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Ice 📷 by @mikeescamilla who also has a couple scrap clips from the session that didn't make the cut for our split "sponsor me" tape up on his page. #streetriding

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Locals only

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Mvp @pat__burke_ speedy recovery friend.

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Early, but not early enough to beat the crowds. #lindavistaskatepark #itlookedbiggeronline

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Rattlesnake mission into the deserts of california and mexico, we rode a bit to. video up on @mikeescamilla page. #edging #ridethetile

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Throw away chiller from the latest insta teaser that drops tomorrow for a samurai web video we'll be working on for the next 3-5 years that will only be released on dvd for digital download. 📽@mikeescamilla #weekendvibes #amidoingthisright? #isthisthingevenon?

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Not too many things i'll venture into orange county for. #behindtheorangecurtain

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......just no claws on the coping.

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Doing less where many have done much more. 📷@mikeescamilla

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Oh, you nerds are going riding? sounds lame, i'll be in my room working on my models. #emptypools #terrarium

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Betty. #slabcity

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Due north . . thanks to @dpcskateboards, @poolseekers and @rickthorne for the times #cantwealljustgetalong

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I've killed more days with this guy than anybody else riding bikes, laughing, staring out at hwy 1 chasing dreams,hiding away in warehouses riding mini ramps for hours on end to escape the arctic temps of winnipeg and even braving the sub -30° weather for a street ride now and then. without a doubt i can say i wouldn't be who or where i am without out him. happy birthday my dear old,old,old friend. 1996, @daveosato with a winnipeg original, xup canadian with a guaranteed windchill factor of at least 2000 blowing out side.

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We should just stay gone......forever. 📷 @mikeescamilla

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