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It's amazing how early the eastern sierra gets the twilight glow.. i can't wait to return to the range of light.

comment 17 star 793 23 hours ago

I've always been fascinated by these iconic scenes.. the vast open space filled with these monoliths creates such a surreal atmosphere.

comment 22 star 1,004 2 days ago

I love living between the uinta's and the wasatch.. time spent in these mountains has shaped my life and influenced my photography.

comment 24 star 1,048 3 days ago

I'm looking forward to those summer mornings up in the wildflowers.. i love it when the high wasatch is in bloom.

comment 34 star 1,041 4 days ago

I'm excited to see the ice at the lake this year.. there's new formations to discover every day!

comment 28 star 1,059 5 days ago

I can't wait to return to the eastern sierra.. i always enjoy greeting the day in the range of light.

comment 26 star 1,006 6 days ago

The frost turned heber valley into a winter wonderland this morning.. i love finding scenes like this close to home.

comment 28 star 933 1 weeks ago

It's amazing watching the shadows turn to gold as the light hits the dunes.. i love these desert memories on winter mornings.

comment 15 star 651 2 weeks ago

The wasatch mountains are a small range surrounded by large populations.. i value my time in the pristine alpine regions and i hope my children can do the same someday.

comment 35 star 1,287 2 weeks ago

Blue hour in the desert southwest.. it's amazing how much light can be captured long after the sun goes down.

comment 75 star 2,435 2 weeks ago

What a storm! i'm excited to get out in the fresh snow today.. the mountains and resorts in the wasatch back always look great with a fresh coat of paint.

comment 22 star 980 2 weeks ago

I'm fascinated by how the light bounces down into these slot canyons.. there's really nothing quite like the desert southwest.

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