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One reason why you hardly see photos of myself here is because i feel uncomfortable to be photographed or filmed. i don't like how i look when i pose or do a cam smile ... i always feel watched and look and behave so unnatural.😅
that's why my husband likes to photograph me secretly. this one was taken last week at the saul leiter exhibition in munich. one of the rare pictures of myself i like. 😅
btw, a little recommendation to my munich followers and photo lovers, it's really a wonderful exhibition of saul leiter's work and completely for free. ❤
© stefan oberholz
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For me, painting with my own, selfmade watercolors is so great! it has a lot of advantages. and even making them is very enjoyable. yesterday i made new watercolors out of pigments. ➡swipe to see more pics and videos➡
i posted parts of the process in my story. many of you asked if i could make a tutorial video with detailed explanations, so that they could learn how to do it. unfortunately, i don't have enough time at the moment.
but if you are interested, you can find a very in-depth step-by-step tutorial in my art book (link in bio). i packed every info you have to know into one chapter. .
now i need to make fluorescent yellow, cobalt turquoise and caput mortuum to complete my set. can't wait to make them. which should i do next? and should i post more videos - even if they won't teach you the whole process? some of you said they liked watching them because it's so calming. you know what: it's even more relaxing making them! give it a try! .
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Waterfall and camping dog.😅
this illustration is completely painted with my mineral and earth pigment palette.
➡ swipe for close-up and palette ➡
i really have a soft spot for natural, non organic pigments. one reason is their granulation and lightfastness, but also the idea to paint "nature with nature". my favourite natural pigment is bloodstone. i used it mainly for the stone parts here. mixed with a little bit of sodalite.
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Summertime ☀
this was an exclusive summer print for my book campaign which is not available anymore. but it's also presented in my art book "cozy days" along with the other three exclusive season illustrations (link in bio).
are you ready for summer yet? i'm not, because i've still a lot of work to do at the moment. but i'm looking forward to enjoy the sun when i'm done. i just hope it won't get too hot. weather is getting so extreme these days. 🔥
any tips for staying cool during a heat wave? .
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It's finally time for sketching outside again. 🌳🌲🏡☀ messy/rough pencil sketch in my selfmade sketchbook from yesterday.
i'm trying to find out what materials to use on the go for this summer. pencils, graphite, watercolors or anything else? what are your favourite tools for sketching outside?
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Phew, that was difficult to choose, but here are 16 of my favourite matcha girl versions of my "draw this in your style" challenge (swipe - in the middle my original girl). the artists are all tagged on their pictures.
way over 1000 entries so far and i loved them all! don't be disappointed if i didn't choose your artwork, but there where too many great ones and it's just my personal subjective taste.
you can see more selected pieces in my highlights and of course all by searching for the hashtag #iravillematcha.
thank you so much for taking part everyone! for those that didn't post there matcha girl yet: don't worry, i'm still looking forward to seeing more. what i liked most were the many different styles and great ideas.
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Here is a new piece for my "plant hair ladys" collection. this one is inspired by succulents. 😊
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In the past i used to love writing letters, especially with real ink on paper. and even more i liked to decorate them. in my childhood i had a bunch of penpals and i spent hours of decorating these letters. now i don't have penpals anymore, because social media has taken over the role, but from time to time i still like to write letters via snail mail to my friends and family. and when i do this i make them extra special.
here are two examples how i like to handpaint these envelopes and writing sheets. what about you, do you still write and send letters with snail mail? i'm thinking about making a little stationery collection for my shop, would you be interested?
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I recorded the painting process of my "draw this in your style" matcha girl. you can see the full video on my youtube channel (link in bio). let me know if you enjoy the video, it took me soo much time to edit, export and upload this... 😅
music by kai engel http://freemusicarchive.org/music/kai_engel/
creative commons attribution-noncommercial 4.0 international public license
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Today i would like to announce that i will close my etsy shop this saturday (may 18th, 8pm cest) for a while because of too much work and because i need more time to create new artworks and products for my shop.
so if you want to buy something, you should do it before the end of saturday. these 3 portraits are still available as a set of giclée prints. besides other pieces, of course. ☺
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finally i managed to enter a piece for the #drawthisinyourstyle challenge. a lot of you asked me to do that, but until now i didn't have enough time, and i thought it would be too late for this. but it seems this challenge is still going on and i really wanted to do this. also i'm very curious to see your interpretations of my "matcha girl". 😅
the rules are simple:
tag me (@iraville ) and in the picture if you want to enter your version of my illustration, and use the hashtag #iravillematcha. of course your account has to be public if you want to take part. i will post my favourites in my story and in my feed. maybe your piece will be featured! i'm looking forward to see your versions! 😃
do you have any questions?
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I made this illustration some time ago for @nobrowpress magazine's 10th anniversary edition book "studio dreams". i totally forgot to post this back then, because the book was published at the same time when the kickstarter campaign for my own book "cozy days" started. 😅
but better late then never.
the book features a lot of great illustrators and their interpretation of "studio dreams".😍
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