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To get a truly gorgeous night's sleep, you need a relaxing bedroom to unwind in first — and houseplants are experts in relaxation. there's plenty of science behind the calming properties of plants and their ability to activate serotonin, a neurotransmitter sometimes referred to as the "happy chemical." and keeping a few plants in your line of vision is proven to enhance your mood and ease your stress, so placing a couple on your dresser, nightstand, or windowsill can really soothe you before bedtime. anyone else have plants they prefer in their bedroom? 🌿✨
📸: @hunkerhome

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We all know, logically, that life is about balance, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to put into practice, or that it’s always going to be logistically possible to do so. but it’s worth aiming for an equal balance of things that mentally revitalize you vs. tire you out; otherwise, you’ll feel burnt out all the time. if you don’t know where to start, make a list of every aspect of your daily life (work, chores, hangouts with friends, sports, sleep, grocery shopping, etc.) and note whether each activity charges your ~battery~ or if it leaves you feeling depleted. be super specific, and be super honest with yourself! like, yes, exercise should revitalize you in theory, but if your current exercise habits are cutting into time with friends and your sleep schedule, it might actually be depleting you. once you’ve got your list, figure out what changes you can make, or what you can add that would help restore some balance to your life. if you’ve already figured out your own means of balancing, comment below! ✨

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Butternut squash is in season. 🙌 use that butternut squash to make this delicious pull-apart bread 🍂

get ready for the holidays by gifting the perfect bakeware, link in bio! ✨

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#goodfulintentions week 4 from @annabroges: everyone needs a place they can be wholly themselves. the world demands a lot of us: it asks us to put on masks, to smile when we have every reason not to, to make pleasantries, to keep certain things private, to adopt personas, to be uncomfortable. and honestly, abiding by the unspoken rules of existing as a person can be exhausting. in order for it not to wear us down, we need somewhere we can peel off our layers after a long day of fulfilling expectations and warding off annoyances and aggressions. a refuge where we can exist only for ourselves and no one else.

this week, take steps to create a place that is full of things you love, a pocket of the universe that is just for you. for some people, that’s home, but not everyone, so be creative if you have to. infuse your surroundings with things that nourish and energize you. stock your fridge with food for your favorite recipes. frame photos of your people. design the perfect reading nook. hang lights that fill you with warmth. find art that is incredibly you. display your favorite ugly, worn out blanket with pride. when we take who we are and what we love and manifest it in a physical way — the colors of our spirit, the smells that remind us of our best memories, the textures that make us feel comforted and safe — we will always have a place where we belong✨

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The best sunday means breakfast in bed. what does an amazing sunday look like for you?✨ 📸: @vanelja pancakes with coconut whipped cream drops, peanut butter, and banana coins. 😍

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Why hello there. 🐞

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Tasty and nutritious, kale caesar salad with grilled shrimp 🍤🌿 link in bio for the recipe and bowls! ✨

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For anyone who feels like they’ve got this whole life thing kinda sorta figured out, are there any budgeting and money-saving tips that you swear by? drop them below, would love your tips and tricks. ✨

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Up your baking game with this chai-spiced plum polenta cake! 💚✨ link in bio for the recipe and our goodful products!

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Whether it’s super simple and healthy or good for those days when you need a pick-me-up. if you have recipes, share those too! 🌿

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Starting the day with some meditation and a cup of tea, already feeling like the day is mine. what does your morning routine look like? are you pretty consistent with it? comment below and let me know!🌿

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This autumn rosemary maple chicken with roasted veggies is the perfect fall dinner for your family! 🍁 get the recipe, get the plates, click the link in our bio!

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