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The beatles’ fame needs no narration. through music and life, the band left behind no small legacy. the beatles ashram at #rishikesh stands testimony to how this iconic band left their footprints behind in a foreign land. #globalbeatlesday #uttarakhand #incredibleindia

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Explore the stunning beauty of naini lake located in #uttarakhand. the freshwater lake surrounded by seven hills makes it a real paradise and the perfect destination for a stress-free vacation. #incredibleindia
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Located in south #delhi, the renowned dilli haat bursts will colour and energy. this bustling market offers a variety of handicrafts along with several shops serving authentic gastronomic delights. #incredibleindia

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Built in 1636 by the king thirumalai nayak, the thirumalai nayak palace is a stunning architectural masterpiece. the palace is a fine blend of dravidian and islamic styles. #tamilnadu #incredibleindia #architecture #india #palaces

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When in agra, treat yourself to a royal time travel. with intricate designs and brilliant architecture, the golden pavilion of agra fort is in every sense a structural wonder. #uttarpradesh #incredibleindia #india #architecture #agra

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The unity of the body, mind and soul. of thought and action. this #internationaldayofyoga, let us pledge to protect and celebrate this age-old wellness tradition and make it an integral part of our everyday lives. #idy2019 #incredibleindia

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This international day of yoga, give your body, mind and soul a good stretch. #internationaldayofyoga2019 #idy2019 #incredibleindia

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Time for wanderlust, time for self-discovery, time to tame your hunger pangs, time to travel solo, time for a family vacay, time to relax and meditate. explore india, by the road less travelled. #incredibleindia #asia #travel #destinationindia

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“yoga is the fountain of youth. you’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” - bob harper #idy2019 #incredibleindia #yoga #yogaposes

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With velvety plumage and large yellow beak, the narcondam hornbill is quite a sight to behold. the species is endemic to narcondam island in #andamans #incredibleindia #wildlife #birdsofinstagram

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From clouds floating aimlessly over its picturesque landscape to the many wildlife it sustains, tso kar, a high altitude alpine lake in #ladakh is a dreamy destination for all the right reasons. #jammuandkashmir #incredibleindia

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Many temple sculptures have been inspired by the ancient spiritual practice of yoga and its many postures or asanas. #idy2019 #incredibleindia

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