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Couple of rainy art projects ready for the wall. tiles reclaimed from several different pools from las vegas to reseda. broken depth marker scavenged from the dunes motel on july 29th of 14' while filming for #watchthefinerthings on a stretch of original route 66, finished with some desert rocks and sand.

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After a couple killer guest clips in a few vids last year, i heard a rumor thru insta that we might see a full terada video in 2017. don't know about you but i'm looking forward to this one! @brian_terada downward tail spin a couple weeks back.

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Irwindale,2005.this ditch was amazing! #tabletoptuesday 📷@briancastillo #volumedestroyer

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Outta the loop. 📷@andrewlazaruk

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Do yourself a favor and go to @digbmx and watch @mikeescamilla new video a couple dozen times, then grab your bike and have some fun with your friends. canadian nose blunt, sept 2016.

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#tabletoptuesday #tastywaves [email protected]_ian @volumebikes #cerberusframe @demolitionparts

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Fufanu, 1999, rsa rollerblade park. it's still amazes me that the rail didn't collapse under the weight of that 45 pound bike. @marklosey photo.

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Riding trails with the homies. #nodignoride

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Central park peg grind before i knew i grinded on my right side,1992 downtown winnipeg. at the time this whole park was lined with these red square rails varying up to lengths that couldn't even be imagined grindable at the time. this park was also the gateway to the rougher and scary part of town. don't even think about putting your backpack down and make sure to keep an eye over your shoulder for the i.p. if you want to keep your bike #tbt #25yearsago

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The look i got from sasha when i asked if i could drop a pin for the homies. #sickballs

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Not even frost bitten hands and feet could stop the fun on this frigid afternoon. thanks to @united_ian for risking loosing his fingers to shoot this pic. @volumebikes #cerberusframe @demolitionparts

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