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If trains are milu’s happy places; indie movie theatres with bars are mine. particularly, nitehawk. either just seeing a movie or having a few drinks over some cool funk music at its bar, lo-res, feels right out of a good film-noir movie set, say polanski’s chinatown. we all need places to hide from the world, and i know nitehawk is one of my such places. dim lightning, only a few people- because i don’t like people in general- and already gave up all the bonus points society gives to so called humanists- i am not one of them- and the ones who come to nitehawk are usually the cool ones who don’t even making eye contact with you, all busy with their own minds, and respecting that you are also rather living inside of your head instead of the tangible world. good music, good booze, good movies. that’s all i need. especially on a day like this, when snow brings this loud silence to the city. then, everything starts making more sense. and i have a request from life in general: dear life, may you be anything, but never ever unfair, presumptious or boring. please and thank you. / edit: a girl just got a bouquet of roses from her date right in front of me now. red roses. many of them. ok cool maybe i am being bitchy; but really? so lame, such a cliche, such a memorized act and you thought you were special, girrrrl? uuu. please, if you will ever give me flowers don’t give me roses, i just think they are too overrated and spoiled. they are everything i am not. give me carnations instead, i always believed that they have never gotten the respect they deserved. they even don’t have an emoji 😓 or don’t buy me flowers at all and sing the editors’ sugar to me; say “ that sugar on your soul, you are like no one i know.” that is more than enough. i really don’t get how you could be happy with such cliches that don’t have even the slightest delicacy or genuine thoughtfullness in them. bazen diyorum ki, ne bazeni, neredeyse hep, bok mu vardi bu kadar duygusal olacak. ah, elimde olsa. #nitehawk #snow #movie #cinema #drinks #nyc #ny #newyork #love #bar

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Trains are milu’s happy places, as you might know already. she feels so comfortable that today, she put her head on this guy’s shoulder, kinda leaned on him and started watching the game he was playin on his phone. the guy just looked at her, smiled and kept playin. everyone started taking pics of them, and how could i not? milu, you really are something else. 🖤 #dog #dogs #nyc #ny #newyork #igers #train #moment #love

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Oh, please come on in for modern love. rsvp if you are in desperate need for it 💔 but walk-ins are accepted too. i really love my neighborhood. #modernlove #williamsburg #brooklyn #sunday #nyc #newyork #sunny #love 🎈

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This partial light kept following me at the cab, i was recording it the whole time, it never disappeared. street lamps really did a nice trick on me. so to thank them, i think it is time i quote leonard cohen’s line based on emerson: “ there is a c***k in everything, that is how the light comes in.” #friday #ny #nyc #newyork #selfie #light ✨✨

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Happy 5th anniversary sweet tba, without you we are nothing 🐕 as far as i know i have always been a bar person with good cocktails, triphop or indie rock music. but you even managed to turn me into a kind of a club person with your great selection of independent djs and musicians, your small yet always cozy space and all that. all the friends, the regulars. tnx for being the coolest small club in williamsburg, and the brooklyn scene. happiest birthday babe! #tba #williamsburg #brooklyn #nyc #ny #nightlife #love #newyork 5️⃣

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We were walking behind them and as usual, asshole milu was pulling me as annoyingly as possible and i was getting really mad. but then i saw this lil girl’s amazingly cute and curly hair and forgot about milu the j**k and started smiling. then i stopped the mother and asked if i could take a pic of her hair, then she turned around and looked at me that way, no posing, no planning. i think this will remain as the most beautiful thing i will see in a while. 💘 #kids #dogsofinstagram #dog #cute #pure #love

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This past summer, in italy, sicily island, taormina, all of us from all over the world, all there for beyza. i remember it being a very pretty, almost a surreal sunset ✨ and also trying to carry 292 cocktails while walking between the huge rocks must have also happened this day. malu, severine, nora and anna still don’t have instagram accounts 🧐 #italy #sicily #taormina #friends #sunset #love #tb

