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(gifted) let's just pretend my sweet boyfriend listened to me for once and all these beautiful sunny pictures infront of the magical tree are not blurry, shall we?
i received my kindly gifted spring skirt and shirt from @sondeflor and they both make me so happy! after i put away my winter capsule and brough it spring/summer, i felt really unhappy, it didn't work and i ended up wearing mostly black and white and didn't feel like myself. but to add few pieces with colour which still go with everything else did the trick and now i am just so happy every time i open my closet, ready for spring adventures!
i know talking so much about clothes might feel ridiculous to some, but for me their are a big part of my creative freedom, one piece of puzzle of my creative identity. maybe i should write a blogpost about it? #springcapsule #sondeflorclassicskirt #sondeflor

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Yesterday, i spend two hours in the morning doing fairly nothing. i walked around the park, chased squirrels with ny camera and photographed everything blooming! it was absolutely the best time wasted ever, leaving me.with feeling so "now". if you go on my stories, you can see the squirrels but all the other blooms as well! #bloomingcommunity #bloomsdetected #advancedselfie

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Ad | first portrait of the spring is inspired by my new @lushnorge perfume called princess cottongrass, i mean, how cute! it is very grassy, kind of like a summer field scent and i absolutely love it. so you have your favourite lush product or would like to try some? i am so proud for becoming lush ambassador, not meaning to brag at all! i just adore them and i am so happy i can test their products for you guys, especially because they are one of the most sustainable brands i know!
also, ehm, i bought flowers. it is no spend lent but i had some other pictures to take for my friend and needed some greenery but the nature in norway is deep asleep πŸ™ˆ

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Do you feel today? this morning i woke up with an intense feeling of gratitude. i am not sure where it came from but it made me realise how lucky i am. i know it sounds like a super cliche and i for sure don't have my s**t together. but often times, and now i am speaking for myself, i am so trying to run towards the goals and dreams i have that i don't really manage to stop and appriciate how amazing life i am living already. as if i am already living there in the future, unhappy i don't have it yet, forgetting all i have already, all those little big things i have here and now. when i had a mental health issues i was studying a lot about it to understand and read that living in the future in your mind causes anxiety, all the possible scenarios are daunting. i sure hate the yolo expression but if you think about it in this perspective, it makes sense, only thing we have is now and we might as well be so happy to have it. not always an easy thing to do considering whatbis happening in the world, but it feels like today i understood for the first time what the whole gratitude thing is about and it all made a lot of sense! #hashtagauthentic

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Good morning! the topic of a universe, moon and stars is really catching my mind lately! maybe we should have a starry/moony hashtag together, what do you think? i would looooove to see more of the sparkly magic in my feed and i am sure we could spark each others creativity that way!! any ideas?? you are all so brilliant with words so i can't wait what we find together!
#31photosinmarch #objectproject_jewellery

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This! one of my very first creative photographs ever taken two years ago involving me and some piece of nature. is there anyone who has been with me as long and seen it then? 😍
when i scroll back to my feed i miss that feeling when everything was new and exciting and every idea was absolutely ground breaking (in my head anyway), kind of honeymoon phase of instagram. now 2 years later, as the typical psychology of relationships goes, the pink glasses are off and maaaan, good relationships are fun but hard work too. you have to accept that some thing you just need to accept, there are bad days and good days and boring days. in the end it all stands or falls on values, if those are aligned, relationship is usually going to survive everything. and my love for square composition and sharing my passion for all the things is still strong, i think we are going to make it ❀ #inspiremyinstagram #31photosinmarch

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The whole universe in you hands, or are we in hands if the universe? i absolutely love all the wooowoo connected to universe and moon and stars but i don't know much about ti quite yet. but once i think about the whole size of it and where is the edge of the universe(i mean there must be the end at some point, or is it and if not, how?) my head is spinning and i just want to quit my job and read about universe for weeks πŸ˜‚ but after this week i am starting to understand mercury retrograde as well, because so far it has been one strange disaster afrer another 😱 how are you friends? #31photosinmarch

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When weather gives you snow, dance with snowflakes β„πŸ’ƒ i almost gave up today with #31photosinmarch but instead i just decided to jump around a bit in my wes anderson inspired outfit and here we go. when was the last time you didn't give up and it paid off?
i love that posting every day gives me more freedom to experiment as there is new day amd new chance tomorrow, so i try different edits and ways of taking pictures.i like these kind of pictures to look sort of natural, so i set my timer on camera for sequence of shots, press the shutter and run. somehow i find it easier then using timer and you get your daily excercise too!

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Ideas not always work out, it is part of a creative process and happy end is not always guaranteed, is it πŸ™ˆi failed miserably today but you all voted to see it so here you go 🌷🌹 i had a spring-ish idea in my head for today so i prepared myself. i painted watercolor flowers some days ago and then copied them on a copy machine to get as many as i like. then i spend whole one hour commute home cutting them out from the paper (see the stories for behind the scenes) to come to the park, find quite a clean bit of snow only to find out that it is tok windy for the tiny petals and they would not stay put for more then 3 seconds. this wasn't even the proper shot, only a test run, but it is only one i managed before the flowers flew all over the park πŸ˜‚ so i am parking the idea for another day! #31photosinmarch

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Do you remember when we were little, got a new dress or shirt and wantes to wear it all the time and did? why when we grow up, wearing the same clothes is not cool anymore? one of the great measures of conscious shopping is to ask yourself it you would wear it 30times or more to have a good use of a piece. do you have a favourite piece like that which tou wear over and over?
i fell absolutely in love with this @sondeflor dress the first minute i saw it, then waited a bit to see if i feel that way in a week or two (another great tip for concious shopping, sleep on it) and then ordered it. and i wear it all the time, feeling like that excited little girl again, don't even care. one day with roll neck under and a headband, another with jumper over, shifting a style a bit. #31photosinmarch

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My love for nature compressed into one square with big mossy heartπŸ’š i am not sure what got into me today, i am quite self concious when it comes to my body at the moment, but when the idea came to me, i just didn't care, inspiration took over and hold my hand and the light was just exquisite! i am not quit a "naked body" person either but here you go, what is more natural then human body, ay? #botanicalwomen

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So yesterday i was looking at my profile description and felt... nothing. yes today, inspired by all tour word on autheticity, i might have found the sentence capturing essence of what i am doing in these tiny squares. ready? i hope to inspire humans all around the moon to live consious creative moments, one at a time. whaaat? what do you think? would you describe what i do with these words? it is a journey after all and we are riding that creative train together, so i really value your opinion! but this somehow came to me and hey, felt quite allright! #hashtagauthetic #31photosinmarch

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