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The girls had some friends over today for hot cocoa and christmas crafting. they all had so much fun. 🎄❄️🎅🏼🤶🏼

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I know this is a lot but i could seriously listen to her tell me stories all day long. she had a story about her room being her coffee shop and she was there buying her basketball team drinks and she also had some kids and they gave her a card. she went on and on it was the cutest ever. this is landrie at 3 years old. love her to pieces. 💗

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The happiest girls this morning! ❄️❄️❄️ they think it’s christmas day because it snowed. 😊💗

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Lele and me made a snow globe of our elf on the shelf angel. the first video was her explaining it, the second is her first response when i asked her to take a video 😂

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Oh my goodness my girls did so well on picture day. i was sure landrie would have a crooked smile and lele has never smiled with her teeth in a pic until this year, and they totally captured her. so sweet, my little pre-schooler and kindergartner. 💗

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Hunt and i were lucky enough to be invited to a m****r mystery party at “deadwood saloon” this weekend. we were the debutant minnie money and cowboy poker player clay caldwell. we had an amazing time, everyone dressed up so well and stayed in character the whole time. probably one of the most fun party’s i’ve ever been to. i had to throw a costume together the day of and before because my southern belle dress i was going to borrow fell through. then i won best dressed! i definitely want to attend another party like this one! it was so fun! @hunter31arb

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My sweet little lands finished her incredible picture this morning and actually let me grab a pic! i’m so blown away by this three year olds talent. i told her i thought it was amazing and she was quick to point out that she did a rainbow soccer ball to make it special. 🌈❤️💗🎨 #artprodigy

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These girls of ours are so talented. i think they both are better artists at their ages than i was by far and i was obsessed with art and coloring my whole childhood. so proud of them! if landrie would let me take a pic i’ll post hers too. 🌈😊🌟@hunter31arb

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Just a few of the photos from our halloween. the best part for me is how excited the girls get to dress up and celebrate. we had a great evening and also got to have yaya join us for dinner and trick or treating. #marypoppins #rapunzel

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My little sweetheart unicorns from a halloween party this weekend. landrie always wants to be rainbow and lele loves to be purple and pink, her favorite colors. i had fun putting together their costumes and painting their faces. 💗🦄🌈💜💖 #unicorncostume

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Family shenanigans in the arb house. trying to teach the girls how to do tripods and teach landrie cartwheels. i get down to do a tripod and can’t even because it hurts my head and i’m a weakling. hunter shows the girl and nails a freaking headstand! like what?! reminds me of in high school i was practicing toe touch jumps and hunter just busts out a perfect high one first try. and he could pretty much do the splits! what planet is he from?!

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Morning stories with lele. she’s telling these animal stories to landrie from one of hunter’s old blank journals just making it up as she goes. i love her imagination. ❤️

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