Leaving the past behind like the πŸ‘ˆπŸΎthank god for a blessed 2018 as long as you are human you are going to have problems just be thankful your alive! god bless.

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This is the look my little brother @imanshumpert be giving me when he can't get his files for his records! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚get em joe proud of you! #wecreateculture #puttingtheplantogether

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@jonathanmannion #slick rick @therulernyc diamond dusted prints are still available at www.thecmpd.com! #wecreateculture

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There's no place like home! compound crib! #wecreateculture #blessed

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You got to love it when your accessories fits you 4fts. shouts out to the big bro @therulernyc! @mcmworldwide boxing gloves!

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This is where culture is created! compound 2.0 @thecompound_

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The path to success is very narrow and requires balance in a unbalanced world! keep your focus on god!

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I'm blessed to be able to reflect back on some legendary conversations with legendary people that i've been apart of then apply that knowledge to my present and future! without us three the culture would have been very different! each one teach one! @yasiinbey @funkflex

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At ✌🏾

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Excited to be putting the plan together with @asapferg! pushing the culture forward in 2019!

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Happy holidays from the fam @ronenglishart stay tuned we have some cool things we cooking up for 2019

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Believe in god then yourself! humbleness is the key! god bless and happy holidays!

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