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I made some new watercolors today for an upcoming giveaway.😊
this here is light yellow ochre. ➑️swipe for more➑️
did you ever used selfmade watercolors? in my opinion, they have so much more character then the industrial ones. (of course it also depends on the pigments you choose.)
you can find a tutorial in my art book (link in my bio) where i show an easy way to make them.
i love this warm yellow so much that i wanted to share it with you!
what would you paint with it? .
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What a coincidence! the first snow has fallen while i finished this picture.❄ ➑swipe➑
i made this one with my self-made watercolors. it's not that difficult and has a lot of advantages. maybe you wanna try it for yourself? in my art book you can find a step-by-step tutorial (link in my bio). it's so peaceful when snow is falling! do you also have snowy winters where you live? did it already snow? if not, i hope you enjoy the picture anyways.❄⛄
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Hello dear friends!
especially for those of you who want to buy something in my shop or order my art book (which is on sale now!) as a gift, i made these cute little gift card. 🎁
i thought it would be helpful if anything will not arrive before christmas. just drop me a line in the comments if you want to use it. i will write you a direct message later with a link where you can download the card as a .pdf, and print it out whenever you want. 🎁
also, please note that i will close the shop tuesday in the late evening cet. all links to order something are in my bio. 🌲🌳
i wish you a wonderful and peaceful week
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I 've just put these 2 new limited giclée-prints up into my shop (link in my bio). 🌲🌳🏑
i also want to announce: because of holidays, i will close my shop next week on tuesday for a few weeks.
so if you want to buy something before holidays, you should do it until then.
please keep in mind that i ship from germany and orders from outside europe might take a bit longer.
also, some of you may have missed that my art book is now on sale! (link in bio)
🎁maybe you need a nice christmas present ...πŸŽ„πŸ˜‰
don't hesitate to ask anything!
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I finally finished this painting today. it took me some time, because i had other work to do in between. also, i needed a little break from it to get some distance before finishing it.
it's a bit unusal for me to paint 'til the edges but i quite like it. ☺
you can find some progress shots and vids in my highlight. 🌳🏑🌳🌲
do you recognize which country this is inspired by?
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Ad/werbung πŸ“–πŸ“š on cold winter days a warm blanket, hot tea and a good book are my best companions (besides painting of course). even better it gets with a selfmade bookmark.
if you want to know how i make them, you can check out the diy tutorial i made for #diynachten advent calendar @flow_magazin . you can find it on their igtv.
unfortunately i'm talking in german there because it's for the german @flow_magazin but maybe you understand it anyways (or maybe you are curious how i sound in my native language πŸ˜‰) do you like to read yourself or what is your favourite activity on cold winter days?
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You may have noticed in my stories that a lot of people have already received - and others are still receiving - my art book "cozy days: the art of iraville"
good news today: it is now on sale for everyone! you can buy it at 3dtotals webshop 🌳(link in my bio)🌳. they ship worldwide.
amazon, other online bookstores and local bookstores will follow soon.
the book presents hundreds of my best illustrations as well as an insights into my career path, painting process, some diy tutorials and much more. more infos on the webshop.
i'm totally happy how it turned out. and i can't wait to hear what you think of it! ➑swipe for an insight➑
any questions?
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Throwback to a sketch i did in ireland 2 years ago and i still really like.🌳🏑🌳
i wanted to make a little print of it back in time but somehow i forgot about it. what do you think, should i do a print of it now, or should i do a new, bigger illustration out of this sketch and make a print of it, or should i completely forget about this old sketch? πŸ˜…
no worries, i am also working on new illustrations to make them as prints.πŸ˜‰

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Some time ago i asked you if you would like to see some unfinished painting videos i found on my phone. so here you go: little watercolor progress, unfortunately without the finishing part. but you can see the final result in the end of the video. isn't it satisfying and relaxing to watch anyways?
music by kai engel http://freemusicarchive.org/music/kai_engel/
creative commons attribution-noncommercial 4.0 international public license
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On these greenhouses i experimented a bit with gouache, watercolors and pastels. 🌡🌴🌱
it seems as if the light of the upper left piece is in the photo, but it's not: it's the pastel effect in the illustration. πŸ˜…
more previously unreleased greenhouses can be found in my book which will be available very soon (link for pre-ordering in my bio)
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I'm working almost full-time on my orders at the moment because my lovely followers are buying so much from my store ❀ ( link in bio)
i want to thank you here for all your support. it helps me a lot at keeping to do what i love most. not only with your purchases, but also with all your likes and heartwarming comments.
πŸ’•thank you!!πŸ’•
but because of that i hadn't time to finish my current illustrations right now, so here is a little #throwback from 2016. this is my part of the collaboration i did with @pearfleur ➑swipe➑ to see her part too. we both enjoyed the collaboration so much and i hope we can do another one some day. btw: our process videos are still on our yt channels.☺
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New wrapping papers in my store.
➑ swipe ➑
you can find the link in my bio. which one is your favourite?
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