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Full factory dreamin'

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A teaser for an upcoming trailer for a online video of throw away clips that nobody will watch, coming out never. #filmless #ridemore #nobodycares

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Figure 8s at the bio dome.by the end of the session, this pool earned itself a spot on the top 5 mini pits list. always nice to end a good session with casual conversation about the weather with the local pd. huge thanks to @juaquinslayer for the hospitality. 📹 @paulyshore #thelastsamuraivideo coming soon....

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Today marks another trip around the sun for my good friend @mikeescamilla i've logged more miles with him on the road and coping than anybody else i know. i shot this back when mike was still in his late 30's. happy birthday old man, can't believe you're finally older than me. #letsgoback #newsamuraivideocomingsoon

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A sight almost elusive as the sasquatch himself. the deepenns, captured in his natural habitat by @mikeescamilla

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Grass is always greener..... 📷@mikeescamilla

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I've never been good at these things but with the coaching of a couple local pre-teens on wal-mart specials, who seemingly could barely ride a bike besides getting upside down in the capsule i think im finally making some progress.📷 @deanshralp

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Last week was one for the books. 5 states, 2700 miles and 6 days of riding bikes with old and new friends. thanks to everybody for the hospitality along the way. now, back to the 9-5 and pissing indoors.

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Couple laps before getting the boot from one of goodings finest. #nocycling

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Tune out,turn off, drop in. 📸@mikeescamilla

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Apparently 7/20 is go bmx day. good to know.

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A mexican nose picks with the help of a native american, shot by a canadian in california while our japanese friend films behind me. #cantwealljustgetalong #unitedcolorsofbenetton

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Quick vid from a fun spot yesterday with @mikeescamilla and @brian_terada . checks mikes page for the story of our painful adventures.

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Fun day down at the local fishing hole with the homies. anybody wants to hit, i left the back gate open for y'all. #watchyourstep 📷 @mikeescamilla

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Abandon all hope he who wears black pants beyond the gate. #adoptthecropped #pitbullrescue #pitbull

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California natives. #droughttolerantlandscape

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Permanent sunday mvp status. @brian_terada grind.

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