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This shot was two years in the making. my first time visiting boardman, i spent all day scouting every single turn out for new unique photo opps, and i was lucky enough to turn a corner and just stumble upon these rays. i knew i’d have to recreate the exact time of year, weather conditions, and time of day to ever see them again. on our trip now, we had to visit the spot twice to finally get it right. funny how something as specific as light rays over a road can motivate you to get out and explore. #whpwanderlust

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This particular waterfall will always hold a special place in my heart. i first went to iceland in 2016, right as the tourism boom there was taking off. we took a red eye flight from san francisco, hopped in a rental car, and drove all the way to this waterfall without stopping. walking behind the massive falls for the first time made me realize i never wanted to stop traveling so i could have little unforgettable moments like this all over the world. still remember it like to was yesterday. glad i got to pay the falls another visit recently and relive that memory. #whpwanderlust

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You know it’s going to be a good morning when you wake up to a redwood forest in the back yard of your cozy cabin. thank you for the stay @emeraldforestcabins i’ll definitely be back.

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I felt so calm swinging over this serene coastline, watching the waves roll in. local @humboldtbasecamp let us know the locals move the swing every so often to make it harder to find, so i’m glad we were able to have this moment.
p.s. if you know the emo era song playing on the video then you get a gold star.

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Switzerland really takes the cake when it comes to photogenic roads. when we came across this one, i couldn’t help but get out of the car and have a little fun in the rain.

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Let there be light. it took me three visits to this spot over the course of two years, not to mention a 4am wake up call on this particular morning, to finally get the light rays i had always dreamt of capturing here. in this niche, it’s so much effort just to get one shot, sometimes i wonder why i chose to go into travel photography. but when the stars align in moments like this one, it makes the lack of sleep and the crazy long drives completely worth it. a split second of accomplishment and euphoria i’ll probably always be chasing around the world.

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We got the perfect amount of rain and fog for a classic pnw moody adventure. i’ve never been much of a sun person anyways. hoping to move to the upper left of the u.s. someday soon.

photo by @braybraywoowoo with my edit

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Booked a last minute flight to washington for a get away in the woods with good friends. dreamy pnw cabin vibes brought to you by @littleowlcabin.

photo by @jguzmannn with my edit

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I could hardly believe the winding roads all around this swiss lake. personally, i love to drive, so getting driving this was such a treat. hopefully someday i can go back and ball out taking these turns in a mclaren.

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Visiting zermatt and the matterhorn is such a classic stop on any switzerland trip. most of the time, the tip of the matterhorn is covered in clouds...you have to go in the summer and, even then, still get really lucky to be able to see the whole thing. we saw it all day and then right at sunset the clouds came back, but it still looked pretty cool regardless. it’s also right next door to some of the most beautiful glaciers i’ve ever seen.

photos snapped by @karl_shakur with my edit

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From an insane morning in iceland’s highlands with the boys: @karl_shakur, @harry.travel and @h0rdur. even while we there it was hard to believe a place like this really exits. maybe it was just a dream.

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These are just some of the insane views we got on our heli ride with @helitoursqueenstown over fjordland in nz. we saw glacial lakes and insane mountain ranges, then landed in milford sound and on top of a glacier. it was a wild ride i won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

also, @nomadict just published a super in depth interview on me and my journey as a travel photographer. if you’re a interested in giving it a read, the links on their profile.

the two photos of me in this carousel were taken by @ryanresatka with my edit

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