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It's incredibly peaceful walking along the river.. i love catching light in the flowing water.

comment 14 star 559 12 hours ago

It was looking pretty gray last night in the uinta's.. then the sun hit this gap in the horizon and it was on!

comment 30 star 923 Yesterday

It's pretty incredible when the mountains near my home come to life.. i love chasing the fall colors in the wasatch back!

comment 47 star 1,564 2 days ago

It's cool how prominent mars is in the night sky right now.. i love star gazing in the desert.

comment 25 star 881 3 days ago

This is the kind of smoke i'm ready for!!
@bekahphotos crushes it on both sides of of the camera.. i'm already counting down the days till we get to do it again out at @pccats!

comment 14 star 342 3 days ago

Sometimes i have to pinch myself.. i had an amazing time with some great clients and new friends catching the peak of the persieds meteor shower last night in the desert southwest. i love my job at #actionphototours!

comment 41 star 1,109 4 days ago

I'm grateful my search for light has taken me to some amazing new places lately.. but i always feel so deeply connected to these views near my home. i love summer sunsets in the wasatch back.

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Fall is awesome.. fall in the colorado rockies is especially awesome!

comment 44 star 1,683 2 weeks ago

I was at this spot a month ago and it was bone dry. i was surprised to find it full of water and tiny green frogs the other day.. the desert is such a dynamic, changing environment during the summer monsoons.

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It's cool how this area comes to life in the evening light.. the sandstone glows like nothing else.

comment 39 star 1,192 2 weeks ago

I love summer sunsets in the wasatch.. this one just kept on burning.

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I love it when the autumn leaves turn to gold near my home.. my favorite season in the wasatch back.

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