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Isik cansunayvic canayakavic. it is my nickname for russian novels.i believe my love for cold and russian five came from my dad. he made me read all the jack london novels out there. even now i m freezing thinkin of them. my next destination will hopefully be alaska. already lookin for ticketz. so you can call me isiknovic cansuvaskolniv canayakovivko. i have been raised with a deep love for the cold and the russian five when it came to classical music, i wish i had never quit playing piano.

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Will i ever have enough of the sky? i don't think so, because it changes into someone else in any given sec. ever the same. ever will be. it is changefulness is in another level. it is always there, for everyone, but never in the same way. it always reminds me of fitzgerald's sentence; "there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice." maybe he consulted with the sky about this subject before getting to write about it. #nyc #newyork #brooklyn #sky #clear #love ( the sky always makes me sing cat power's cherokee's lyrics-- bury me marry me to the sky--- i think this song is still my national anthem. it is a masterpiece. for me.)

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Yesterday, i woke up to a sight like this. she was looking at me, as if she was acting like a typical dog. then, when i started taking pics; she started posing. cheeky bastard. 🧚🏼‍♀️ #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #sweet #sleep #love #sleepunderthestars ✨

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I brought back the fringes πŸ’‡πŸ½‍♀️. again. as in every winter. #selfie #hair #fringebangs #love. ( i have been watching some fassbinder recently. actually, rewatching. started with the bitter tears of petra von kant. kept going with the marriage of maria brown. of course, never could forget ali: fear eats the soul. after losing some of my sanity with these three again; i went back to godard and started doing it with masculine feminine. the rest of my sanity will go with the other godard movies i'll be rewatching. so, it was nice knowing you all guys. bye πŸ‘‹πŸΎ)

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Just some cute, pretty, sweet, pleasant stuff to look at. or at least, i look at. goats and a donkey included. 🐴 / #monday #mood #visualsoflife #inspiration #sweet #quotes #art #space #animals #illustration #love ( and katie, you are a jerk. you broke the heart of that sweetest candy bar πŸ’” i don't like you at all. i hope a huge, heavy coconut falls down right on your head.)

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Bunyamin, aka benjamin, aka the creative director/ founder of les benjamins is building an empire right before my eyes, ever since i got to know him the story of les benjamins is only getting more and more glamorous and impressive. i am sincerely proud of knowing him both as a friend and as a pioneer businessman. come back again! ✨✨ and greenwich hotel, you are the best. you couldn't be more pet friendly 🐭 #lesbenjamins #friends #nyc #ny #newyork #fashion #drinks #love πŸ’œ

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Your local squirrel 🐿 is here- not like the spoiled carrie in s*x and the city, as much as i've been associated with her- since she had written about relationships and s*x just like i did on the side too- carrie and charlotte have been my least favs--- with reasons of carrie being unrealistic and spoiled as f..k; charlotte being too boring and conservative. miranda and samantha were my darlings. they were full of flaws but were so real. you guys remember the episode carrie was scared of a squirrel as if she saw a demon? no no, not me. but here i looked like a squirrel so i surrendered to the very fact. by the way; i have been meeting with all kinds of women lately, so much to learn from 50+ to barely in their 20s. who can know it all? surely you don't. just like i don't. so it is good to learn from others. and please do not ask anymore, even my dad happened to believe and ask me this: i have never got anything done on my lips. zero. sorry for disappointing you that i have no plastic surgeon i can recommend to you. forgive me.)

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Thank you thom yorke. thank you for last nite, thank you for radiohead, thank you for the experimental, magical, conceptual trip you took us on and then brought back. thank you for giving me the chance to grow up listening to you and mould my tastes. thank you for your tearer yet so sensitive voice, your super sexy presence, your fierce moves. also, thank you for featuring with bjork back in the day- i've seen it all, with pj harvey- this mess we are in and many more. thank you for 'rabbit in your headlights' with unkle. thank you for reminding us who we are again. thank you for being you. i will keep on listening to music till my very last moment on earth, thanks to genious souls like you♥️ #thomyorke #newyork #music #legend #nyc #newyorkcity #brooklyn #love ( yasattigi yuksek duygular sebebiyle arada fark etmeden thom yorke'u da paylamisim, azarlamisim "napiosun" diye 😬 as realized by @iselhorada )

