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I can’t help that i’m talented 👊🏻

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Red red ❤️ also some pics from last night 😴 ivanka popped out
edit my back feels better, the cause was bc my hamstrings were to tight and it pulled on my pelvis, causing it to tilt! so i need to stretch more to improve my range of motion 💗 thank u for all the sweet messages and dms! will start filming regularly again!! happy saturday guize

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Full face @fentybeauty for this pride x gemini szn...
products used
pro filtr foundation and concealer in 190
moroccan spice palette
sun stalkr bronzer in shady biz
matchstix in amber
mattemoiselle in spanked topped with gloss bomb fussy (accurately me) #fentybeauty #fentyface .
i’ve had my lower back pain for about a week + now, sorry for the lack of video uploads! it really hurts to sit, so filming and editing is difficult. i finally edited a video last night! i was feeling so frustrated and helpless that i could only listen to music, podcasts, or speeches but couldn’t physically do anything. nothing feels worse than knowing your potential is being limited ✋ but everything takes time and it’s probably a sign from my body that i’m overworking it physically or mentally... learning to just let go, sometimes it feels like the world is going to fall apart if you do, but it won’t 👶🏻 any tips on how to beat restlessness or anxiety when not being able to move 100%? could really appreciate it today 💗

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Tired but inspired

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Glossy lid flower moment 🏵
hope you’re having a happy sunday!
woke up with severe back pain yesterday, not sure what is wrong! couldn’t even reach down to pick up my socks because of the pain! no pains down the leg, so maybe i just pulled my back muscle? will go to a chiro tomorrow, but thank u all for the advice. sometimes we forget to be grateful for the ordinary things we can do everyday until it’s taken away from you 🧚🏻‍♂️

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It’s been almost 8 years since i’ve left malaysia to come to the us, and i’ve moved around 8 times. i never really felt at ease or safe, always anxious for the next step. it’s so easy to lose track of time and what i’m here to do. every year i feel a little more present and clear than before. i used to not like celebrating my birthday, my thoughts were always like why? why do i deserve a celebration? i didn’t earn it, i was just born, haha! i constantly diminished my accomplishments in the year too... this year felt a little different. i feel happier and prouder... of myself? i’m constantly learning more and more about myself, i was so busy getting to know other people that i forgot to learn who i am. one thing is for sure, all the most uncomfortable and difficult decision has led me more into who i am. 💗🥰💗 so thankful for my wonderful friends and family, and you!!! @dfreske 📸

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I guess i was always a crybaby 🤧

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Thank you for making this boy very happy 🌸 .
i’m truly so blessed. not everyday is easy, but i’ve learned to accept my problems. not everything in your life needs to be fixed. i’ve learned that you’re going to have problems to overcome, no matter where you are in life, and that’s normal!
all we can do is to strive to be the best version of yourself everyday, in every form! 🌈😇
if there was one thing i could tell my younger self, is that everything will work itself out, as long as you don’t have those expectations of your life! let go and take a breath! 🌸
my birthday is on june13th! my family just surprised me earlier hehe 😢🥰

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Beyond honored to be able to share my story with you. thank you so much for being by my side for all of this, i appreciate you guys so much. also so blessed to be surrounded by the most loving, open, and talented people. 🌈 going to continue fighting for equality and visibility for all 🌈 even it’s just from my little corner of the internet. i hope i make you guys proud, and help you become proud in who you are! 💗 and thank you @poloralphlauren and @them for this opportunity. directed @ashnpeters

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I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about straight pride, lol... honestly i don’t even know where to begin? haha!!
isn’t straight pride like everyday?
you want straight pride?
first have
- your rights taken away
- your history taken away
- your marriage taken away

lol. but actually i’m so grateful for all the amazing campaigns and visibility this pride season. i love seeing q***r poc people being empowered and feel seen! there’s still so much more work to do not just in the us but also globally!! your voice is your tool! let’s continue spreading love and positivity even after pride season ya? 🌈❤️ wearing @americanapparel btw thank u for leaving amazing empowering comments in my video! i’m going to continue sharing them too!!

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🌈 felt cute. won’t delete. mood this #pride x #gemini szn. 👥🌈
ivan and animal friends

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