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Let's take you back in time to the 1300s!

ayutthaya is a city in thailand, about 80 kilometers north of bangkok. it was capital of the kingdom of siam, and a prosperous international trading port, from 1350 until razed by the burmese in 1767. the ruins of the old city now form the ayutthaya historical park, an archaeological site that contains palaces. can't describe how majestic it is with any phrase. 🇹🇭

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No reason to stay, is a good reason to go. 🇹🇭

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Since '1374. can't believe to be standing to something this old. 🇹🇭

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There's something about visiting ancient cities. a sight unlike any other with memories decaying in time but frozen in history. 🇹🇭

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Apparently ancient city is my thing. 🇹🇭

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Wandered through the streets of bangkok, 🇹🇭 🐘

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You would have to try very hard to find a bad meal in thailand. 🇹🇭 from fancy thai restaurants to sidewalk street food. i've had the best pad thai, curry, stirfry and thai milktea of my life. 😋
good thing, vacation calories don't count! 😁

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The world is so much bigger than your brain...so stop living inside your head and start exploring 👣🌏✈️

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I certainly experienced something magical walking in the ruins during bangkok golden hour. 🇹🇭

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Greetings form bangkok, thailand 🇹🇭

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Bangkok street art 🎨 🇹🇭

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My first trip to the land down under. 🇦🇺
from victoria's snowy mountains, scenic coastal drives to beautiful national parks and magnificent skylines, melbourne street arts, trams, ferries to sydney city glamour, monumental bridges to beach towns. i've seen a lot of things, done crazy stuff and met heaps of new friends from all corners of the world. memories saved! 👣🌏✈️

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