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@paulinavelasco getting the shot with @pelagicsafari off cabo

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Silky duo

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Come dive with us aboard @solmarv in guadalupe island! 50% off on our season opener (july 31st - august 4th) 25% off on selected trips let me know or email colleen ask@solmarv.com

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Tons of silkies from sunday. video @ferafif

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The reason i believe tourism and interaction is one of the most effective forms of conservation, is because when you face the unknown, you understand it. when you understand something, you care. yesterday, 5 amazing people we took on our @pelagicsafari peacefully interacted with 20+ silky sharks in the open ocean, and will now talk to their friends about the reality of it. great day at sea with @the.touristtrap gang!

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Cool portrait by @roykimhi out with @pelagicsafari

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Yesterday was a super important day for me, breaking the 30m mark with one breath. it's difficult to explain the sense of freedom and peace of mind you get while freediving, but it's definitely one of the most incredible sensations in the world. special thanks to @acualemus who has been one of the world's top 10 freedivers for a while now.

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More mako, 2017

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Mako with @pelagicsafari off cabo. anybody wants to join in?

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Same mobulas from below, 2017

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Mobulas from last thursday, only with @pelagicsafari

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One of the most amazing open ocean ocurrences you'll ever witness

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Smooth hammerhead

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Mako above

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Smooth above

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Mako close-up during a trip with @pelagicsafari cabo, 2017

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Smooth hammerhead @pelagicsafari cabo, 2017

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Pilot trip @pelagicsafari cabo, coming soon

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Eye contact

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