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Just how big is omega supreme? "wow, that rocket is huge, and that tank is a lot bigger than i thought it would be”... get the full story of the creation of omega supreme in part 2 of our exclusive interview with john w! (link in bio)

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Hey #starwars fans! nice work, we see you found an ebay link for jabba’s sail barge. limited quantities will be available for purchase on ebay in select countries (outside the us and canada) on 3/28/19.

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Victor von doom embarks on a new quest, assuming the mantle of infamous iron man. this #marvellegends series 6-inch figure will be available spring 2019 exclusively at @walgreens. #walgreensexclusive

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How close was our fan vote? tighter than beggar’s canyon – and just like back then, luke threaded the stone needle and came out on top! thank you for voting!

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Hey roomie! chuck said i could crash here. cool? #awkwardmomentsday

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That awkward moment when those were the droids you were looking for

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"...we asked for the moon and we got a space station." see what else john has to say about the making of omega supreme in part 1 of our exclusive interview! (link in bio)

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We. have. a. winner! luke skywalker (dagobah) will officially go into production thanks to you!

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When in doubt, hire a corellian bounty hunter.

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We came. we saw. we conquered. #internationalwomensday

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A hero for every generation #internationalwomensday

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Heads up, the polls are closing soon! vote now for your favorite the empire strikes back character!

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