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Good morning friends! i found myself a ruin of an old church from 1205 and now, finally, my instagram career will take off, right? 🀣 just kidding of course. with instagram being so unpredictable and people having much higher expectations on,well,evertything, it seems that none of the old tricks work too much, have you noticed? not even bloody peonies seems to be such a golden mine anymore! πŸ™ˆ
what is the one thing you can do today to make your creative work better? i find that going back to basics and focusing on why i started and what i love about my own photography and community works always the best. focusing on the things you can do something about as quality of your photos, exciting ideas and curiosity in general is far more productive then scrolling mindlessly to see if there is maybe a new like or being cranky whole weekend (guilty!). just sayin' πŸ˜™ #communityovercompetition

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I believe that reading fantastic books, blog posts and instagram captions make ones mind blossom, don't you agree? and what a better way to tell this story of blooming brain than create a headcrown out of book pages! so i did! which book you read recently made your mind a beautiful flower garden? for me it is definitely big magic of elizabeth gilbert! #whpflowerpower

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Good morning! many of you message me yesterday saying how much you love that i can see and appriciate the little things. and for me it is all about them so i might make it a thing and share them here with you. just a while ago, on the way to the bus stop today, i had 3 minutes until the bus comes so i thought i would show you my new twirly skirt (you know how much i love them). so i set my phone on the curb, pressed the hands-free button on stories and filmed with my front camera(aka shit) the morning twirl for you just outside my house. my hair is shit, there is a garbage bin in the back and at the end you can see the man's shadow coming🀣 but hey, those perfect 3 seconds are all worth it my main grid, i just cropped the lenght of the video to keep only that perfect imperfect bit, no filter needed. and on the top of all i love how accidently the light and shadow creates almost a scene for my twirl, don't you? #freeupmyinsta #stepoutforsummer

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I currently feel exactly like on this picture, waking around carefully on my toes while feeling like part of my brain went on vacation without me, tgif!

how are you creative bunch? anything exciting on your creative plate right now?

when it comes to me, there is lot on my mind right now so i am not so present with you at the moment and i am sorry for that. i really enjoy being here with you but i got too much into my head and with all the honesty, i stopped having fun. i love photography, i love to be creative and i adore my community but it feels like there is one piece of a puzzle missing. you know what i mean? so i am now soul searching for that bloody missing teeny tiny piece. thank you for being patient with me ❀

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(#gifted) even the girliest of girls sometimes like to climb the trees, ain't that right? once i reached certain age i realised that comfort it the most important of them all. first i ditched expensive purses for stylish backpacks, next steps was to say bye to trousers and jeans as they are just not comfortable and now, shoes! as you know i walk a lot, often 10-20k steps a day out and about, in town, park, woods. when @vivobarefoot got in touch and asked me to test their shoes within their minimalist campaign, i said yes! but as i am no bullshit, i did test them thoroughly before sharing with you! i wore them for about a month so i can share my honest review. *i have the leather lux version but they also have all sorts of vegan shoes too. i really appriciate their sustainable approach.
*the shoes are meant to give you as much freedom and simulate a barefoot walk and that is definitely truth. you feel in touch with ground as the shoes are such a low profile. especially while walking in the nature you feel every rock and branch and i really love that.
*they look very "casual" but are super flexible so you can go for a meeting in town and then climb trees on the way home no problem!
*what i really enjoy is that you can wear them without socks and although i tend to have a sweaty feet, these shoes are not a problem, they have a lot of ventilation and feel so great barefoot
*as i am always honest with you i wish now i would think about the chosen model for a bit longer because as much as i love to wear them all the time i don't think this model goes well with skirts. but i have another in mind already πŸ™ˆ
*you need to keep in mind that it is totally different kind of shoes and my feet really hurt first couple of days. the shoes are totally flat so it is truly as walking barefoot with just a slight protection which our feet are not used to anymore. but after that, heaven!
*the second "negative" is and now i am totally honest with you, promise, i don't really want to wear any other shoes. after wearing vivos for a couple of days in row every day, any other shoes felt so restraining and just tight!
#vivobarefoot #vivobarefootshoes

