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No distance is too great to cross
if it leads me to back you.
• canyonlands national park, utah

a stones throw from arches national park is canyonlands national park. one of the “mighty 5” in utah. most people know it for mesa arch, the now overcrowded, sunrise tripod fiesta spot. but canyonlands is so much more. it has one of the darkest night skies in the usa (so much celestial glow from the galaxies above) and some of the most beautiful backcountry hikes around. this photo is of white rime canyon. you can access the view from the most visited area of the park, islands in the sky (where mesa arch is). it’s a short walk from the parking area (truth be told i was running along the path as i was chasing sunset & trying to capture everything i could). which is why, when a rainbow appeared the last time i was there... i was freeeeeaking out!
i love being in a place like canyonlands, especially during dusk. when you’re in a place that is void of light pollution, you can watch the galaxy appear the second the sun sinks below the horizon. mother earth envelopes you, & nothing seems impossible - every hope, every dream, all the love in this world, is yours.
and if you’re not near those you love, there is comfort in knowing that you are under the same sky 🌈🌌.

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Find me waiting at the end of the rainbow.
• white sands, new mexico.
model: @stephjianni .
when you’re in a land as magical as white sands national monument, a place that seems other worldly, your mind can’t help but wander to deeper thoughts. moments of contemplation.
i remember thinking how small i am in this world and, while i am in no way ever going to be the wisest person, or without flaws, each and every day i am taking steps to continually grow & learn, to better myself and this world around me. that i was going to make an effort to live this life more, love fearlessly, dream bigger, and give with all my heart - to myself and those i care for, every. single. day.
while the steps of this journey will never end, and i still have a way to go; the view along the way, the experiences... i wouldn’t trade them for anything.
the rainbow, a.k.a - “cloud iridescence” is real. 🌈✨

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From your highest highs to your valley lows, i will forever love all of your layers.
• sequoia & kings canyon national park.

sequoia and kings canyon national park has quickly become one of my favorites. from it’s majestic hikes, to its gentle giants 🌲- its sweeping vistas across the deepest canyon in the us towards the sierras - to views out west of rugged foothills and the san joaquin valley; it’s truly a park filled with diversity. on my way back to la i decided to make a pit stop and revisit this gem (also, there was snow in the forecast). as i entered the park from the kings canyon entrance & drove along it’s scenic byway, towards the sequoia np side, a sense of peace washed over my soul. then a few beautiful memories from my previous drive to this place filled my head. because of the season & the impending storm, i had the road to myself - a girl, her thoughts, her day dreams, and her music. a moment in bliss.

i pulled over to a vista point and took in this sunset view out west towards the foothills. at this moment i felt eternally grateful, once again, to mother earth and to my home state of california, for its stunning dramatic beauty. .

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Shut your mind off
and let your heart breathe.
• sedona, arizona.

i’ve been having many moments of contemplation lately, especially today. some of it stems from grief, the loss of my dad & others, but most is due to the fact that i am always thinking, focusing on my self, looking inward, looking outward. so on this day of thanks, as we celebrate what we are grateful for, here are a few thoughts..., -

life is unpredictable and yes, it has not been without its share of hurt. but, it’s in this life that i met so many beautiful human beings; shared magical moments and sacred places with them. i‘ve traveled to, & lived in corners of this globe i never imagined; adventured, conquered fears. mother nature has surrounded me, wild & free. i’ve laughed and loved with all my heart, woken up in the arms of someone i never wanted to leave, and i have been lucky enough to have been loved in return... mostly importantly, i’ve discovered peace and self love within. so life has given me as much as it has taken away. i’ve thrived in life as much as i have survived it.
while i am in no way ever going to be the wisest person, or without flaws, i choose to constantly grow & learn, live this life more, love more - myself & others - dream bigger, give with all my heart; to myself and those i care for. i commit every day to letting go of the things that hold me back - fear, regret, doubt, feeling unworthy, and to always hold on to what matters most, love, generosity, light, kindness, compassion, empathy. .
in the end, “your existence is an expression of a cosmic law that says ‘life will out’.” - life will always look for a way to continue. life wants to live. and for that, i am grateful. for you, i am eternally grateful. even when you’re not here. always.
initial two lines - @momomoyouth & @snakehipsmusic - don’t leave ( @gryffinofficial remix is my personal fave)
📷: @noel.alva

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I wish to dream beside you every night
and count the stars with you in daylight.
• canyonlands national park, utah.
i love being in a place like canyonlands, especially during dusk. when you’re in a place that is void of light pollution, you can watch the galaxy appear the second the sun sinks below the horizon. a celestial glow. a magic moment. even if there’s a new moon, the stars are so abundant, you don’t feel as if you’re enveloped in darkness. it’s a beautiful thing to get a glimpse of nature as it was, before humans. makes you appreciate it that much more, and moves you to protect it. .

