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Brave enough to weather any storm with you.
because my love is a force of nature.
• adirondacks, new york.
📷: @saunakspace .
at this moment, i was cold. 23f/-5c, on top of a mountain, in upstate new york, while it was sort of snowing, while wearing a cape and a sweater because i took off my jacket and vest, probably telling my friends to hurry up and take the shot, c o l d.
but, this isn’t a sob story. in fact, i was enjoying the weekend with 9 of my friends, in the adirondacks for a “friendsgiving”. a sleep deprived, adventure filled wknd, where i cooked all the breakfasts and dinners because i was, “mom”, and we ended up hiking to ‘narnia’. it’s what i love about photos. they take you back and show you how far you’ve come.
for example, while i was happy with my friends here, looking at this, i see a girl who had a lot of work to do on herself over the next cpl years. i also think of how everyone i was with has taken a beautiful and unique path since this day. paths full of success, love, self love, growth, travel, and life. i still have as much ❤️ for them all as i did back then. i wouldn’t be where i am today without that crew. they put me on this path. they are part of my story.
the universe is funny that way. sometimes it has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong, when we need to belong.
remember that the next time you feel as if you’re standing out in the cold. sometimes we have to get lost to find each other, or to find ourselves, or lose and find each other several times over to get it right. so breathe in the moment, and try to be open to wherever the wind's going to take you next, or where/who it’s taking you back to. don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems, because happiness manifests from the most unexpected places ✨.

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Let’s fly away.
together we’ll reach great heights.
• hollywood.
i’m a little tired this morning and have a slight case of writer’s block for a lengthy caption.
but i can tell you that there is something about hanging out of a helicopter taking photos of the land below that i love so much. so here’s one i took while flying over the city i live in, the city of angels (sorry, couldn’t help that rhcp reference 🤓) los angeles. where do you guys live?
let me know in the comments ✨

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Still falling for you 🍁 • gillette castle state park, connecticut

four days until the autumnal (fall) equinox arrives in the northern hemisphere (sept. 22nd!), followed by the harvest moon 🌕 on the 24th.
my 🍁favorite 🍁season.
can you feel the energy shifting already?
autumn is not simply about changing leaves, shorter days and longer nights. it’s an energy shift - taking stock of all that has grown during the summer, and balancing that with letting go of life’s growing pains.
but, do not focus on those pains for long. l e t g o. remind yourself of how much you've accomplished, this spring and summer, your “harvest”. remind yourself of everything you've survived - all the storms you have weathered, and how you have made it through. if you’ve made mistakes along the way, remember how much you learned from them. forgive yourself, because trust me, others have forgiven you long ago. the ones that see how extraordinary you are, are still here, and are probably still falling for you. remember, you’re always advancing, you are always growing. let all the things that held you back fall away, so that you can hold on to who & what matters most.
celebrate the harvest within yourself. 🍁
then, grab your favorite sweater, head out into nature, and surround yourself with great company and those gorgeous autumn hues. .
“'life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall.” - f scott fitzgerald🍁
📷: @neivy

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Let’s get lost together, and find ourselves again.
• machu picchu, peru.
. i hiked for 4 days to get here - four days, over 30 miles, at elevations ranging from 8,000 & 14,000ft above sea level, to reach this spot. i earned this view.
it wasn’t the most grueling hike i’ve ever done. sure, it had points of discomfort (5,000ft elevation gain, lbs of gear...) but then again, nobody passes through this world without suffering. so a bit of discomfort to be surrounded by the magic of the andes & pachamama is worth it times a thousand.
plus, nature - beautiful, magical, awe inspiring mother nature that we love - is not comfortable all the time. yes, we bask in her warmth, take in her beauty, we smile at her snow flakes, we laugh in her rain, but we also fear her quakes of rage, her tidal waves, and winds of fury. yet, when we come out the other side of fear, when we put in the work, and weather the storms... we are greeted by the most beautiful views with blissful, joyous moments like this. moments of gratitude surround by love.
where the view is oh so much sweeter, now that you’ve earned it.

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I’d wander deserts of stardust to find you.
• white sands, new mexico.
white sands is what i’d imagine a desert of stardust to look like. it’s an ethereal world within a world. especially when you’re gifted a candy coated sunset. i’d walk this place for hours if i could, especially on an evening like this.
don’t you wish sunsets lasted a bit longer? i do. ✨

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I’d travel to the ends of the earth
to be next to you.
• patagonia, chile.
do you have a happy place? i have several and patagonia is one of them. i define a happy place as a location on earth that bring a smile to your heart. a place so dear to you that you dream to share and experience with someone special to you, or already have experienced them with someone close to your heart. when it comes to patagonia i fall into the former. i definitely want to return to this magical land and experience it again with someone by my side. it’s a gem of this planet. nature at its best, wild and free. even the thought of sharing its magic brings a smile to my face. i mean - look at it. it’s a b**e 💎

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A dream within a dream
• the wave, arizona
photo 2 ➳ magical edit by @eye.c
featuring ➳ @noel.alva .