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Where are ideas coming from? is it the universe, god, spirit? is it our brain being idea chef, mixing all the ingredients we collected so far into something new and exciting? i get this question over and over and can't really decide. i often get an idea from an object, like this necklase with moon phases made me think of my chest being universe or a night sky. sometimes it is feeling you just can't get rid of and need to visualise. most of the times there is no logical explanation at least in my case, but that need, that inside pull for the idea needing to be born, that is my most favourite part of the creative process anyway. and once this universe connection happens, i couldn't care less if the photo fits my feed or grid or whatnot, it is a piece of art which has to be done. this is my also my take #cs_blackandwhite challenge @creativelysquared @onne_beauty

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#gifted i love taking photos no matter what and especially in botanical garden, the best time is when raining (because no-one else is there). balancing camera and umbrella can be rather complicated so i was looking for some simple raincoat for the longest time. and then deborah, mom of 3 and owner of small sustainable company @rockhollyclothing reached out, of course i said "hell yeah". the coat is minimalistic, beautifully made and so soft and light you don't even feel you have a raincoat on! and it is beautiful enough to wear as an everyday coat in the gloomy days too! #supportsmallbusiness

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#gifted one of the most sustainable way to dress is to make your clothes yourself! especially if you have the longest arms in the town like me and can never find sleeeves long enough, you can always adjust the patterns and make everything custom fit. and when i found out @bettaknit had a yarn made out of recycled denim cotton, my idea for quirky, yet simple cardigan was alive. i couldn't decide about colours so i quickly painted all the options and i think i made up my mind. which combination would you choose? if you want to know more details about yarn and how am i going to knit, head over to @bettaknit to see my stories takeover! #bettaknit

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I must say, the summer is really growing on me πŸ˜‰ especially with so many creative fun projects going on. when @leointhegarden asked me if i want to do a #mypropswop with her i loved the idea so much! sustainable, creative and playful! we sent each other letter with props we already used before (check what she did with my paper blooms!) and created something on our own! we didn't tell each other what would come in the envelope so it was really a creative suprise! do you want to join? you can easily become creative pen pals with your instagram mates, just ask someone, don't be shy! and i would love to swap props with one or two of you so if you want to become my creative pen pals, let me know in the comment and i randomly pick two people! and we would love it if you use #mypropswop for all your creations! #myfloralsummer

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The worst feeling in the world is probably feeling as you are the only one that way. like there is no-one who feels the same, no-one else who can't get up and take some decent photos, liek everyone else have it all together except you, it can really make one feel miserable. but trust me, you are not alone. this amazing community have me convinced over and over that there is so much love and support from one another and you will always find somehow who feels the same way. and it is always easier to fight whatever creative blocks or deamons we have knowing someone else understand. ❀ i really struggle with finding my authentic creativity at the moment. i love to share my knowledge an experience and help you out guys as much as i can and i love every bit of it. but it seems that my own creative journey was pushed away and lost a bit. i hope to find the map with all the right direction again to be here for you 100% but for now, just remember, you are not alone in whatever you struggle with, creative journey is a journey after all.

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#stepoutforsummer it is here guys, will you join?! fresh summer hashtag challenge to get us all out. out of our comfort zone to try something new, out of our homes to find new places, out of our feed to find new friends and support this amazing community! me and my friend @ineshka__ has decided to bring fun back into instagram but enjoying summer in the most creative way with all of you guys! i know that summer is often so hard to keep the creative routine going, find time, find motivation and that is what we are her for. joining the creative challenge is one of the best ways how to keep on track and motivated as you will have weekly prompt to work towards and amazing community behind you! are you in? this week is opened to your own interpretation and we will get more specific and challenging from next friday! cant wait to see your creations 😍

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Since i sorted out my closet and have only things i really enjoy wearing, packing for travels just makes me smile! so when i realised i need to pack for work trip this morning as i fly in 2 hours, i started to see all those button eyes and couldn't help it but take a photo ☺ of to kopenhagen and malmö! what are you up to today? @instagram #whpπŸ™‚

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