. hope you guys all had an amazing week! what motivates you!? #jojatip 💕

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It’s almost the weekend joja fam! let’s get it! 💥

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Squeezing that pre lunch workout in on set😋 anything to keep the body moving!! #jojalife

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It’s #jojafamilyfriday! we’ve decided every friday to let you guys know a little bit more about us & our joja fam (q & a etc). here’s to our first little #jojatip

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Abs around the world 🌀 10 each way x 3 #jojalife

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🥗lunch is served! grilled chicken salad. what’s your favorite salad? #jojaeats

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