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Give me my bacon. tnx god ( or the chair or the forest or the weed- however u would wanna name it) to introducing me to these great people that lightened up my day. bc otherwise, as i know myself, i was gonna be a total pig ( in a bad way- bc pigs are super cute, i woke up pretty grumpy) the whole day. i mean milu introduced me to the cutest guys while i was busy with my phone, she made my nite so many times. honestly she did. today was just another one, with girls. you might think i'm too vocal and sweet, i usually am most of the day, but this wasn't gonna be that portion of my day. i can be a total asshole too. but these brilliant girls made my day, they were only 21, full of hope, full of stuff i didn't know so well, there was so much to learn from them which i appreciate. so thx milu for begging for more bacon as if i don't feed you at all. 🀦🏽‍♀️πŸ₯© ( when one of the photos got blurry, it really got blurry. so i wanted to keep it since it really expressed the scene.) #dog #dogs #friends #uws #nyc #ny #newyork #sunday #love #bacon

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I've been experiencing very unusual stuff lately. by this i mean seeing a buddha all of a sudden, a random whisper from a man on walking stairs saying "you look like the stars in the sky" or two elderly women around their 75s, wanting to hold my hand while they were praying to jesus while i was already pretty d***k with tons of margaritas the other day. and me giving my hand, so they create this f****n voltran and pray to jesus and i am like "whattttt the f..k πŸ™„" and it got even weirder when we all left the bar together and went to key foods to buy them coffee cream. i don't know what you guys did to the normal me because i am going to bed around 10:30 pm ( my normal has been around 3am for 35 years) thinking it's almost past my bed time. i started drinking beer ( i probably have drank 2 beers in total before then.), and i am thinking about cooking all the time ( i cook well but always hated it) i am more focused on the 'pleasure' than the 'pain'; i am all the more calmer, much more, so much more quiet. probably the quietest i had ever been. fleetwood mac, baby i love you but you were wrong; you can break the chain. you can break, unbreak, re-love, unlove, start all over again, forgive and forget, go to that bar together as if it was the very first nite you met with him and start from scratch. haruki murakami was right all along; we are the sky, whereas feelings and habits that create the feelings are just the clouds passing by, because they are temporary. you remain; they just pass by. all places are temporary places. and you can break the chain. tears, blood, sweat, all things salty are required to do that but you can do it, you can break the chain, indeed. just disobey. ( ps: if you see any unusual ig activity from me, it's not me, it's my phone which is broken like crazy as of tonite, it follows/unfollows from even the stuff on ig feed, from what pages the ones i'm following follow, i seem to like, follow, unfollow even from the feed bc i can't control the screen much. so, i'm sorry in advance. goes without saying, i am looking for a new iphone.as usual.)

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Last year this time, while i was living in greenpoint, i remember the early morning of the thanksgiving being the most silent version of a big city i had ever seen or heard. not even a thing was in motion, you could hear even if a leaf moved a tiny little inch. i remember standing in front of adam's delicatessen about to get inside to buy the largest pear pie; and thinking 'holy fuck, i feel like the 3 polish men inside and i are the only ones alive right now, so from today on i'll be eating only polish food. cabbage forever.' thanksgiving is sweet, this and that. but, how does it really make sense that you first thank god or whoever he is for what you have and then you run to the stores bc it's black friday; and crazily consume? like you get in the line in -71 degrees just to buy anything with a reduced price, just because you know it's much cheaper than usual regardless you need it or not. oh, the truck wheels are on sale, let me buy 3 of them too, just in case- you never know. well i mean it feels a bit contradictory to me. if you are thankful, you are thankful. you don't just pray around the table and then run to the shopping malls or the other way aroundπŸ¦ƒ but anyways, it is at least holiday for most of the people and they will drink and smoke all the way tonite, i am fully supportive of that, so it is all goooood. πŸ₯° ( and i wrapped milu in bow-tie style, like a gift box, because why wouldn't i 🎁) #thanksgiving #blackfriday #2018 #nyc #ny #newyork #dog #love

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Yes, i am female. no, i am not a protected veteran. do i look or sound like a veteran? i hope not. well, i am of white race, that is right. / no, i don't have disability. no, i won't require your company to issue me a work visa. no, i don't have active duty in the us army. 😬 not that i know of anyways. what type of visa am i on? o1. yes, i didn't have to get married to an asshole to get a visa. yes, did it all on my own. well, so far at least. could i have not? i probably could. but probably that would be a disaster. all right, enough. yes, i am a wanderer. yes, the past is dust. yes the future is a fog. ( this is my own sentence, if you use this in anyway, i will shoot you in the ass.) i am so gonna play the game. but yes, i am impatient as fuck. no no, i am not fed up or anything. this is so much fun. βœ‹πŸΎ #fuckyoujobsearch #motherfuckerjobsearch #assholejobsearch #nyc #ny #newyork #mood #home #love

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