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Doing savage things

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Daddy is back

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Can we be your bodyguards?

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Summer can now begin…cheers w/ @cocacola join us at premios juventud by uploading a picture of you and your bff on instagram or twitter  using #shareacoke #pjsorteo  #ad

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First time flying like a drone

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My new backyard... (link in bio)

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I’ve been babysitting these babies cuz i’m a daddy

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Our first picture smiling i gotta post this. we don’t always have to look like a daddys’ cuz we are 😂😂

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We can paint your house. just call us

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Looks like a got new tattoos..

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Today is your day. we are finally 19 years old. it’s crazy how we live our lifes, i don’t know what i would do without you bro! -everyone “happy birthday emilio❤️” (btw it’s mine too)

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“my professional career starts now”
that’s what they say.

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