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Brought ms.honey out for this one🤤. haddddd to do my version @roddyricch 🙏🏽 fav song out right now bro #dieyoung

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Niggas really have some balls on here😂😂😂

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I’m on the road🏃🏽‍♀️

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Singing for you makes me happy.. 📸: @rabbitvision

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Omg thank you so much @iheartradio for all of the support. means the world to me❤️ #snapchat #explorepage

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Last night was epic at #sonymusichall . s/o to my team , @davidsincereaiken, all the dancers & everybody that came out to support and have a great time 🎥😘💙 📸: @thruhazeleyes_

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I’m so happy with my life rn and everything that’s happening for me! god bless all the amazing people in my life. new york, my home was amazinnnnng❤️ i love u

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Skinny minnie 🌶

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😢😢😢 @kofiblackmusic 🙌🏽

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First time ever stepping foot on a red carpet❤️ unforgettable moment.

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A m r a

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