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Reflection dopeness on the world famous unesco world heritage lago di braies in south tyrol.

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I m p r e s s i o
‘sweden - a moody beauty’
song 🎵 by hazy (cosmos)
roam. explore. create. share.

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Tryna change my style a bit. 🔥

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Next destination: lonely lake in sweden. got a good mood, didn’t i? 😮 from now on i will give a song recommendation under every post.
hazy - cosmos (ambient)

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Hey guys! that’s me! not in full size but almost 🤟🏼 luckily my friend was with me to take a new profile shot for me. he did good i think. thank you a ton bro @jckimg 🙌🏼

luckily we are human. we are not flawless. we make mistakes. sometimes we do it over and over again, although we wanna stop. but we wouldn’t be human if we couldn’t learn. and sometimes we have to learn it on the hard way, yeah that’s true. don’t hide your face behind a mask because you did so many mistakes. look straight upon the sky and say your self: i was dumb back then, but now i wanna change, really. a wise old saying at the end: „life is all about evolution. what looks like a mistake to others is a milestone in my life. even if people have betrayed me, even if my heart was broken, even if people misunderstood or judged me, i have learned from these incidents. we are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference.“

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Just my girl and her poncho 🌿

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Strange clouds transformation in the sky. maybe mother nature’s piece of art for today? who knows?

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Want me to smile, you want me to laugh? you want me to walk on the stage with a smile on my face. when i'm mad and put on a mask? for real though
i mean, what you expect from me? i'm tryna do this respectfully. they say that life is a race. i knew my problems would prolly catch up eventually. ~ @nfrealmusic w/ therapy session

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A morning with #visitsweden @visitsweden 🤟🏼🍁 rate the mood (1 to 10)

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I’m green da ba dee da ba daa.

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Roam. explore. create. inspire. connect. love what you do, otherwise it won’t fill your heart with passion. thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for posing oh this cozy and moody place. let’s have a great friday guys and fill your heart with passion.

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