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Kendime gelemiyorum... herkesin basi sagolsun. // we all are just visiting after all. today, we woke up to the tragic news of a plane crash, 8 beautiful friends coming back from dubai to istanbul, where they were for mina’s ( @minabasaran ) bachelorette party on her dad’s private jet. what a horrible tragedy this is, her dad’s plane crashing with her and all of her best friends in it... they were all nice women, i knew most of them. :( who could have thought this could happen? mina was gonna get married next month, and now her and all her bestfriends are at a crashed plane at the top of a some random mountain in iran... #life is such an unpredictable, unfair and a weird game; i really don’t get it when people say we are attracting everything that happens to us, that we are the reason for all those we experience. how on earth could all those 8 brilliant women have attracted this same terrible ending together? ridicilious. i certainly don’t believe when they say god is merciful and loves all that he created. i will never believe that everything happens for a reason shit; because if you look for a reason, you will find it, it doesn’t mean it happened for that. if you wanna see a purple dragon in the subway and really overthink it; probably you will believe you saw it. to me, life is a cumulation of wild, random and complicated happenings and that’s all there is. all you can do is to not postpone anything, not being an asshole to yourself and people around you and try receiving love and joy when it is offered. rest in peace all you girls, i even couldn’t post that last pic you guys took together, because it is just too sad. 😓 my condolonces to their families and all my friends who knew them. 😞 #minabasaran #rip 😪 @tuvanam @ozlemgusar @mertaslan @alirizaozdemir @yoncabagana @aytulaykefiratoglu 😪

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Like mother like daughter. always #together. because i just feel horrible if i leave her alone for more than 8 hours. maybe i never should have gotten a dog. maybe i can’t balance it. but maybe i love dogs too much. maybe i am too responsible. maybe i am just the other way around. or maybe i just love too much when i rarely find someone or something worth loving. maybe that’s ok. maybe not. probably not . 🧡🧡 #nublu #nyc #ny #friday #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #newyork #friday #love 🧡 ps: for all those possible comments that might be like: ooo isn’t she disturbed by the crowd and noise; nooo she isn’t. she actually is very used to the crowds since i have been taking her to all kinds of fashion shootings and interviews. she just doesn’t like #animals because for as far as she is concerned, she is not one. as long as she is the only animal wherever she is, she is the happiest, it could be the subway, or a indie club like nublu, or put her in the middle of a soccer game, like right in the middle where guys are aggresively hitting the ball, i guarantee she will just smile. 🍳

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Alright guys, my visa application is filed today. march 9th. i hope i didn’t miss anything, i feel like i f****d up a few things, i feel like all i did was somehow lacking smt. but it can’t actually be, because lawyers must have checked it. i can’t even feel relieved yet because it doesn’t feel real yet. this was one of the hardest things i have ever done. i basically had to gather all my past and all my connections together. hope i will get it. if i believed in any kind of god; this would be the moment i start praying. if you do believe in anything, may it be a chair, a cat, buddha, google or the eye in the sky; just wish me luck or request an approval from heavenly authorities if you guys get along with him. i certainly don’t, i mean i would have texted him, meaning mr. god, first if i did- because i really don’t care about “who texts first or who texts more is the weaker one” kinda cliches- but i do believe it would make him very spoiled though; just like it does to all of the guys. he would put on airs, just like any guy you text or call more than he does. so you see that i am really confused about this whole god thing or how to communicate with him. being a full-time nihilist doesn’t really help much when you need to hang onto smt, in times like this. if i had to believe in anything; i would believe in the leftovers or s*x and the city. so, your help is very much appreciated whoever or whatever your personal god might be like. ok, let’s drink now! great weekend to all 🔥💋 #weekend #nyc #ny #drinks #weekend #love #thoughts

