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It's fun to share a beautiful (and clean!) finished project, but the reality of doing renovations ourself...on top of our full time jobs...is that our house looks like this a lot.

but, that's ok! because even a project like this that stretches on for weeks will be something we get to enjoy for years.

besides...with a kid on the way, it just might look this messy anyway for a few years! so at least we'll be used to it! #cljsquad

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With a cat and little demonstrated ability to keep things watered, "greenery" is our go to way to add extra color and life to a space (ironic we know). and our favorite fake stuff by far are eucalyptus stems. not only do they look great on their own, but they work year round since you can easily add in seasonal accents like pine boughs, berries, or twigs to mark your favorite times of year. #mymerryhomedecor

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With a kid on the way, decorating for christmas this year has been all about imagining what our traditions will be and guessing what spots will become magical for them.

and one of our favorites is the view from the stairs, looking through the railing and past the stockings.

it's hard not to get excited picturing our little guy sneaking a peek at what santa brought him on some future christmas morning! or maybe just watching basil climb the tree...

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πŸŽ„ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas..everywhere you go! 🎢
happy decorating! we'll be inside today sprucing up the mantel and (still!!!) painting built-ins! hopefully your weekend is jolly and bright too!!

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Where did the fall go!?!? it seems like just yesterday we were raking up all our leaves...but today we were shoveling!! we clearly didn't spend it on instagram...not the worst thing ever...and we definitely didn't complete (or really start) the one room challenge either! whoops!! but, we did get a lot done outside like rebuilding our columns and painting the front door green.

you'd think with a baby on the way we'd be hustling more to get things done (and we are), but turns out the desire to enjoy the total laziness that comes with not being responsible for a tiny person is winning out at least 51% of the time! (and icymi or don't follow our personal accounts @stasiaharoldson + @joshharoldson we're having baby!!! head on over there for all the details!) #ihavethisthingwithdoors

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πŸŒ½β˜•οΈ after heading back to visit our old college stomping grounds in ames, ia this weekend...our monday afternoon 100% calls for some coffee!

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The sun might take a little longer to come out this time of year, but it sure is pretty when it does. #howwedwell

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While we were busy raking a literal blanket of leaves this weekend, @joshharoldson's mom put the finish touches on her main living area remodel!

it took a while for her to find the perfect floors for her wide open living space, but she couldn't be happier with the inhaus applewood floors she got from @bestlaminate! so far we're two for two when getting flooring from them!!

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Do you see all of those beautiful leaves in our bay window?

well, most of their friends decided to make themselves into a blanket literally covering our lawn and driveway.

so, if you need us we'll be outside freezing and i'm sure basil will be inside sleeping! #howwedwell

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In true haroldson house fashion were taking the whole #oneroomchallenge thing literally. that means we're going to go from mood board to final room in 6 weeks!!
but one thing we're totally sure of is that we're going to do a wall of board and batten wainscoting like we saw in this great minds room @beautifulchaos.home.
we love how versatile that look is (it totally works from a cozy guest room to a kids room...eventually).
so we've got on thing checked off the list! next up is wall paper for above the board and batten. any suggestions for good peel and stick options???

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If basil didn't love sitting in the sink that was in our living room for two weeks we'd think he was getting sick of all the projects we're doing around the house.

but, either way, buckle up buddy because we've decided to take up the #oneroomchallenge!! over the last year the one constant of all our projects is that without a deadline they don't get done! so, we're taking this chance to push through and tackle the guest room before winter comes!

thankfully this one is mostly baseboard and paint (ok...with a little board and batten too), so we know we can keep this one on train over the next 6 weeks. although we're sure there will be a least one small surprise before this thing is done. there always is!! good luck to the rest of the participates and we can't wait to follow along with all of you!! • • •
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A few minutes of rest were well deserved by all because we worked hard around here this weekend (including @stasiaharoldson's mom!) to get our front porch updated!
wait...don't we still need to finish the built-ins inside? we sure do!
but, some help from @joshharoldson's mom to swap out a few lava rocks for cedar chips earlier this month...turned into landscaping the whole front of the house...which turned into repainting the porch railings...which if you've seen stasia's stories turned into ripping off the railings and finally totally rebuilding the porch columns! yeesh!
as always, the moral of every diy story is don't start anything if you're not prepared to do everything!!!

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