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My mama heart is so proud of my babies! keira was lucky enough to score the lead role in the missoula play "the pied piper!" she practiced so many hours this week...and it payed off...because she totally nailed her lines! she projected her voice and sang beautifully! i couldn't be more proud of her success!
i'm not forgetting kurt...he was great too..he's shy on stage but he asked to be in the play and i was soooo shocked! he did it and didn't complain once! i am proud that he also remembered his lines and truly proud that he got up there to be honest!

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Feeling the snow falling on his face

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This puppy is so full of fun and mischief! he fits right in our pack :). it's the middle of the month, and that means one thing, a new loop for @themonochromaticlens! this loop is made up of incredible artists who love black and white photography. tap this image, follow along until you end up back here.
up next: @helenwhittlephotography

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Trying to catch some leaves 🍁

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Ollie is throwing leaves at kurtie ... the leaves were fun for all except dad of course (since he has to clean them up!). ps ollie has mad jumping skills!

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Everything is better together

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Grandma hugs x*x

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More from the same night of dress up

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I thought venom was pretty scary looking ...but he liked the movie. my little muscle man... lol

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You get em! lasso of truth

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My favorite wonder girl!

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