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Admit it....i'm cute 😊 #hamiinmiami

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Feelin' supa fine on this friday! 😎 #hamiinmiami .
flashback to my trip to valencia, spain last year.✈️

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When you realize that you've had a bat in the cave👃🏼 (aka: a booger🤢) but your "friends" failed to let you know😕. #hamiinmiami

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A big f*t kiss😙 to whoever can tell me what the name of that giant looking boob⛰ is behind me👀...hint: you can find the answer on my latest blog💻 post over at hamiinmiami.com 🤪 #hamiinmiami does #cannonbeach

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What is this creator🦀? i don't trust it🤨...not one bit. this was just 1 of the many new things i encountered during my visit to #cannonbeach🏖. head to my blog💻 hamiinmiami.com, to learn all about this pawsome beach. #hamiinmiami does #dogfriendlybeach

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One of the best days of my life was spent digging🏖, fetching🌳 and twirling🌪 with my master...want to see👀 the whole video📹? head over to my blog💻: hamiinmiami.com and check it out 🤪. #hamiinmiami does #cannonbeach #dogfriendlyoregon

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Captain no-pants present🤘🏽!!...ready to lead us to the pawty 🎉 #hamiinmiami does #burningman

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I've got that fri-yay feeling!!! 😁 who's got some fun plans this weekend?? 🙋🏽‍♂️ #hamiinmiami

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Throwwwww backkkkk 👈🏽 (#tbt) to my very first restaurant visit/review for my blog💻 (hamiinmiami.com). pictured here: the delectable @loba_miami burger 🍔 paired with a @thetankbrewing beer 🍺. #hamiinmiami does #foodie

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When you laugh so hard your eyes disappear 😂 and you accidentally let out a fart💨 oops! ...#hamiinmiami does #laughattack

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Me, me, me🙋🏽‍♂️!! it's all about me on the water🌊, paddle boarding in lake tahoe🏄🏽‍♂️!! raise your paw🐾 if you visited my blog💻 (hamiinmiami.com) yesterday and saw my steven spielberg video 🎥. #hamiinmiami

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It's been a while⌛, but i'm back at it! my blog💻: hamiinmiami.com.
head there now👀 to see the whole video🎥 and a write up✍🏽 of my time in #paddleboarding in #laketahoe.

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