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Puppo’s crunchy kibble with brushing action supports healthy teeth and gums, and that’s something to smile about. happy #internationaldayofhappiness, puppo people! #heypuppo

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Does your pup have dry skin? that’s an itch we can scratch. puppo will infuse powerful nutrients like omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and b vitamins to nourish sensitive skin. #heypuppo

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We’re lucky to have best friends like pups. 🍀 happy #stpatricksday! #heypuppo

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Sweet kisses are sweeter with puppo. our crunchy kibble with brushing action helps scrape away plaque and maintain gum health. thanks for sharing, @_grizel_! #mypuppo

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Louie has food allergies, so he needs food made especially for him. and when personalized kibble is this delicious? it’s hard to focus on much else. 📸: @lauren.stewart_dc #mypuppo

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Why are puppo puppies leaders of the pack? our team of nutrition experts know when your puppy's cognitive abilities are developing based on their exact age and size. their tailored formula includes omega-3 fatty acids like dha in the right amount at the right time. #heypuppo

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Air doggo! if your dog is super active, puppo personalizes their recipe to balance carbs and fats, supporting healthy energy and making epic catches like this possible. #heypuppo

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Little mouths need extra love. #dyk plans for small dogs include smaller-sized kibble that’s packed with energy? #heypuppo

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It feels good to be loved. that’s why puppo plans are personalized with your pup’s wellness goals in mind. jack’s formula is made with glucosamine and chondroitin to support his strong joints! 📸: @catherine.grey #mypuppo

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Ernie’s strong joints make afternoon rolls more fun! tag a pic of your pup for a chance to be featured. thanks, @morganhulick! #mypuppo

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No parents? no rules. except eating delicious kibble, that is. puppo’s smart delivery system takes the stress off of #petparents: we know when it's time to send you a new bag, so pet parents don't need to shop. #heypuppo

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Small pups like frank make our ❤️ beat, so it’s our job to keep his heart healthy. puppo nutrition plans are tailor-made to include nutrients like calcium, vitamin e, potassium, and magnesium to do just that. #heypuppo

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