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Chasing fall colors like...

comment 96 star 5,822 6 hours ago

Maybe it was all a dream

comment 127 star 5,171 Yesterday

Morning drives on the icelandic coast are just so unique. nowhere can do a black sand beach like iceland can.

comment 128 star 13,331 2 days ago

Ever since i visited iceland two years ago, i knew i needed to return and see the highlands for myself. finally had the chance to go, and we were lucky enough to meet @h0rdur who was kind enough to show us around. it was everything i could have imagined and more. @karl_shakur sent @harry.travel’s drone up and managed to snag this shot while i was standing by the lake, then i threw a little edit on it.

comment 162 star 7,418 3 days ago

Back in california for a hot second to do a client shoot along highway 1. when we wrapped after sunrise, i just had to pay a visit to my favorite tree tinsel and have a little fun. it’s pretty cool places like this are my office now, at least some of the time.

comment 126 star 6,843 4 days ago

I’m spending the weekend gearing up for the next adventure! i leave tomorrow to go chase fall colors in the northeast. being born and raised on the west coast, i can’t wait to go experience proper fall for the first time. if you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

comment 68 star 4,657 5 days ago

We had gotten this day all wrong and, by the end of it, realized we weren’t going to make it to the next spot in time for sunset. but while witnessing golden hour from the road, we pulled over, @harry.travel sent his drone up, and we were able to catch this. just goes to show sometime my favorite images from a trip are a s****e of luck.

comment 88 star 3,728 6 days ago

One of my all time favorite roads. we pulled up in the dark the night before, so had absolutely no idea what we were looking at. being surprised with this view when the sun came up was definitely not a bad way to wake up.

comment 165 star 8,252 1 weeks ago

On our last day in iceland, we decided to book it up to kirkjufell since none of us had been before. i could hardly believe my eyes when we pulled up as the storm cleared into rainbows. this country never ceases to surprise me.

big thank you to @bluecarrental for hooking us up with our adventure mobile for the trip.

comment 83 star 3,337 2 weeks ago

Looking back at all the adventures of this year so far, backpacking havasupai in less than 48 hours still stands out as the craziest. miss you @alexandriaroby.

comment 63 star 4,147 2 weeks ago

It’s only called a dream until it happens to you

comment 42 star 3,021 2 weeks ago

I’ve had the southwest on my mind a lot recently. it’s incredible how the u.s. has so many starkly different landscapes all in one big country, and this area is the most unique. looking forward to returning to this section of my home country soon.

comment 106 star 6,658 2 weeks ago