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Like every year, gray whales arrive to baja california from the arctic. some to breed, and others to give birth. it is the longest migration recorded in the animal kingdom. back when whaling was a thing, this species used to be known as "devil fish", because of their aggressive behavior while being hunted; now, just 100 years later, they can be one of the friendliest animals towards humans in the world.

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Nature... a lot of times it is raw, cold. while looking for marlin feeding on baitballs, we found this large male floating lifeless in the middle of the open ocean.

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A couple of months ago, as we came back from the socorro islands on our beloved @solmarv

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Because of how they hunt, even the smallest, bait-less hook pose a threat for thresher sharks. video by @erick.higuera

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A taste of what we ran into while doing an exploratory open ocean expedition off cabo. we at @solmarv and @pelagic_life will be constantly running pelagic safaris across baja very soon. video shot and edited by @erick.higuera

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After unhooking the thresher and helping her swim around to get oxygen flowing, she decided it was time to dive down and swim away. a lot of people that accidentally hook threshers, decide to keep them as "trophies" 3/3 📷 @erick.higuera

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@erick.higuera documenting the rare encounter right before we unhooked the shark 2/3

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Thresher sharks often get hooked on sportfishing lines after whipping the bait with their tails. this one got hooked by the dorsal fin 1/3

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More mobulas

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Far from being a neat and steady shot, but hopefully this clip will get you closer to what it felt being there. cabo, 2016

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Trying to emulate the one and only mobula shot by @elnq

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