i remember when i took the first image. i was simply capturing moment in time. i was in a place i had dreamed of visiting for years, before it was “instagramable” and i was experiencing it just how i had imagined - feeling the magic of the earth, in awe of mother nature, on a gorgeous day, sharing the experience with a wonderful soul, another dreamer. i took this photo, put down my camera and smiled. that’s the goal. to not even look at the playback of the image as you lower your camera. to simply be happy with the moment, and trust that you captured it all.
and then, after i was home, @eye.c saw this photo of noël and wanted to add his magic to it. ➳ he took this photo (the un cropped version) and made it into a dream, something so much more beautiful than i could have imagined.
with that, i’m going to include a poem by andre jordan, i’ve loved since i first read it years ago. it’s for all of the dreamers out there. those of us with our heads in the clouds.

‘i live in the clouds.
reality is not for me.
people say i should come down.
that the clouds are no place for grown ups to be.
i smile at them.
maybe one day, i say,
maybe one day i will come down.
but i never will.
reality is not for me.
i shall stay up here forever.
the view.
is quite.
b r e a t h t a k i n g’

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Like the world makes sense
from your window seat
• nyc
new york city, i have a special place in my heart for the city i once called home. this is where my photography career began. this is where i met the most amazing people, who became friends. this community of photographers that became like family and contributed to making me who i am today. everyone has gone their own way in one way or another. some have moved (myself included), a few are on a tour of the planet, and many have found their niche and amazing success, which fills me with joy. there is nothing better than seeing your friends succeed. nothing. especially ones that pushed you to be better, ones that were with you, figuring this thing called life out. it brings a smile to my face. i was going to tag them all. all the incredible nyc homies who had an impact on my life, but instagram only lets you tag 20 people and i wasn’t about to leave a single person out... so, to my nyc fam: i miss you all. you are incredible. i love seeing every single one of you grow and evolve and achieve your dreams.
oh, and i’ll try to visit soon. ✨

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Live your story
choose your own adventure.
➳ great wall of china.
being able to experience epically beautiful, historical, wild places around this globe is an obvious perk of what i do. but the best part, my favorite part, is all the amazing, beautiful, creative, talented souls that i am able to meet and/or work with along the way. the ones that become friends and like family. @mitchell_mullins is 100% one of those extraordinary humans. if you haven’t checked out his account do it now!
i had a blast working along side mitchell as we ran around photographing, videoing, and experiencing the surrounding beijing area. one of our favorite adventures had to be the great wall of china. it wasn’t just seeing the wall itself, it was the laughs, metal slide, leaping out of cable cars , 6hr car ride, rain storm, sweat-tastic heat/humidity, water town and all the other random moments along the way that made it epic.
so, here’s to adventures and the people you meet along the way! the souls that are truly living, inspiring you to be better, do better, and live better. i wish you all the dreams that this world holds.
go and chase your bliss my friends! 💫

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I hear the moon whisper your name
➳ paris, france.
if you’ve made it this far i’m guessing that you usually read my lengthy captions... apologies, as there isn’t one today. i’ve been finishing photo work and packing to move (still in la) and i haven’t had a moment to think of captions. but, i always have paris. always.
side note: it snowed the morning i took this. and if you don’t believe me you can ask @saunakspace or @so.shauna, they were there.✨

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Runaway with me
we’ll dream in sunsets
and wake amongst stardust
➳ sedona, arizona.
i’m a dreamer - a dream across the multiverse, type of dreamer. i am also guilty of giving into my fears. fear that manifests on to my body and creates this loathing of the skin that i’m in. fear that develops into doubt about my abilities as a human, as a creative, as a soul worthy of love and happiness.

i went for a run 2 weeks ago to think about how i got here - how fear has dulled my shine over the past year - the ways i’ve held myself back. i felt the rhythm of my feet, my heart, and my breath, synced in a symphony of cells. my running meditative state.
and it was at this moment that the thoughts came rushing in.

b r e a t h e.
you don’t have to remind your heart to beat.
it beats for you.
let go of assuming the worst will happen.
run towards it
assume it will be radiant.
letting go of fear is always worth it.
a l w a y s.
next time you’re scared of doing too much,
or doing the wrong thing,
or getting hurt
r e m e m b e r
the only thing we can actually do wrong is:
boundaries don’t keep people out
they fence you in
run towards your dreams
l i v e
📷: @noel.alva
edit: me

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Your light still shines inside my soul
even when we’re both so far from home.
➳ shanghai, china.
objects may be 100 x’s larger than they appear... or, “if you google image the china art museum in shanghai, you might not realize how massive it is until you are there,”. - seriously, we did a quick search of the building and the first few photos that popped up made it look like it was in a garden setting, but apparently those were trees 😂. the building is designed to look like an ancient crown and originally was the china pavillion during the shanghai expo. it’s now a chinese modern art museum and worth a visit for its façade alone.
p.s. can you spot me?

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