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Alright charlie, 3, 2, 1, strike a pose 📸booties from 2019 autumn-winter season, straight from paris fashion week to charlie’s paws. you are too much for my heart charlie you and that sly look on your face, you know you are hot 🧡🧡 you know i have been going crazy to have a panda at home and feed him with bamboos, but no one got me a panda from hong kong yet, so maybe you could be my panda-like friend until it arrives from asia. thank you charlie. #dog #dogs #nyc #dogsofinstagram #cute #love 🔥

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A hole in her ear from the shelter, nightmares of all kinds of abuses she has been through, yet pretty patient with me since i haven’t been much home lately. i don’t recall any other period of my life i have been as tired as now. it is a good way of getting tired, it is a #happy and #fun tired, but yet it is still tired after all 😏 having a dog equals to a state of constant feeling of guilt; at least to me. you always feel like you could and should have done more. probably the reason i feel so comfortable around animals is that there are no misunderstandings or unfair inferences with them. you don’t have to explain yourself. it is a direct energy exchange, purely from one heart to another. maybe that’s why they have this healing power over us. because we probably all are very agitated by human communication, especially if it involves not so pleasant moments. i just can’t stand it when its unfair. may it be ugly, breaking, sharp, nasty but please never unfair. it just has to be fair. it has to. communication is an art, obviously. i love you so much my little j**k rabbit weird smart girl with a face only some would love, for not tiring me that way and that we can be silent together. that’s comfort to me. 🎈 #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #pure #love 🐕 ps: i wish my photos wouldn’t look like as if i took them with a frying pan 🍳

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One of turkey’s most clicked and followed websites, redbull turkey’s redbull.com.tr asked and i answered 🔥 how i couldn’t get marina abramovic out of my mind even days after i interviewed her? do i stay friends with most of the celebrities i interview? say, who are some of those and how does it happen at all? “i think i am taking a little piece out of them without hurting or judging their feelings, all transparently yet a little on the sly. but i never ever betray anyone’s trust.” is there a special interview technique that i am using? and a few more. you can find it under the hashtag #sanat on the website ( art) but link is also in my bio 🔥 #redbull #interview #monday #fashion #love #redbullturkey #magazine #featureswriter. @spongedid yaaaa my sponge did, let’s take some pics of me when we have time, i need new ones 🙌🏼🎈

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Normally i would post a thing like this in my stories but this is soooo sweet! hilarious. adorable. epic shit. beyond sweet. can’t find adjectives enough for this super cute moment 🙌🏼 i just would have done the same probably. nyc is a town for freaks, weirdos, creatives and lunatics. nowadays, everyone calls himself an ‘artist’ so easily, they don’t know that taking photos or writing journals hardlyyy makes one an artist. it would just make you a photographer or a copywriter, say, tops. the reason i love nyc so much is that it is so straighforward and tough; none of those so called artists couldn’t survive a day there. because the city itself is the top artist and can’t be fooled at all 🚇 @thefatjewish #nyc #igers #newyork #moments #ny #supercute #subway #wine #love 🚨

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Good morning #nyc! and thanks @bushwickav and happy 3rd anniversary, you have been great to us. since here we are at the early morning hours again 🔆🔆 #bushwick #bushwickav #morning #friday #saturday #sky #love 🖤it is 90’s b**e i have on me. i am 30 f*****g 4, but i grew up with 90s music which i totally adore. let me make you a playlist, hold on.

