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We took everything delicious the world had to offer and put it on a bun. introducing our steakhouse poutine burger. you’re welcome.
recipe: https://bit.ly/2gis5pd
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You can make milk out of a variety of different nuts. think almond, macadamia or cashew for delicious, rich, and dairy-free milk alternatives.
recipe: https://bit.ly/2l8awrl
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If you’re looking for a guilt-free-jitter-free-pick-me-up-energy-packed snack, look no further than our orange green tea energy ball recipe. https://bit.ly/2jtieyk
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Mom's special day calls for something extra special.
and by extra special, we mean brioche french toast. https://bit.ly/2jsgppw
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Flavour has a new home — introducing helloflavour.ca! recipes, tips, ratings & reviews make it easy to search and discover the joy of flavour. visit & let us know what you think. www.helloflavour.ca

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Turn on the oven. tie up your apron. grab your favourite whisk.

we've been busy taste-testing our new instagram page for you—and we're sure you're going to love it. coming soon.

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This season, step up your app game with this time-saving savoury choice from @abbeyskitchen. create meatballs infused with the flavours of a traditional turkey feast, and finished with club house 25% less salt gravy mix for turkey. recipe at link in profile.

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Thanksgiving leftovers? why that’s just gravy! turn your remaining feast into the ultimate never-tasted-anything-better turkey sandwich with stuffing-filled waffle buns, and delicious club house turkey gravy for dipping. tempted? watch your wildest turkey dreams come true over on @fidelgastros youtube page.

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Don’t stress about having the perfect theme and all kinds of decorative props for the party! we say keep it simple, use what you have on hand, and let vibrant, fresh seasonal produce inspire your menu. season your dishes with @clubhouse.ca organic herbs and spices too, because they make the perfect pair! -@hotforfood

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Make it personal! having individual serving sizes for dessert keeps things easy for a simple dinner party. make these apple pie shooters to win over all your party guests! - @hotforfood

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To save the stress make sure you prepare a lot of the dishes in advance of the dinner party. then all you have to do is plate and serve. something like @hotforfood’s #vegan herbed nut cheese log will be a hit at your next gathering!

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We’re all about that #foodporn over @hotforfood! today we’re taking over to help inspire your next dinner party and we’ll be sharing our tips and tricks for pulling it all off! get the recipe for our apple pie shooters at hotforfoodblog.com.

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