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Ermygerd ive known you for so long!!! happy birthday my dude i love ya so much i can never express how grateful this grumpy old pain in your a*s is to have you as a friend, i’m so excited to see where ya go in life you’ve been an amazing friend and fantastic person. love ya eric...
grandma voice *i remember when i was taller than you

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Squadin’ it up lookin at dragons and spring flowers 💐

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Well sekiro is fun

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As usual @yildunstar is snapping awesome photos and naturally i’m stealing them and posting them to my own feed. only this time billy is in them which i’m lovin’
thanks for always making me change my profile photo for stuff when we go on trips

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One: bucket: boy: choked
one: billy: boy: sleeped
900: coors banquets: crushed

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Good boy appreciation post: black shepard edition

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Day two: escaped unto the mountains to throw the pinkertons off our trail 🏔

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Coming to the brutally harsh realization that the reason i’m tired all the time is the 4+ cups of coffee i have every day... i guess i should cut back starting monday ☕️ g’night all

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*crops bad mustache out of picture*
oh yeah boi look at those tattoos that aren’t finished yet 😎

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A culmination of my best low res s****y camera sky shots from the past 10 years i’m archiving before they’re deleted from my harddrives and mobile devices

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Top o’ the world almost 2 years ago

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