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[gifted] choosing and buying sofa felt like the most adult decision of my life so of course i had to balance it out with a silly bow and new rabbit friend!
when we moved in our new flat, no sofa felr like the right one. so we decided to be creative, bought the "naked" sofa from ikea and then cover of our dreams from @bemzdesign. they have so many colours to choose from so we ordered couple of sets of samples(you get them for free) and you helped us choose the best!
and then i contacted bemz and they kindly gifted me one in exchange for a couple of photos which i am very grateful for. i love their sustainable thinking that there is no need to throw away your old sofa, you can just get new cover and they also have a lot of natural and recycled materials to choose from! win win! #bemzdesign

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About a year and a half ago i discovered my boyfriends old typewriter. i mean, what is it not too love about it. soon enough typewriter surrounded by pretty much anything in a flatlay composition became one of the biggest cliches of instagram after peonies, cups in hands, and you know, all the other props that "works". i really resisted using it again because i just hate being a sheep. but i mean, i love that thing for a great symbolics of "writing a visual stories", so i will stick with it, for myself and not anyone else. one of the ways of being creative long term is to allow yourself too be unoriginal and boring sometimes, be ordinary, so here you go, my beloves typewriter telling festive story.
#cs_deckthehalls @creativelysquared @ohh.happyhome

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Did i assembled the tiny wreath on my pearl earing to pretend i have a giant christmas jewellery? yes i did! does it mean you are fake? nope. what i love the most about creativity and sharing it with you is that you can create your own world with your own rules. you are just as any other artist sharing your view on the world and that is such a magical thing if you ask me, allowing someone to see that pure bit od your cretaive soul and beautiful brain! as long as you don't pretend you have it all and make others feel like shit, of course, you will never be fake so don't worry to be a bit more creative ๐Ÿ˜™
#cs_deckthehalls @creativelysquared @ohh.happyhome #objectproject_wreath

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Over the past weekend i could see a lot of pre-christmas panic raising on instagram from people not having a wreath yet because well, must-have, innit! so i took this photo i love dearly to tell you 3 things:
1. i love a good wonky handmade wreath but it is just me, i love keeping my hand busy and my floors messy. do you?
2. if you want to make one yourself but have no idea how, my friend @sophiewarrensmith
made a super affordable (4 christmas lattes worth exactly) e-course all about foraged christmas with step by step how to make your own!
3. there is absolutely no shame in saying "fuck it" and either don't bother with wreath or buy it from someone who actually enjoy making them.
choice is always yours my friends ๐Ÿ˜˜ #inspiredbynature_festive #cs_deckthehalls @creativelysquared @ohh.happyhome

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How many times we do not share what we have to say because of the minor imperfection on the photo? as a perfectionist i would never post this as the angles are just not right. the cup is tilting as well as the pattern on the sweatee and it all feels wrong. but i want to test and tryband learn if it makes any difference and to be able to help you guys out qith tour creative struggles. so focusing on a sharing instead of ego and vanity made me post it anyway. because i want to share with you that i made this gorgeous mitten this weekend based on @unpeusauvage pattern and you should try it to.

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Saying official goodbye to autumn with the last autumn portrait of the season, finally using my huge pinecones as a crown! surprisingly i just tied them together with a piece of yarn and it hold up just enough to take this photo. are we ready for all the winter goodness? i askes you if you are up to a winter creative challenge ti keep creative and the answer was yes so we will do it! starting next weekend, keep your eyes peeeld for details or get a hint of my idea on my stories๐Ÿ˜#communityovercompetition

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It was sunny yesterday and as it was such a bliss, i tried to enjoy every single drop of the sunlight, felt like a cat sunbathing on a windowsill! it seemed like a last kiss of the autumn as this morning is gloomy with a occasional freezing snowflakes! we live in the first floor and the sun goes up and down on a side of our living room and this goregous window shadow travels around the room as the earth travels around the sun. it starts above the dinning table in the morning (check a couple of post back), travels across the kitchen and end up above the sofa before room turns dark! but then the streetlights turn on and we get the shadows back again. it might as well be the favourite thing about our flat. #enjoythelittlethings

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They asked me what my guilty pleasures are. so i had a think and there it was: time spent on the sofa and biscuits. so what did i do? made a biscuit sofa of course ๐Ÿ˜‚it was great fun and except a bit of a blister from a sugar glue (that thing is hot!). what are your guilty pleasures? some bts on my stories! #cs_guiltypleasures @creativelysquared @gingerfinchhome

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[ad] slowly saying goodbye to my beloved autumn and all the amazing colours is so hard!! autumn, i love you, don't go quite yet! but there are almost no leaves left, only the smallest bushes are still holding up. so i am trying to enjoy every possible last bit on my walks from work. what am i going to do when all the leafy props are gone? i fall in love with fall even more this year and it is so hard to leave my favourite colour scheme ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚luckilyred is quite acceptable during the christmas season too ๐Ÿ˜
#madetofeel #vivobarefoot #livebarefoot

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"this might be the best twirl we ever got!," said my boyfriend after capturing me being silly in the park. and he might be right!
in order to get my head out of my a*s (do you also have that saying?) and focus on right things i decided to try and post every day now. very spontaneous idea (while waiting for it to update my work laptop) which i might regred tomorrow but hey, you won't know if you don't try! to break a fear of bad engagement, of too little likes, of not getting approval of others, to not be a popular one, to not be a creative enough one.
i am so grateful for every single one of you following my journey and i do realise that amount of my followers gives me a privilege to be able to test and try. i don't make money doing this, my income or my family doesn't rely on my instagram presence so the worst thing which can happen if i fail is that my ego will ve hurt a bit. big deal. let's do it, yes?

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It is here! the season of days which feel like nights, where the only thing keeping me alive are never ending cups of cofeee and tea and crafts to keep my mind occupied. first up is embroidery and i need all your tips as i have never done ome before! my plan is to decorate my old denim dungarees, kind of like these here but blue, going full on, with no expectations and no pressure on making it perfect. i am learning that that way i get always the best results. and of course i will share all that with you here. i realised i am not sharing as many crafts as before so i better get back to it, i know you enjoy thay too! #whpseasonal @instagram #cs_teatime @brindaromes @creativelysquared

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Giveaway closed. lunch break creativity and giveaway for you my friends! i took out all my natural props to organise them into this photo to celebrate amazing creative soul @5ftinf and her new book you will all love! i wasn't asked to do this but we need to support one another more friends, don't you think?

concious creativity is full of tips, thoughts and excercises to develop your own, unique creativity and to find your creative freedom and reading phillipas creative journey and all the ideas is just so inspiring! i received my copy yesterday as a gift from her but because i ordered one for myself already, i will give a copy with small nature props package to one of you!

the only thing you need to do to have a chance to win is too tell me in a comment what is your favourite way of being creative?
this giveaway is not sponsored by anyone but me, so europe only this time. i will pick a winner tomorrow at 20.00 gmt.#conciouscreativity #giveaway

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