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Reef shark in the bahamas #fishsaycheese

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#repost @divephotoguide ・・・ #divephotoguide photographer of the week – jorge cervera hauser⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @jchauser ⠀ ⠀ #underwaterphotography #underwater #mola #molamola #sunfish #potd #ocean #diverlife

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Silky shark in todos santos, mexico #fishsaycheese

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Bull shark, playa del carmen

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Sea lion at los islotes

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Great white swimming away in guadalupe island

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Over the past few years, dolphins at the revillagigedo national park have become more and more friendly, becoming one of the best places to interact with wild dolphins. obviously, aboard @solmarv

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Pacific giant manta in san benedicto (revillagigedo national park)

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After many years of wanting to find orcas in mexico and document them underwater, i finally got my chance while coming back from a trip to the revillagigedo archipelago aboard the @solmarv. after spotting them, just a few miles from mainland, we turned the boat around and lowered the dinghies in a matter of minutes... jumping repeatedly in the water, freediving and trying to get their attention, at last one of the two females came back to have a closer look at me. jan 4th, 2018. #fishsaycheese

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Juvenile great white in guadalupe with @solmarv #fishsaycheese

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Sea lion in the coronado islands with @sdexpeditions #fishsaycheese

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Silky shark right off cabo with @pelagicsafari #fishsaycheese

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American saltwater croc in chinchorro #fishsaycheese

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Seagulls in magbay #fishsaycheese

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Big eye jack fish in cabo pulmo #fishsaycheese

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Bottlenose dolphins, red sea #fishsaycheese

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Whale shark, isla contoy #fishsaycheese

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Today it’s official. revillagigedo’s marine protected area extended from the previous 8 mile radius surrounding each island, to almost 35+ million acres protecting one of the most important marine sanctuaries in the world. special recognition in order to @rafaelpacchiano and @alexdelmazo44 our challenge now is surveillance and enforcement against illegal fishing in such a big area. kudos mexico! 🇲🇽

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Tiger shark, bahamas #fishsaycheese

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Loggerhead turtle, magbay #fishsaycheese

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