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💥15-15-15💥first move= 15 open and close with a pulse at the open. second move= 15 pulses. third move= 15 second holding it open. as far as weight goes, i would recommend just trying out what feels best for your body. definitely give yourself a little bit of a challenge though! & with each set maybe try and increase a little bit! 3 rounds! @kirkmyersfitness @victoriasport #jojalife

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Rise n’ shine! ready to start the day with a ginger + orange shot along with a yummy smoothie! what’s your favorite smoothie? this one has •pineapple •raspberry •wheatgrass •spinach •plant protein #jojaeats

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Happy sunday, #jojafam! here’s 3 workouts you can try on your leg\booty day using a row machine! 3 sets of 20! engage the core and push through your heels! #jojalife

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Grab a bench and get those step-overs done! 30 seconds x 3! #jojalife

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Spoil yourself this weekend with some brunch! (tag a friend you would invite)

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Today is #nationalworkoutbuddy day! tag your buddy and also show us how you guys train together by tagging #jojalife 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ (wearing @victoriasport )

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Raise your hand if you’re in need of some vitamin sea🙃🙋‍♀️ side note: vitamin c is necessary for the growth, development & repair of all body tissues. also, helps collagen reproduction! don’t we all want that glowy, healthy looking skin🤗 #jojalife

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It’s monday, kick it up! #jojalife

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Bring your workout to the beach 🏖 #jojalife

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Who else loves winter sports? ❄️❄️❄️ and is anyone following the winter olympics ?? #jojalife

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When you try and attempt a new yoga move 😂 going to have to practice a bit more! #practicemakesperfect do any of you practice yoga in your fitness routine!? if so, what’s your favorite position? we are just recently getting into yoga and loving it!! #jojalife

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Ginger & lemon! our favorite combo #jojaeats #jojalife

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💪🏼💪🏾 #motivationmonday #jojalife

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Swipe: 3 ab moves that can we done anywhere! each move try 3 sets of 20. 💥 #jojalife

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Grab your bestie and do this partner ab workout! one does the sit up and one does the plank to pike! do 20 reps and then switch for another 20 reps!! #jojalife

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Get up, get outdoors & get that heart rate up! one of our favorite things to do is stairs. great for cardio, booty, legs & core! let’s go! #jojalife

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When you don’t have a gym look around and use your environment! here we brought elastic bands, wrapped them around a tree and did shoulder press! #jojalife

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What is your favorite fruit?? 🍑🍉🍌🍏🍒🍓🍇🍍🥥🥝🍋🍐#jojaeats #jojalife

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Coffee anyone ☕️☺️ partner russian twists with an extra shot of espresso

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