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~ digital art ~
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#art - praveen yarramilli - @yarramilli
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~ automotive ~
it was a rainy morning, the trail was muddy, the rainforest had heavy rains last night, it was humid and chikmagalur coffee plantation is infamous for leeches. just after taking this shot i realized i had leeches all over my legs, forearm and neck too. apparently, i had a smoke in my hand, i just had to remove them one by one using the lit cigarette, easy-peasy, painful but worth it. the shot made it to the 'under the hood' section which represents the visual index of the magazine.
the 20th-anniversary issue of overdrive magazine needed a special celebration. we have here - a proper suv slugfest where 25 of the best suvs sold in india take on each other in one of the most demanding and challenging arenas. but why suvs? simply because an suv is meant to be ‘more than a car’ and currently they are the most popular and fastest growing segment of vehicles, not just in india, but all over the world. the shot is part of an anniversary cover story which i shot in 2018.
the location of this shot is somewhere deep inside the forests near chikmanglur in the middle of the coffee plantation. there's an aprc rally stage which has all the tasks which an suv can suffer through.
the exact spot for the shot had already been decided during the recce run which we pulled off in the morning a day before. i wanted to show those rays passing through the rain forest, wet vegetation to give it more off-road feel.
the colour scheme matches the colour of the brand logo, land rover which is done as per the actual hex values of the car (product) colour as demanded by automotive photography. colour correction was done in adobe photoshop.

camera: nikon d810
camera lens: nikkor 70-200mm
camera setting: f/2.8, aperture f/2.8, exposure 1/1250, iso 400
ex bias: -0.7 focal 200mm
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#photooftheday 1254
#photo - anis shaikh - @annishaikh1990
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~ landscape on canvas ~
when i painted this, i thought of painting my foremost inspiration, my home town. this is also the very first time that i've painted my hometown.
the artwork is a plain air landscape on canvas with acrylic colours. it's a scene of balh valley of mandi, himachal pradesh.
my experience whilst painting was beautiful as the locals looked at me with innocence from a gap of 5 to 6 meters. i didn't ask anything either. one local student was very much interested in art, i ended up giving him a demo and some inspiration.
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#photooftheday 1253
#art - praveen rawat - @himalyan_artist1995
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Repost from @motovarnan
join us on a '1 day' drive from chandigarh to a 'secret location' and back to chandigarh on the 25th of may, 2019.

registration is ₹297 (includes 1 meal)
comment or dm for more information.

1. four wheeler (one per 4 seaters)
2. driving license and important vehicle documents
3. water bottle and snacks
4. camera for those picturesque shots!
5. comfortable attire
feel free to bring up to 3 friends, if you are the driver! interested motor heads dm us.
kindly note:
registration is ₹297 per person which includes one meal per person. fuel will not be provided by motovarnan. limited spots only. selected motor heads will be informed via dm. payment can be made via bank transfer or google pay. drivers without driving license and important vehicle documents will not be entertained. drinking alcohol is prohibited.
#inspiroindia #motovarnan #drivewithmotovarnan ⚪ ⚪ ⚪
designed by @since93kds
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~ landscape ~
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#photooftheday 1252
#photo - ashish langade - @ashish.langade
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~ monk ~
i have always been a daydreamer searching for different perspectives and avenues which merge design with photography. 'window of perspective' was an outcome of this unpredictable yet fruitful process. my perpetual love for portraits clubbed with minimal art led to this shot of a buddhist monk at the foot of key monastery. i have used procreate app on my ipad to draw the line work on a yellow vector followed by tone correction on the vsco app. following this, i created two more artworks which completed the 'window of perspective' series. i am looking forward to collaborating with more artists to create more of these.
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#photooftheday 1251
#art - siddharth samant - @that_sidartguy
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~ tasveer ~
i felt i was alive during the shoot more than any time during that day. the idea was derived from a particular state of mind, more of a juxtaposition of being frail yet beautiful, even though things were crumbling around her but there's also a safe place she knows for her to come back to, background and my subject.
it was shot in my apartment, an old house, just to overwhelm my subject's presence with her mental condition.
i used my 35mm f2 mounted on my nikon d700 with natural lighting condition, pretty much the same setup used commonly on all of the photo shoots. for post-processing, i used adobe lightroom.
camera: nikon d700
camera lens: 35mm
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#photooftheday 1250
#photo - anirban bose - @jump_an87
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~ crowded ~
i decided to illustrate the first thing i saw out my balcony and created a sense of my surroundings. buildings looked busy yet united. this digital illustration "crowded" was created on adobe photoshop using a wacom tablet. it came by when i was experimenting and trying to overcome an artist's block.
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#photooftheday 1249
#art - ujjwala bassi - @ujjwalabassi
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~ imitation game ~
it seemed as though every jeep in masai mara had gathered to watch the prospective k**l that day. the cheetah had been eyeing the deer in the distance for quite a while, eager to feed her cubs and herself. unfortunately, some jeeps went too close and ended up disrupting her hunt. she became wary of her numerous spectators.

i was in one of the few jeeps that observed from a distance, maintaining protocol. we didn’t get to see her hunt but i ended up capturing something i found just as interesting and perhaps more memorable just a few moments before the mother began stalking.

it seems that even in the animal world, it is only natural to emulate and learn from your parents. as the cub sat down next to her, he copied his mother's every movement. the cheetahs moved in sync - first turning their heads to the right and then to the left, they even stretched together!

camera: nikon d5500
camera lens: tamron 70-300mm
camera settings: f/4-5.6
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#photooftheday 1248
#photo - deeksha rathore - @deeksharathore_
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beautiful 6 pictures from #iiframe (mobile pictures) selected this week. top 12 pictures (from 48 pictures selected over the 2 months - 6 pictures every week ) of 2 months will make it to inspiro india magazine-issue# 49
iiframe is mobilography section of inspiro india.
you can read our previous issue here: www.inspiroindia.com (link in bio)
here are creative heads behind the incredible frames:







*note: don't assume that enlarged ones are better than others. don't compare.all are amazing. don't forget to submit the image.writing you dm soon.
share with us & get featured👍
hello creative heads,
introducing hash tag #iiframe for mobilography | section of inspiro india magazine. in this section we will only focus on how you framed your vision with the help of your phone. let the world know you don't need an expensive cameras to be an amazing artist.
⚫rules & regulations⚫
1. we will only feature work of an indian.
2. picture must be clicked by phone only.
3. we will choose 12 best pictures every two months (from 48 pictures selected over the 2 months 6 pictures every week ).
4. we will publish 24 pictures per month on our website.
5. colour correction is welcome but no edit (manipulation).
6. use #iiframe & share your mobile creativity with us. you may get chance to get featured in inspiro india magazine.
if you are curious #iiframe stands for inspiro india frame.
we will be featuring 6 photos from #iiframe every sunday so from 6 photos every week means from 48 photos every 2 months top 12 pictures will make it to inspiro india magazine.
please don't use #iiframe if you don't know what it is for.
use hashtag: #inspiroindia & follow us.
get a chance to get featured in inspiro india magazine.
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~ wall art ~
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#photooftheday 1247
#art - nikunj prajapati - @dostreetart
x siddharth gohil - @bykhatra
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~ haj to the inner shrine ~
i usually don't carry an idea before shooting an image. the image comes to you or the moment. i walked towards haji ali dargah and found this girl quietly sitting there. that's when i shot it and the location wasn't thought of in advance.
post-processing consisted of switching from colour to black and white.

camera: canon mark iv
camera lens: 35mm
camera settings:1/400 sec on flash
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#photooftheday 1246
#photo - nirvair singh rai - @nirvairrai
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