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Being creative can sometimes feel tiring and lonely! you might not have anyone around you who understands why would you spend hour making paper swan and jumbo mug or do something similar #instagrammademedoit 😁 that is one of the reasons i wrote my creative course, to connect like minded people and together with me can struggle, solve challenges, share and support each other because truly we are all just the same! i met my best creative buddies thanks to an ecourse i took a year ago and i am so thankful to have someone to bounce ideas off and just ramble about fails and wins. you can read all about my course clicking lik in my profile, it is on salw now! i hope to see you there!

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Thank you all so much for the loveliest messages, you encouraged me to post the magical forest photos on my grid and here they are and will make me happy forever! πŸ„πŸŒ² no edits, straight from the camera as beautiful and magical as they are. i love taking photo of nature as there is so much imperfect beauty, you just have to want to see it, get down on your knees into morning mist and you will find out that the magic was always there. raindrops on the straw of grass looking like a tiny magical bridge, red fairy tale mushrooms you didn't even think was real. it is just about finding the right point of view!#whpperspective #enjoythelittlethings #celebratelittlethings

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I wanted to talk about something else under this photo originally but instead i want to talk about being judgemental because i like you all so much and want everyone having a chance at creative happy life. one of the biggest reasons stopping people from being creative and showing their work is the fair of being judged or for not being good enough. and i get it. my friend which is a lovely person got a snarky comment about bending a corner of her book. it made me think about how sometimes we feel entitled (i don't) to comment on other people's lives as they are our own, as we have right to judge and preach about the best behaviour. am i a s**t person because i ripped out a whole book and covered my room with it when you are a book lover? of course not! am i a horrible person if i eat meat when you are a vegan? of course not! we talk so much about inclusion, equality and feminism and can't even respect bloody bended corner. i might be naive but i wish that we just all focused on supporting each other and seeing what the others are trying to show us, listen when others speak. the world would be beautiful place full of creative souls you see. i would like to write about that next time. #communityovercompetition

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Just watch and breath, isn't it beautiful? have you seen anything more relaxing today than a tiny tassels dancing in the wind? hope your monday was gentle to you anyway!
you always love when i post things like these on stories so i decided they belong to my grid, for me and for you! these beautiful lamp shades are hanging on the trees infront of one tiny cafe in oslo which only opens on saturday as a bonus to a shop with used retro furniture. i love it so much, especially on windy days. #myeverydaymagic

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Do you enjoy taking creative self-portraits or is it no no for you? i would never have guesses that i will put my face out on the internet but i somehow learnt to use it as my closest canvas to paint(sometimes literally) and it is so much fun to explore different styling and story telling with my own face and seasonal accessible props. this time i used crab apples πŸ¦€πŸŽ stolen from across the street to welcome autumn and portray the forbidden apple dilemma, literally as i cannot eat them now! and as you always really love my portraits, i am thinking to make a regular, maybe weekly things out of it to give myself a creative challenge and push me outside the comfort zone. because that is where we develop and evolve as creatives, not under the comfy blanket. what do you think?

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Well i got a new green friend, polka dot begonia it is, and let's say we are getting pretty along already! she is an inspiring gal let me tell you! #whpcircles
she inspired me for this whole photo! the easiest way how to create something, anything, is to use what you have around you because trust me, what you need you already have. look around with eyes of a stranger or a little child and i guarantee you will be inspired in a minute. once you learn to draw from your own life for your creative projects, life becomes much easier. because, you don't have what you don't have and it can be so frustrating seeing others having white instagramable table while you have only old wooden one. always work around it! either paint it accept it, make you life as simple as possible so you can save your precious energy for making something magical, okay? #createeveeyday

