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20k. extremely grateful and humbled by the support that i’ve received since i started this photography journey one and a half years ago. i’m also very thankful for the opportunities given to me in the past and for the upcoming ones too and all i can say is that i’m a very lucky guy. thank you everyone! ❤️ @instagram #whpuptome

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Since it’s all up to me, it definitely has to be my favourite view in singapore, gardens by the bay. a place i’ll never get tired of no matter how many times i visit it.
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I really need to keep in mind that no matter how harsh the storm is at the moment, it’ll pass and a clear bright sky will surface and everything will be well.

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It’s that day of the year that every singles loathe. i really wonder how many people in the world got stood up today? or rather how we say it in singapore kena fly aeroplane?

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First light. no matter how bad your day is, just remember that a brand new day will come and you can try everything over again. and while you might think that everything is constant so it’s all irrelevant, just remember there’s a different kind of sunrise every single day.

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The one person you wanna keep clear of when doing something illegal.

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Time for them classic hongkong reds to match the auspicious and red festive period of chinese new year.

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All i need is a love so strong that my partner will be able to walk down orchard road without getting tempted by big brands and only focus on my smile and eyes.
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The most liberating and memorable feeling on earth. innocent yet full of love. #whp❤️ @instagram

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Rushing home for that amazing steamboat and mahjong session during the chinese new year.

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Lining up and working late at night not just to make sure food is on the table for the fam but also to make sure others can return home safely to enjoy the food on table served by their loved ones.

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Here’s me wishing everyone a very prosperous lunar new year day 2. may good health and wealth falls upon everyone in the year or the pig and many years in the future. and maybe a very good engagement for all my ig friends? hahaha

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