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Damn near impossible not to be this happy when you're riding in a square body. #k9royalty #pitbullrescue #pitbull #adoptthecropped #86chevy #squarebody #blockhead

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Always a nice welcome home. #goodmorning #homesweethome

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Awesome visit to @____acr____ today. snuck into the shop to hammer out a quick sovereign dog bowl while andrew was locked in the paint booth. @baileigh_industrial #baileigharmy

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💊 #dailydose

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"called up my mama, said i'm in love with a stripper, yo" #17yearsago

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Switching it up for today's #tabletoptuesday

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Funning on empty.

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The more things change...

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Levels jerry....

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Fiending for real, settled for synthetic. #virtualreality #methadone

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My fellow canadian @andrewlazaruk has one of the best deep end games in the biz. check out his new vid at @digbmx to watch him blast and much more...(link in his profile)

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Well, that dried up quick...

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Race is won or lost in the corners. #secondplaceisfirstloser #trainhard then #trainharder 📷@andrewlazaruk

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Couple of rainy art projects ready for the wall. tiles reclaimed from several different pools from las vegas to reseda. broken depth marker scavenged from the dunes motel on july 29th of 14' while filming for #watchthefinerthings on a stretch of original route 66, finished with some desert rocks and sand.

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After a couple killer guest clips in a few vids last year, i heard a rumor thru insta that we might see a full terada video in 2017. don't know about you but i'm looking forward to this one! @brian_terada downward tail spin a couple weeks back.

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Irwindale,2005.this ditch was amazing! #tabletoptuesday 📷@briancastillo #volumedestroyer

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