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The walls you’ve built around your heart
may touch the sky
but understand,
i have never been afraid of heights.
• great wall of china, beijing.
the great wall, stretches across northern china, over steep and formidable terrain, but people still got over it - (had to get in one quip there).
people tend to build walls around themselves. these are much more difficult to scale.
but, if you realize that the past is simply a story.
it stops having power over you.
you stop letting it decide your future.
decide for yourself.
invent something better.
let love in.
the only way to trust someone is to trust them.
when you do that.
walls crumble.
and you see.
the view on the other side
is quite breathtaking. .
📷: @mitchell_mullins
edit: @jnasa

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I want to cross the sands of time with you and listen to your thoughts forever
• white sands, new mexico.
. .
it’s so quiet here.
breathing life around here.
i remember silence.
white sands has this way of making you feel as if you are in a dream.
or maybe you stepped into another universe.
endless waves of white sand rolling across the land.
i closed my eyes.
i opened them and this figure was there.
i swore it was someone i knew.
though that was impossible.
so maybe i was in fact, sleeping.
or that place between sleep and awake
where you still remember dreaming
but if it was all a dream. simply a dream.
i wish you to know that you inspired it.

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A reflection of a reflection
and i see you on the other side.
• monarch lake 🦋, california.
while i did have an abundance of thoughts drifting around inside of me, at this moment, and still do... i’ll save those for another post.
for now - inhale. exhale. repeat.

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Let’s go wait out in the fields with the ones we love.
• sequoia national park, california.

there is so much beauty here. there is a kind of life to everything. there is a spirit in every rock, plant, animal, sky, cloud, river, drop of water, speck of dust, and we should treasure it all because of this.
at least, that is what i believe.

there is so much beauty in you. there is so much beauty in me. we are made up of these layers, the atoms of constellations.

nature. we are nature. and nature doesn’t apologize for its imperfections. because that is what makes it all the more beautiful. nature is made up entirely of flaws, it grows, blooms, breaks, falls, regrows, blooms again, and in turn, so do we.

looking out on this field. after a long and grueling hike, (a hike i still feel a little bad for dragging us on because i truly didn’t think it’d be “that bad”), i remembered smiling. there was this glow and gentle fog rolling in. this energy. a love radiating from the sierras. telling me that no matter what i am not alone. you are not alone.
and that the next time i was scared of doing too much,
or doing the wrong thing,
or getting hurt
to remember the only thing anyone can actually do wrong is:

so find ways to make this world a little more beautiful, a little more loving, whether through small acts or larger ones. love yourself more even when others don’t see that you do. love others more. even if that requires being patient or giving space. remind them in whatever gentle way you can that they are loved. remind yourself in any gentle way that you can, that you are loved. and of course, remind this planet that it is loved.

when you do that. the whole universe begins to glow. .
(my mind is full of ramblings lately. hope you don’t mind)

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Dreaming in a forest wilderness
feels like you, forever, and sun-smell
• sequoia national park

i escaped to the woods this week. i escaped to the woods to grieve and to have moments where life is enchanting, and reminds you of all its magic. a day or two to hold on to. one of bliss where everything was filled with laughter, light, love and care. a moment to b r e a t h e.
where car rides through california farmlands and mountains can bring so much joy, outdoor fires dance in rainbows, vulnerability brings you closer; even if only for a day, and nature rekindles your childlike wonder. you receive moments that take your breath away.
moments during which you can both forget about your grief and embrace it.
and while these gentle giants, these forest greens and yellows, these mountains of light, cannot take away pain, grief, confusion, fear - mine or yours (only you can do that). they do remind you that life constantly brings love and joy to you, away from you & then back to you. even the strongest people need to lean on people & it doesn’t make them needy.
that everything is a growing process, & growth sometimes hurts. sometimes things need more time and another cycle to come around, and the answer is simply patience, trusting in the universe, and to never stop sending & receiving love.
i n h a l e • e x h a l e • r e p e a t
for now, that is enough. .
📷: @noel.alva

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You make my whole universe glow.
• napa valley, california.
keeping it short today. for those that do not know me or are new to my instagram this is where i’m from originally - napa valley, wine country. california born and raised. of course, i live in la now and have lived in southern california for a total of 11 years (along with 3yrs in nyc & 3yrs in madrid, spain). but this will always be the “hometown”. another few fun facts - i have only been wine tasting once, even though a large numbers of friends and extended family are in the wine industry; have only done the whole hot air balloon thing once, and i’ve never been on the wine train... but i have witnessed a few gorgeous sunsets over the valley & yes, there was probably a glass of wine in my hand.

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We move along the edges of a cosmic eternity. 💫
•sedona, arizona 📷: @noel.alva .
sometimes the future changes quickly and entirely, and all we are left with is the choice of what to do next.
we can choose to be afraid of it, to stand there overwhelmed, trembling, frozen, assuming the worst that can happen. we can choose to not trust ourselves, and our abilities. assume we can no longer love another or ourselves. stay stuck on the ledge.
or we can step forward into the unknown, brave enough to believe that love is limitless and our strength is infinite. remembering that reality is so much more interesting than living some fairy tale version of happily ever after, and every storm you weather strengthens you and your relationships. that wonderful things can also come suddenly, out of nowhere. we can walk out on the ledge, look at the beauty in this world, take that leap, and we can assume it will be magic. love. .
it’s been difficult to post on instagram because the photos i post here are from beautiful moments and have nothing to do with my grief. so instead, i’ve decided to continue to thoughts i’ve been writing when the mood strikes, about life in general, and keep these moments as they were. beautiful. magical. love.

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