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I miss my mom. and my dad, slide the pic. 🖤 they are amazing, they are cute, fun, well grounded party animals even though they deal with health problems every day, being a pharmacist and a doctor. this pic was taken at my bestfriend @beyza_ozogul ’s weddding in september, in bodrum. yes i keep posting stuff on instagram recently because guyz, i am so shaken, about to explode. it’s finally the doors of the f*****g dam in me are opening up and i feel like there is a stream that wants to come out of my mouth. i think the artist visa process moved me a lot, since i got so much love and support from people around me, remembered how much i was actually loved. we all need to feel it every now and then. finally, after 4 long years of silence and blockage that was triggered by a painful break-up;i can feel i am lowering my guards and setting this dark side/writing side in me free again. believe me, instagram is like nothing, recently i have been taking notes like crazy, and moving to tears for all kinds of reasons like a freaking pregnant woman. i have so much to say, i always had, but i was too broken to set my demons free and let it out. the last time i was in this state was in collage, for 5 years when i was experiencing and feeling and writing like a m**********r non stop, i still have at least 20 notebooks filled with notes and stories that i haven’t even read for years. then something happened to me and i got stucked. i got stucked in myself. i was alive, but barely feeling life. i feel like smt is shifting in me again and the only way to make it public is through here. yes i missed my parents like fuck. i am a super affectionate person, full of love, loving boys a lot, animals and some friends, i am not a humanist i don’t like people at all in general but i have a lot of love in me, that i know as a fact. the only problem is that i have super hard time giving it to myself. but i know going back to my essence will kinda help. ok, i am gonna finish my f*****g humor essay book soon i promise. yes, i will imitate life. 🖤 #thoughts #mom #dad #blackandwhite #love #writing

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The asshole weather today made me remember greece now. i do mind the horrible- a kind of a combo of all bad weather kinds in one- but i don’t mind the cold, dark or sunny days. now that summer is almost here, i am already stressed about how to deal with the heat. in summer i’m basically transforming into a potato, like kafka’s insect, barely able to make a proper sentence, looking around with a meaningless, purposeless manner. just setting ac in the ‘ice age’ mode and worshipping it, never leaving its side. always by its side. i love the sea more than anything, and i love the sun, but i just don’t want the hot weather. i think i could live in iceland, and i thought about it, no kidding. i can have spring forever though, but then i would be stucked in the absent-minded, in love, extremely glowing default mode, that would wreck me and i could die from hardcore spring overdose. ok, fine, turns out there is no good weather for me after all. just give me cold breezes at all times. please and thank you 🌪 and yes there is wine in that thing, whatever it is called that i am holding. #greece #summer #sea #wine #love #friday

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Probably she is the happiest creature on #nyc subway. everytime she gets on the train. buuum🎈 and that little tongue, arghh that thing she does. thanks for riding with mta nyc transit milu. #dog #dogs #smile #cute #love

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It should be like 4 months ago. i was hanging around downtown by myself just like the lyrics of s*x & candy by marcy playground. yes i live by music and movies. so, there he was, bowie staring at me. all of a sudden. bowie, whom i have written at least three important features on, one including for harper’s bazaar. i took it as a very good sign, said hello to him, actually gave him a kiss, which meant kissing the cold iron bars. but it was ok, it was a good kiss. he was a good kisser. i can’t wait for the coming up exhibition of him at brooklyn museum, which simply means whenever i am mia, you should look for me there. just like we talked deeply with dear piera @pieraluisa of @refinery29 a few months ago; if you have been loving people of margins, if you have been following magazines of the edges, if you have always felt like you don’t really make much sense compared to the rest of people, it is probably because you, your very self is sitting outside the cluster, and it is very very okay. just stay there. don’t change and don’t be with people who try to change you into making more sense, like getting married or having a certain amount in your savings. you don’t have to do anything, all you have to do is to love deeply when you find someone worth loving. life is a little window that opened up before our eyes, which will shut down much sooner than we expect, anyways. thanks bowie, i will be waiting for you at brooklyn museum, singing wild is the wind, hoping that maybe i could be a hero just for one day. 🌟 #davidbowie #thursday #lovehim #love #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #ny #art #streetart

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I am almost there- trying to keep my sobriety. just a day or two left. i just want to thank everyone supporting me during this crazy artist visa application process, i really realized i had some cool people in my life. i don’t know what the result would be, hopefully i will get it ✨

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