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Sunday snuggles! “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – anatole france it's the middle of the month, and that means one thing, a new #themonochromaticlensloop! this loop is made up of incredible artists who love black and white photography. tap this image, follow along until you end up back here.
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comment 21 star 49 12 hours ago

I love this kid more than words can express

comment 2 star 28 19 hours ago

New equipment! ollie is not understanding that this ball is for keira to hit and not for him to play fetch or rather for us to chase him around the yard to get it back!!!

comment 5 star 43 Yesterday

Catch, tag and release! great experience for my kids. thanks to @ducksunlimitedinc #iphone

comment 2 star 36 Yesterday

Love the smile and joy captured #mysweetboy

comment 1 star 27 2 days ago

Not the best image but all four in one image...i’ll take it! i wanted to take picts on the snow day but when we got home it was actually raining :(

comment 2 star 28 3 days ago

Ollie loves to sit on the arm or the back of the couch so he can see out the window. it’s twice as much fun when the kids are playing music in the same room or simply sitting on the couch with him!

comment 5 star 43 4 days ago

Catching the snow...

comment 1 star 43 5 days ago

Couldn’t wait to get home to play...

comment 3 star 41 5 days ago

Lean on me

comment 1 star 43 5 days ago

She was a bit under the weather and both pups were checking up on her... giving a little bit of love 💕

comment 2 star 43 1 weeks ago

Snuggling my hooman! she spent two days on the couch ...a little under the weather

comment 7 star 44 2 weeks ago