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As the leaves fade up north, the colors are just coming on further south.. i always enjoy the chase.

comment 41 star 1,236 Yesterday

Crazy weather lately.. the fog in the badlands was incredibly surreal this morning.

comment 20 star 637 2 days ago

I'm always grateful for any sunset i catch at the grand canyon.

comment 11 star 943 3 days ago

I always love it when i find views like this minutes from my home.. life is good in the wasatch back!

comment 18 star 743 4 days ago

The sky was on fire tonight! i love these october sunsets.

comment 107 star 2,746 6 days ago

Aspens have always been my favorite trees.. but now larches are a close second. it was incredible catching the fall color in the cascades.

comment 34 star 1,746 1 weeks ago

It was awesome wandering around these glades in the rain the other day.

comment 26 star 1,749 2 weeks ago

It was great to see the fresh snow this morning!

comment 98 star 3,567 2 weeks ago

I love this stormy weather we've been having.. can't wait to see some snow in the wasatch!

comment 123 star 3,811 2 weeks ago

It was pretty cool wandering around the larches with these goats.. such a surreal environment.

comment 49 star 1,535 2 weeks ago

Peak fall colors in the wasatch right now.. and rumor has it that there may be some white stuff coming soon. i can't wait!

comment 77 star 1,955 2 weeks ago

I'm just returning from a few days in the cascades.. i was blown away by the alpine terrain and golden larch trees. can't wait to return someday.

comment 31 star 1,198 2 weeks ago