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I was going by train to the airport looking outside the window instead of on my phone and there he was, white bunny rabbit in a size of a car! first i though i was going cray cray as it was just a little glimpse inbetween the trees and my imagination can be sometines quite something. but i had to check so i got of the train next stop (luckily i always go to the airport way too early so i had time) and there he was in the middle of the green meadow, huge white bunny rabbit. we became best mates instantly so i balanced my camera on my backpack and snapped that friendship for you. i wish i had my twirly skirt as the photo would be so alice in wonderland but life is not perfect and moments happens often just once so done is better then perfect πŸ‡πŸ°

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Well moving was fun but now i would like to dissapear into our fluffy sofa and relax for a week, which is obviously not happening but we all can dream!
and i missed you guys, have have you been? and i missed experimenting with my camera so here is an evening quickie and let it be one out of many creative experiments happening in this new home!
as you might notice our sofa is missing cover yet and there are many bits and bobs we need to fix, but we made first proper cooked meal today and sat by our new dinning table and it felt so good! slowly settling down and making our new place home and i hope to share more with you son again!
#whphidden #sgiew_snug

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We are moving guys!! in a week time we will be living in a new apartment. my hobbies are growing and my prop collection as well so well, we need more space! and with moving, the whole process of finding the best light and spots starts over!
but seriously, when we started to plan where we put what we almost broke up because i mentioned about milion times that we cannot forget about my empty wall for taking instagram photos πŸ˜‚
you might thing it is funny but to take a photo like this, i need to move all my living room furniture on a side, no kidding. see for yourself on stories! πŸ˜‰

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This is a story of a s**t stop motion and importance of trying and failing and finishing anyway. if you don't care about that, here is beautiful flatlay with typewriter for you 😁 if you do, read further and swipe to see that masterpiece 🀣
i got so much into making the paper roses (tutorial is in my higlights) that i painted some of them and made a "lovely" stop motion capturing the story of life (you are born as an empty book and then you slowly start writing story of you life, filling your book with what matters to you, figuring stuff out and one day you life is just as beautiful and diverse and lush as a colourful bouquet of flowers). but then i realised the stop motion is s**t really, something was missing, light wasn't right and i wasted 2 hours. or did i?
well i could cry for sure but hell no, that wouldn't be me! i learnt so much, had a great time with my man making those flowers and figuring out the idea together, i tried (3x 25 photos of step by step) and i learnt. and that is what matters the most! you should trust and enjoy the process and you sure will always get somewhere and sometimes it will be a s**t hole 🀣 everything you fail in during your creative journey makes you a better artist, maker, photographer and you are a one step closer to the great things! well i think so anyway! #hashtagauthentic #bloomandgrow #bloomandgrowtogether

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First time i got a camera in my hands many moons ago, all i was interested was clouds and shadows and i wasted whole film just on that and it stuck with me until today ☁️ moving plant shadows looking like a scary witch, fluffy clouds looking like a bunny rabbits! πŸ‡πŸ° so i made my own bunny rabit clouds this time as a little tribute to my favourite film ever "amelie poulain".
i had so much fun taking this photo with my handsome asistent, things we do for instagram! and although the result is well, so so, i posted it anyway because i love it as i loved the process so much! see some behind the scenes on my stories! #whplookup #calledtobecreative #creativityfound #make_more_magic #aweekendwhimsy #bunnyclouds #ameliepoulain #makeitblissful #risingtide #happinessfound #aweekendwhimsy #makersgonnamake #craftposure #instagrammademedoit #stepoutforsummer

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Good morning friends! i found myself a ruin of an old church from 1205 and now, finally, my instagram career will take off, right? 🀣 just kidding of course. with instagram being so unpredictable and people having much higher expectations on,well,evertything, it seems that none of the old tricks work too much, have you noticed? not even bloody peonies seems to be such a golden mine anymore! πŸ™ˆ
what is the one thing you can do today to make your creative work better? i find that going back to basics and focusing on why i started and what i love about my own photography and community works always the best. focusing on the things you can do something about as quality of your photos, exciting ideas and curiosity in general is far more productive then scrolling mindlessly to see if there is maybe a new like or being cranky whole weekend (guilty!). just sayin' πŸ˜™ #communityovercompetition

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