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Dari drum. #selamatharimusiknasional. 📷 by @sancoyopurnomo taken from behind the scene of @elephantkind’s ‘pleaser’ music video.

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I feel like believing takes whole energy and the worth depends on what/whom to believe in, same like living, do you feel the same way?

@shareefadaanish genuinely portrayed what it takes to believe. ‘i believe in you’ a music visual by elephant kind, written and directed by yours truly, watch the video now on youtube. (📼 link on @elephantkind’s bio)

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Ferg 25th on feb 25th, she got swag it’s drippin on her. whatever the future may hold, may love be with her always. say happy birthday to @fergiegbrittany!

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Elephant kind’s “pleaser” 90s-2000s video directed and coloured by yours truly with a touch of @ganidrarai‘s hand on the animation. watch the music video now on youtube. (📼 link on @elephantkind’s bio) #2of3

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Nadin amizah (@cakecaine )’s new single ‘sorai’, written by the artist and her uncle @deadpixxl, produced by me.
it’s always been an emotional, humble and careful experience to capture her heart since ‘rumpang’. #funfact, this time in ‘sorai’, i organically wanted to observe the personality of nadin not only from her singing and writing but i let her play some part of the piano too. listen to #sorai now on spotify, apple music and all digital music platforms, hope you enjoy. 💽

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“i cannot really post this” - @blobtower

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“there’s a time in life when we feel like tiva”. new limited edition hoodie. www.matterhalo.com

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Dear 272.000 @spotify listeners, you know who you are and i hope you enjoyed your 2018, love 💽 #aerotiva

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Always love the shots that @bagoestresna took, even from his phone. here are some of on-set stills from @elephantkind ’s ‘sour’ music video. shoutout to the team for making this happen @majipiktura @sleepyheaaad @bayugustian @nabadita @likosukhoyd @elvirayesica @bagoestresna @gladystiono @elephantkind @iamsoftanimal @bammastro @kevinseptanto @ameviaap @natasharosanie @ninonirmolo

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A red pub vibe w/ @bammastro, @iamsoftanimal, @kevinseptanto, @ameviaap, @elephantkind, @majipiktura & the abandoned toy. 📼

comment 4 star 333 November 2018