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When it’s rare you can’t treat it like it’s reg

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Sxsw @wyclefjean @samanthauzbay 🤞🏽

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@stevetvshow 🙏🏽

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When he ain’t even eat the f****n food

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Waste of time directed by @iamfredfocus out now!make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel “jazzy amra” to keep up with new music and visuals #amranation💯

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Waste of time out now !!! s/o @iamfredfocus 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @headsmusic ♥️ keep streaming amra available on all platforms!

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Fun sized 🙄
custom top by: @claudinettejean17 @fushadesigns

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Waste of time visual this week..... bx s**t @stan.stills @iamfredfocus 🎥 spam my comments if you can’t wait to see 🤪

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Gotta make that move.. find somebody who appreciates all the love i give😽

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Spend a lil time at the crib.. then i wouldn’t act like a bitch🥵 #wasteoftime ⏳. 📸: @stan.stills

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You meaning less to me is best for me💅🏽

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Came to visit my favorite highschool teacher pablo who always pushed me to do better in life 😭🙏🏽 some of his students knew who i was already. i deff made sure to motivate and let them know they can be whatever they want in life💡

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