Jason Vong πŸ“Έ Sony Alpha Hybrid Shooter ✈️ Japan 4/1 - 4/24 ⬇️ NEW Sony RX0 II !! https://youtu.be/hEkWAE6HUdw
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The new sony rx0 ii! the tiniest vlogging camera with a flip up screen! the mark ii addresses a lot of the concerns that the original version had: the camera is now equipped with internal 4k recording upto 30fps, longer recording time, better battery life, enchanced colors, and now includes clear image zoom! my full first impressions of the rx0 ii is up on youtube, watch it via the link in my bio. i currently brought it with me to hawaii (kauai) and gonna get more hands-on experience with the camera in the real world, let me know what you want to hear in the next follow up video!!

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The cleanest $15 solution to the sony a6400! one of my subscribers calls it "elegant"! swipe left to check out the smallrig cold shoe relocator in action! short review available in my bio! it does exactly what it looks like it would do - it shifts the position of the mic to the right side, allowing you to see yourself when you vlog! honestly, this is a must have accessory for a6400 users! i haven't been this excited for a camera accessory in a very long time. wait, i lie. there's another thing in super excited about but i will have let you know in the next post! anyways, who's picking this relocation plate up?!

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Yesterday, we cross 100k subscribers on youtube. i am so happy. i am so grateful. because it's been two years since i left my job to pursue youtube full time. it's funny looking back at it now because there were a lot of uncertainties during day 1 of being funemployed: i wasn't even making 50% of what my last job paid me, i had little money saved, and on top of that, i had no backup plan whatsoever. but i didn't get comfortable; i didn't get lazy. i knew deep down, it's what i wanted to do and it would work out. i can say for sure it wasn't easy and it still isn't but i am lucky to be blessed with the supportive people in my life and the great connections i've made along the way that believe in what i do. nowadays, instead of worrying about money, i just look forward to my next destination to create awesome video content for people to enjoy. speaking of which, next stop: japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ #lovemyjob .
photo by @sidneydiongzon

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Hong kong travel film shot on the sony a6400. this is a 2-min cinematic compilation of the epic shots i got for the user experience review. the high quality 4k version is available via the link in my bio, best viewed on a desktop or a 4k tv. i purposefully did not grade it a lut because i wanted to show what the colors looked straight out of camera. for the most part, i shot with no picture profiles with dro set to auto. only for a few scenes, i had to shoot in hlg because of the harsh sunlight. aside from that, i did very little color correction. let me know what you guys think!

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Just announced! sony 135mm f/1.8 g master! price: ~$1900 usd. coming end of april 2019. perfect for portraits, weddings, sports, and cinematic filmmaking. i was lucky to have gotten a chance to play with the long awaited mega portrait lens from sony and i gotta say... these photos looks d**n good! sharpness level on the eyes is 🀯 🀯 🀯. the f/1.8 definitely provided a slightly more blurrier background vs the 2.8 zeiss and 70-200gm counterparts. plus the wider aperture of the lens helped out in the dimmer lighting situations. the af of the 135gm is superb as well. fast, smooth, and also very quiet. even in video mode, the af tracks extremely well at f/1.8 as you will see in my video linked in my bio. in terms of comparing this to the sigma art version, the gm is 0.4lbs or 181g lighter! anybody planning on picking this up? and no, i'm not selling my zeiss batis for this πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
photos by @hellovivienne

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Missing hong kong. i have been mega obsessed lately with nightscapes and nightlapses (as you can probably tell from my latest posts). city vibes like hk always make the best photos imo. the place itself is just so photogenic, perhaps that's why the people there love taking photos. everywhere you go, there is an opportunity to capture something amazing and you're never too far from the next great spot. i definitely left being more inspired and yearning for more. let me know, what destination left you feeling this way? .
captured with @sonyalpha a7riii + @zeisscameralenses batis 2/40 cf

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Taken with the new timelapse feature on the sony a6400. quite possibly my best and favorite shot from my time in hong kong. thinking about compiling all the cinematic shots from my review and make a 2-min film. what'd you guys think?

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Sony a6400 vs canon m50 😬 might be a little controversial but i wanna hear your thoughts! a lot of people are screaming for a "flip out to the side" screen from sony but we ended up with another "flip up" screen. seems a little silly because the mic would block it. but by buying a $13 small bracket, i placed my mic off to the side. comparing it side by side to the canon m50 with the same rode mic, the setup look nearly identical - just the screen and the mic flipped. what do you guys think? p.s. icymi my a6400 user experience review is up (like the flip screen) and linked in my bio 😎

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Sony a6400 - seems like opinions on this camera is changing and i'm glad! it's one of those things where you have to use it to believe it! it is so much more than an a6300 upgrade. for one, the autofocus is massively improved! real time eye af just made nailing eye focus that much easier. and the video side has major improvements as well! way higher heat tolerance, longer recording, better colors, hlg, and slog3 starting at iso 500! watch my review to see this camera in action via the link in my bio! let me know what you think. best 4k mirrorless camera of 2019?

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I gotta say, i'm really impressed with the laowa 9mm f/2.8 mf lens! compact, lightweight, uber small - a perfect travel companion for any trips! although it's designed for aps-c, it is equivalent to being a 13.5mm on a full frame! on top of that, laowa touts this to have zero distortion! loving it for all of my architectural shots and gimbal shots of hong kong! shall i do a full review on youtube?

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Bought a new lens in hong kong! the zeiss batis 40mm f/2 cf! 😍 it was backordered everywhere in the us so i am glad i was able to pick one up while i'm in hk! check out my faux guide πŸ˜‚ on buying cameras and lenses in mong kok via the link in the bio! lemme know, what are your slick deal tips shopping for gear? photo by @j.k.filmslimited

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Sony a6400! managed to get an early copy in hand for my hong kong trip to create my user experience review on! spoiler alert: it's gonna be a positive one! definitely stay tuned the end of this month for it. in the meantime, check out my recommended lenses and accessories guide for the a6400 linked in my bio! lemme know, do you already have one pre-ordered?! or are you waiting for the illusive a7000?!

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