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A beleza está no caos de ser quem a gente é. #boanoite

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Cute or not? 😻
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Everyone needs time to relax! 💤❤️☝🏻 do you agree that we should enjoy life more and worry less? 🤔💕

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Undredal, norway 😍 📷: @mrmrs_wanderlust .

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Mornings will always be my favorite time of the day. there’s something about being out when everyone else is still sleeping that’s keeps me going every day. here’s a shot of kualoa at first light. i was lucky to get a calm morning with low winds as a boat cut thought the fish pond.

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Dem besten freund oder der besten freundin vertraut man absolut und ohne vorbehalt. diese menschen kennen jedes geheimnis und wissen nicht selten genauer über einen bescheid. solche intensiven freundschaften beginnen meist in der schule, in der studienzeit oder während der ausbildung und halten viele jahre. manche freundschaften halten sogar ein ganzes leben. allerdings kann es im laufe eines lebens auch verschiedene menschen geben, die uns besonders nahestehen.
einmalig ist jeder tag im leben. es wird ihn niemals wieder geben. genauso, wie es dich nur einmal gibt, weil auch du einmalig bist! ❤🎀👭 #friendshipneverends#seitderschulzeit#schöndasesdichgibt#sitzbanknachbarin#freundschaft#friensship#glücklichsein#lachenbisdietränenkommen#lebedeinlebenmitdenrichtigenmenschen#freude#glück#danke#dankbar#bavariangirls#fussballplatz#polling#mitdiranmeinerseite#wichtig#katjaundtami#handinhand#beidirkannichseinwieichbin#thankyou#instagood#tbt#instagram#photooftheday ⚽️❤👭 @katja_bartsch

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This time last year was one of the hardest times in my life. whilst studying for my bachelors degree, i worked countless hours (like 30-40 hours a week) as a personal trainer, and my mum, the strongest person i know, was admitted to the hospital and was kept there for many months in order to discover what was happening to her. in all of these moments, fitness was my personal escape from the reality of my life. ⁣

it was and still is my therapy, my safe place, and my me time. ⁣🤩

all i wanted to share with people was the importance of a healthy lifestyle. how fitness changed my life. how fitness made me who i am today. how fitness (even though difficult as hell) has never let me down. ⁣👏🏻

life can be so challenging and truly heartbreaking at times. so do something for you, invest more time into yourself so that you can reap the benefits of incorporating fitness into your lifestyle.⁣ ❤️

i am so shocked and grateful to be able to do what i do now - coach women all over the world - in order to help them incorporate fitness into their lifestyles and help them become the best versions of themselves (inside & out). thank you to everyone who has supported me along my journey and have always hadmy back along the way. ⁣🥰

never give up on your wildest dreams 💖 you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

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