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I’m busy cleaning and these two are resting!!! #livinthelife

comment 1 star 27 13 hours ago

How tall is ollie??? he was up on his tippy-paws...but she’s cheating bc she’s on higher ground and has shoes on too!

comment 2 star 32 Yesterday

#socc this sound will never get old! out combing the beach...

comment 1 star 41 2 days ago

Yesterday keira had her first nyssma experience. she did a solo for both flute and vocal. she was a bit nervous but she did great! she achieved an outstanding for both! we are extremely proud of her accomplishments. she worked hard with help from some wonderful teachers mrs. cabral, mrs. goodland, mrs. palmer and mrs.lea! many thanks to you all!

comment 2 star 58 2 weeks ago

Practicing on ollie’s time

comment 7 star 45 2 weeks ago

Last thursday kurtie and i spent about two and a half hrs walking around a random neighborhood and then played at a park we found. towards the end, out of nowhere he said, “mom i’m so happy i spent all this time with you...i had the best time.” #familyovereverything #iamsolucky #iphone

comment 1 star 54 2 weeks ago

My favorite girl!! today we spent the day together running errands and at the end i stopped to get some coffee. while waiting keira and i chatted and she was hugging me. a random lady came up to us and said that we seemed to be very close and that we are lucky to have such a beautiful connection. made my day...i love my family more than anything!

comment 3 star 46 3 weeks ago

Still love to dig in the sand and create their own game. i love the way kids think x*x

comment 2 star 19 3 weeks ago

When you think the pup is just like you and want to go down the slide! ps. he had fun climbing up the slide too!!!

comment 4 star 51 3 weeks ago

Life is always better when you can do things together!

comment 3 star 47 4 weeks ago

The tree hugger! #seeinanewway

comment 2 star 32 4 weeks ago

Twinning!! i secretly wish that she becomes a vet!! #dogwhisperer

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