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Tippin up one last tall can for final call. thanks for the times.

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Last rites at the love shack. 📹@mikeescamilla

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One last pocket air as the sun sets on the love shack, soon to be just memory. 03/19/17. 📷@andrewlazaruk #onelastcaress

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Solid day in trenches of los angeles with the boys. filmed by @mikeescamilla check out his profile for a longer video from this spot.

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Well, that was quick! stoked to get a few more runs in the verboom dairy square. huge thanks to everybody that put in work digging out this beauty out so quick!! 📷@doleckivisuals #maintain2 #getitwhileyoucan #wontlastlong

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@andrewlazaruk slides one over the box with little room to spare.

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We're gonna build a wall.....

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Been waiting for this scooter kid to get out of the pool forever.

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@walshcorey taking the long way a few months back in true desert gem that's back to swimmer status. make sure you hit the link in his profile to watch the new vid he dropped today for a little reassurance that everything's gonna be okay.

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"as long as you're not here to buy or sell drugs" #melroseplace

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Damn near impossible not to be this happy when you're riding in a square body. #k9royalty #pitbullrescue #pitbull #adoptthecropped #86chevy #squarebody #blockhead

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Always a nice welcome home. #goodmorning #homesweethome

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Awesome visit to @____acr____ today. snuck into the shop to hammer out a quick sovereign dog bowl while andrew was locked in the paint booth. @baileigh_industrial #baileigharmy

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💊 #dailydose

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"called up my mama, said i'm in love with a stripper, yo" #17yearsago

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Switching it up for today's #tabletoptuesday

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