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Do you also hate speaking on the phone as much as i do? i usually distract myself from unnecessary calls with doodling flowers. and when it comes to waiting on hold, well, then the doodling might get a bit out of hand 🙈#whpimbored

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Tell me i am not alone! i am not bragging by any means but today was amazing, i got such an exciting email from dreamy company which wants to work with me(thanks to you guys❤), had an exciting job interview, going to interview for a podcast in a while and felt like on the top of the world. but just two days ago i was telling all my friends i give up, quit and delete it all 🤣 crazy? maybe! anyone with me? let's show others we are not alone! #communityovercompetition

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Nature is one of my biggest creative inspirations but when there is nothing going on outside, i might as well create my own spring with a bit of magic, don't you think? i have never been great in painting but i am embracing it and loving it lately, because once you know you s**k anyway, there is no expectations and you can just have pure childish joy our of it! #make_more_magic

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Did you know, that skin is the largest o***n in our body? and all you put on the skin goes straight through to your blood stream. i had no idea! so when you eat something toxic, you have a liver to try to clean it up on the way. but on the skin, nope, straight in. i find it quite disgusting so i decided to switch all my cosmetics to natural products starting with this fabulous face cleanser from @westbarnco and slowly replacing everything as i use it up. it seems difficult to find healthy natural alternatives, but at the end of the day, it makes life so much easier as you don't have thousands junk products falling of the shelves 😁 #giftedproduct #honestopinion

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Good morning the loveliest followers! i woke up like this today, would you believe it? 🐰 must have eaten too much bunny chocolate yesterday! how was your weekend? hope you have amazing day no matter if you celebrate easter, ostera or nothing at all 🐣 p.s. check the stories to see how i took this photo by myself 😉

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So i am dying to know guys, what is your view on the whole copying/originality/imitation game? have you been acusing of copying?🙋‍♀️ have you noticed someone copying your work without giving you a credit?🙋‍♀️ have you seen someone being obviously way too inspired?🙋‍♀️ how did it make you feel? is it sometimes stopping you from being creative at all? it definitely does stop me and i so often get totally paralysed and i would love for all of use to get over this together. share your thoughs please, i will talk all about this and share some tips and ideas in sunday's newsletter! #communityovercompetition

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Here i am, a peaceful bird mama enjoying golden hour with my bird nest kind of hair. but in fact, the carefully crafted nest is obviously falling down together with my bra and the leaves i use to cover my hideous tattoos hold on the duck tape, all that happening infront of my window! sometimes the journey to fullfill our dream ideas ain't that easy and is rather slippery, isn't it? 😉
#anyeggscuse #thatwinterspringthing #cs_egghunt2018 @creativelysquared @ferrerorocheraunz

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If i need to escape from busy everyday life just for a tiny bit, travelling down the memory lane is the best way to go! #whpawaywego
what is your favourite memory you love to travel bacj to? i love that we all have our own world in our heads, made out of all the memories we decided to save up for latery and bits and bobs we collected over the years. also, my hair is becoming person of its own, have you noticed? 🤣

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Believe. be kind. be brave. always create. say no. well here you have it, that is pretty much it, innit? i made these little gifts for my friends to remind them what is import to them and you can get yours too! i am joining #atouchofkind project from victoria of @featherandwild and 3 of you can get their own piece of forest with any word you like. what to do?
comment on this photo with what would you want to have on your trinket and why? and if you win, you should do the same and pay the kindness forward. that is it. limited to europe only.

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Have you ever thought about breaking up with instagram? i know it is hard at times guys and you might feel like giving up. and lots of you asked me if i enjoyed my break. i didn't, i missed you! but if you are thinking about a break yourself, i wrote all about mine and how i came back on my blog. click the link in the bio! and if you have any questions and worry or struggle, send me a message and let's chat! let's make instagram fun again ❤

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I don't often post anything related to my relationship but here we go. my boyfriend just got on the plane and i won't see him for 3 weeks. for someone it might be easy, for me it is the hardest thing. he is my best friend and who is going to warm me up at night anyway? so i decided to post one of my favourite pictures so when i can't sleep at night and frantically scroll instagram, i will see his beautiful face here. #dontjudgeme

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Her internest is one year old today!!! and this video pretty much sums up how did we grow in here: at the beginning it was all a bit blurry but i put all the love and care into it and then it suddenly clicked and i found the best people on instagram to follow me 😁 so it is not me, it is really you guys who made this instayear the best. and i hope in the second year to help to grow others as much as i can! it is going to be a creative ride, ain't that right?

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